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Author: Danielle McLeod

How To Create Your Own Pallet Compost Bin

Compost is the black gold of the gardening world, and if you’ve ever grown any sort of plant you already know that soil health is crucial to overall growth habits of your vegetation. Beginning gardeners typically like to purchase nutrient rich soils from their local garden center, but once you are well into the swing of the cyclic growing season, creating your own compost for soil health really is a benifit you can’t afford to pass up. Composting is easy to do, and recycles all of the green and brown vegetative wastes created by your household- which in turn...

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Best Brush Cutter: 5 Top Picks to Get Your Yard Cleaned Up

My front yard is a nightmare – literally. It’s a xeriscape gone wrong with the use of incorrect underlayment years ago, and now it’s a hot mess of overgrown grasses mixed with a tangle of ground cover. It also is a landmine of large rocks, ruling out the use of a string mower to get it all cut down. My options? The brush cutter: a versatile hand held souped up version of a weed wacker that can get through some of the toughest of vegetation. This is especially important in my situation due to the many obstacles that are...

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Keep Out the World with 118 Fencing Ideas

With the possibility of new development going into the acreage located behind my house, my first line of thought (after groaning and whining about it) was to subject myself to the fact that it’s probably time to look into fencing options since my family’s privacy is a priority to me. Fencing may very well be a necessity to keep curious eyes in check concerning your backyard going ons, but your choices don’t have to be traditional in nature if there is no getting past the need for one. Yard and garden fencing can be so much more than a...

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How Does A Composter Work

What is the deal with composters anyway? If you have dabbled in the gardening world at all you are probably aware of how compost can feed your soils. Chances are you’ve tried your hand at it as well with fabulous results, but aren’t exactly sure how your organic wastes turn into the black gold of the vegetative world. You just toss your scraps into the composter, turn it a few times, and within a few weeks or months- Voila’! You have compost! Right? Right. But how exactly did this occur? You’re probably aware that it’s a decomposition process, but...

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5 Top Picks for Solar Garden Light Illumination

Garden lights are the perfect complimentary finishing touch to a beautiful yard. Not only are they functional and can help you find your way in the dark, they also add a touch of softness to your yard come dusk, help highlight the features you want to show off, and even lend a bit of mystery and romance to your space. A quick search yields a plethora to choose from however, and it can become difficult to decide what, exactly is the best solar garden lights for you. In the past I have been drawn to the inexpensive choices found...

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