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Best Garden Hose: 5 Quality Options To Keep Your Yard And Garden Watered

There is nothing simple about going to the store to buy a garden hose. If you think a quick trip to the garden center will score you the best garden hose on the market, think again. You will be assaulted by a variety of different lengths, fittings, materials, durabilities, colors, prices, and shapes – yes, shapes. There is nothing ‘quick’ about this trip.

Trust me, I was thrown for a loop the last time I ‘ran’ to the store to buy a hose. I found myself questioning if I could justify a variety of different creations made to carry water to the lawn and garden, and color matching them to my hose nozzle.

To determine the best quality for your needs, you’ll need to do your homework first and weigh the those needs against all these options- which can be time consuming and exhausting. Remember, this is an investment, not a shopping spree.

Lucky for you, I’ve broken down the variables of hose buying and provided you with 5 of the top rated hoses on the market to simplify your search.

Best Garden Hose Comparisons Chart

ModelLengthWeightFittingsMaterialOur Rating
Titan Expandable Hose
75 foot length3.2 lbsBrass ConnectorsLatex core4.8 Stars
Legacy Flexzilla Hybrid Hose
3’-100’ length choices15.5 lbsAircraft Aluminum fittingsHybridized Polymer core5.0 Stars
Camco Premium Hose
10’ - 50’ length choices6.4 lbsNickel plated brass fittingsNFS Certified lead-free core4.4 Stars
Continental Heavy Duty Hose
50’ length12 lbsBrass fittingsRubber core4.3 Stars
Flexon Coil Hose
50’ length4.9 lbsBrass fittingsVinyl4.4 Stars

Hose Materials

Not all hoses are made equal. A variety of different materials can be used in hose construction and durability, but generally all hoses are comprised of either vinyl, rubber, or a combination of the two with nylon and rayon occasionally used for additional strength. The best garden hose material for you depends on what you will be using your hose for, and how you store it.

flexon-coil-hoseLightweight and ergonomical, vinyl hoses are best used in mild climates where heavy freezes don’t occur. Because they tend to come unreinforced, they work well for lighter watering tasks, and won’t as long as its rubber counterpart. Reinforced vinyl will survive more frigid temperatures and heavier use but both have a tendency to kink with prolonged usage.

continental-contitech-black-rubberRubber hoses are amongst the most durable you can buy, and coincidentally also cost more. However, they stand up to heavy usage, and have a much longer life than a vinyl counterpart. Many are also further reinforced with materials that only provides a stronger foundation. You can use rubber hoses for both hot and cold water too, and they are much less likely to kink and crack.
legacy-flexzilla-hybrid-garden-hose Combination hoses are made from a mix of vinyl and rubber to produce a lightweight, durable, yet flexible hose. Usually these are also reinforced with tire cord, making them an affordable alternative to a pure rubber version. Combination hoses are amongst the most purchased by consumers due to their price range and availability.

Hose Fittings and Sizes

Hoses come in a variety of lengths and fittings. They can range anywhere from 10 to 100 feet in length, with ½ to ¾ inch diameter end fittings. The most important thing to take into account is to double check your faucet sizes before purchase. The universal, common size is a ⅝ inch and is generally what will be most available as well. Other sizes are often used for specialty jobs in garden nurseries or commercial lawn and garden businesses.

Fittings can be made from either plastic, aluminum or brass. Brass ends will last much longer and weather better during temperature fluctuations. They are also much easier to tighten and loosen with a tool if your fitting becomes stuck. Plastic may crack, and aluminum alloys can occasionally become brittle in colder weather.


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Remember that the longer the hose, the less pressure you will receive at the end, and that water volume is directly related to diameter and overall length. A narrower pathway expels less water. You can combine hoses to create the best garden hose system for you, but keep in mind the above general rules concerning pressure and overall water flow.

Specialty Hoses

There are a variety of specialty hoses in the market for a variety of uses. They range from collapsible and coiled versions for space saving options, drinking water safe materials, soakers for specific garden bed usage, and sprinkler types for more consistent overhead watering over a length. Consider your usage to determine what works best for you.

How to Choose the Best Garden Hose For You

Not all hoses are made equally, and there are a lot of choices to pick from on the market. To narrow down your search, first, double check your watering needs and what else you are likely to use your hose for before making a final purchasing decision. Also double check your faucet fittings, especially if it has been newly replaced (or never used before). Then, consider the following questions while making a decision:

Where will you be watering?

placesCheck your faucet placement in relation to your flowerbeds, lawn size, and any other areas you may need to reach with your hose. Consider if you will use it to spray off walkways and drives, wash vehicles, fill patio pots, water outlying bushes or trees, or fill animal water tanks. Most hoses easily connect to one another so you can easily use multiples to get to where you need to be.

How much water pressure do you need?

Water pressure is in direct relation to the length of the hose, as well as how narrow it is. If you need to water multiple spots from one faucet, then it is best to use shorter hoses if possible to get as much water as quickly as possible to those spots. For example, lawn sprinklers are more effective if only one, or two sprinklers are hooked up and are not too far a distance from the water source.


How much storage room do you have?


Because hoses come in a variety of new shapes to make storage easier, consider how and where you will be storing your hose. Collapsible and coiled hoses expand with usage and then store into a much smaller area that traditional rubber varieties. However, they may not be able to handle heavy watering usage, nor do they connect to one another easily.

