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Author: Candace Osmond

How to Make a Simple Birdfeeder at Home

Birds are beautiful animals, and their songs are an essential part of what makes the outdoors so enjoyable. What better way to entice their lovely music into your yard, all year round? As they migrate and the seasons change, you can create a great environment for a wonderful variety of these fine feathered friends. If you’re looking to improve your garden, back or front yard, there is definitely an easy, low cost option that will bring in some natural music. Building a bird feeder is simple, fun, and makes for an excellent evening project. Let’s see just how simple...

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34 of the Best Vintage Wheelbarrow Planter Ideas

Whether you’re planning a rustic outdoor wedding or simply just want to spruce up the backyard, adding some vintage flair to the space is always a classic idea. Using something as simple as an old repurposed wheelbarrow could add so much character to your garden, patio area or yard! There’s just something too darn cute about a cool tool repurposed and filled with plants and flowers. It’s a fresh and easy decorative idea that doubles as a fantastic planter. What’s even better is the odds of you having an old one around your house should be pretty high. If...

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Wheelbarrows: Choosing the Size That is Best for You

One of the more versatile tools out there is the mighty wheelbarrow. It has uses which range from construction to gardening, and really just makes everyone’s life a little bit easier. When it comes to wheelbarrows, however, there are more than a couple options. On a general basis, any wheelbarrow will work for whichever sort of job you may need. The core design has been relative unchanged for many, many years. Nice and deep, one wheel on the front, two legs on the back. There are variations, however. Choosing which works for you depends on your situation. Let’s take...

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A Wheelbarrow VS A Gorilla Cart: Which is Best?

Anyone who loves to garden knows how much of a pain it can be from time to time. Enjoying the flourishing plant life is fabulous, but a lot of hard work and sweat has to go into a garden before any fruits of your labor can be cultivated. One of the most essential tools of a garden is a type of wheelbarrow, but when it comes to a wheelbarrow vs a gorilla cart, which is best? A wheelbarrow is more traditional and classically designed, but are sometimes prone to rusting. A gorilla cart is rugged and sturdy, but may...

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Plastic vs Steel Wheelbarrows: Which is Best?

The season for planting is upon us and one of the most useful outdoor tools is the wheelbarrow. Making sure you have the right tool for the job can seem daunting, but once you research a few options, you can make that decision accordingly. If you’ve done any research you can see that there are many different types of wheelbarrows, but which style is the perfect one for you? And which is better, plastic vs steel wheelbarrows? Steel wheelbarrows are better for moving industrial equipment such as building supplies or heavy duty materials, but plastic wheelbarrows are durable and...

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