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Author: Danielle McLeod

71 Front Porch Designs For Breathtaking Entryways

Our homes are generally a place we take pride in, and nothing welcomes guests like a well designed front porch. Since it is literally the first thing anyone sees of your house, how it is perceived from the roadside, as well as by approaching guests, is a detail that can be worrisome to the gracious hostess or host. It may also serve as a place of entertainment, or relaxation, and should reflect a little bit about the homeowners taste in decor. If you have struggles with ideas for your front porch, or are in need of an upgrade and...

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Best Wheelbarrow for Concrete: 5 Choices to Handle the Job

It’s that time of year again when adding to your summer chore list starts to become a daily occurrence. After all, you have to get in all your yard and garden maintenance while the weather lasts. Personally I like sitting back on the deck with a cold drink after completing some task I dreamt about all winter and appreciating the accomplishment. This is also the time of year when you begin to take assessment of what tools you need, but either don’t have, or can’t find. Like my shovel I loaned to somebody and never got back. It happens...

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Wheelbarrow Storage: 9 Ways to Get Organized

Chances are you have a wheelbarrow around to help with yard and garden work. After all they are worth their weight in gold for gardening and other outdoor projects (like taking on your own DIY compost), but when you aren’t using them where should they go? I’m horrible about storing them as they should and often leaving them pushed up against the garage until I need to use it again. This really isn’t the best choice of storage since it can lead to tray damage. Metal trays can gather water and begin to rust, and plastic trays can become...

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Eley Hose Reel Reviews & Buying Guide

We all have that one elusive hose that we use regularly and is always in the way because the water spigot is too close to a fence for proper storage, or coiling up the hose always results in unwanted kinks and folds. Personally I am incredibly tired of trying to get my yard hose out of the way every time I need pull it out to water the garden, or mow the lawn. I only have a 20 inch clearance between two fences to access the one water spigot I have in the back of the house so I...

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True Temper 6 Cubic Foot Steel Wheelbarrow Review

Our Rating: (4.5/ 5) It’s that time of year again, when the weather warms and you begin to get excited about what projects you’ll be able to complete in your yard this season. If you are anything like me you also like to roam the local gardening center looking for ideas and products to purchase to help you with your grand plans. Something I’ve been in drastic need of is a heavy duty wheelbarrow to help haul dirt and rocks for my varying landscape projects. After experiencing flat tire after flat tire with the little 4 cubic foot wheelbarrow...

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