When are you using your hose?

What seasons you are using your hoses in is also a consideration due to the materials various hoses are made of. Vinyl products to not withstand climate changes as easily as rubber, and coiled or collapsible hoses may need to be brought into temperature controlled environments for the winter or extremely hot weather. If you need to be watering anything regularly through the winter (such as pansies and potted evergreens in Southern climes), you may want to consider something more durable despite the convenience


Are long-lasting materials used in the make of the hose?
Customer-Feedback-signEveryone wants a bang for their buck, and quality comes with a price. More expensive hoses are almost always made of more durable materials, so if you are looking for a long-lasting investment, consider a hose made with top quality materials and usage ratings.

5 Top Rated Garden Hoses to Consider

Titan Expandable Garden Hose

Quick Info

  • Length: 75 foot length
  • Weight: 3.2 lbs
  • Fittings: Brass Connectors
  • Material: Latex core
  • Price: $$$$$

Our Rating:4.8 Stars

An easy to use walk behind trimmer that gets the job done, even when you’re facing some seriously tall and tough weed growth. It has received lots of praise for the reliability and performance of its efficient and powerful 4 stroke OHV engine. The manufacturer is clearly concerned about the convenience of the user since the lawn mower comes with a folding handle that makes it easy to store and transport.

The off-set trimmer head feature enables the user to trim in difficult to reach areas, and the 14 inch ball bearing wheels are capable of tackling tough ground.


  • Drinking water safe
  • All weather resistant
  • No kink under pressure
  • Water empties upon faucet turnoff


  • Some have coil memory
  • Some have 3 rather than 5 threads
  • If allowed to kink when empty can crack housing


Click here if you are looking for more highly recommended expandable hoses.

Legacy Flexzilla Hybrid Garden Hose

Quick Info

  • Length: 3’-100’ length choices
  • Weight: 15.5 lbs
  • Fittings: Aircraft Aluminum fittings
  • Material: Hybridized Polymer core
  • Price: $$ (100‘ length)

Our Rating:5.0 Stars

The choices available for this particular hose are plentiful since you can purchase a variety of both lengths, colors, and fitting ends since some come with a swivel grip. These kink-resistant models also come with a lifetime guarantee as well, and are rated highly as a quality choice for multiple uses in your yard and garden. A top choice for landscaping companies that have discovered the brand, these hoses seem to stand up to the test of commercial work as well.

Toted as an all weather hose, which can withstand both the sun and sub-zero temperatures, it also has a 120 psi suggestion to handle high pressure systems during its use. It is pliable enough to roll onto a reel, and as an added bonus, is drinking water safe. After reading the many reviews, this is a top favorite of mine for overall durability and life. I also like the fact that there are many length and color choices which is a unique perk in the garden hose market.


  • No bending down required
  • Grasps and destroys taproot easily
  • Sturdy design
  • Good for taller people also, no stooping.


  • Not for raised garden beds
  • Hard to use where plants are close together
  • Not much precisions overall
  • Not good for plants that send out runners


Camco Premium Drinking Hose

Quick Info

  • Length: 10’ – 50’ length choices
  • Weight: 6.4 lbs
  • Fittings: Nickel plated brass fittings
  • Material: NFS Certified lead-free core
  • Price: $ (50‘ length)

Our Rating:4.4 Stars

Marketed as a top quality lead free drinking hose, the Camco hose seems to be a popular choice for vegetable and fruit watering, as well as RV use due to it’s durability, lightweight, and strain relief ends. 20% thicker than the standard drinking hose on market, it tolerates extreme temperatures well although it is not as flexible as many other drinking varieties. It does, however, wind onto a reel easily, and doesn’t keep a memory coil after it’s been used a few times.

Although there are many studies pertaining to the use of certain materials in the making of hoses, I like the idea of having a hose that is safe for my children to play in and drink from- and that our various animals and vegetable gardens are not being exposed to any toxins that may leach from a watering source. Many reports also state that there is no plastic or bad aftertaste, making it an ideal choice for RV campers and boats.


  • Kink resistant when under pressure
  • Handles extreme heat and cold
  • Hose does not pinch at fittings


  • Poor flexibility
  • Kinks when empty
  • ⅝” hose, but inside diameter at 9/16”


Continental Heavy Duty Garden Hose

Quick Info

  • Length: 50’ length
  • Weight: 12 lbs
  • Fittings: Brass fittings
  • Material: Rubber core
  • Price: $$$$

Our Rating:4.3 Stars

Reinforced rubber, combined with heavy gauge walls and tubing, puts this hose in the category as one of the most indestructible made. Garden hose reviews state they last a better part of a decade or more with heavy use and abuse year round without losing their circular shape or pliability. This isn’t a surprise since they are rated to withstand up to -40 degree temperatures and 160 degrees on the high end.

Flexible, durable, kink-free (reports state that even if it DOES kink, they smooth back out with no memory very easily, especially under pressure), and with a high pressure rating (200 psi), this heavy duty hose seems to be able to withstand the test of both time and use. The only complaint? The fact that it is heavy due to its solid construction, although it doesn’t seem to be a game changer. Despite the price tag, it very well could be the last hose purchase you ever make.


  • Takes extreme temperatures
  • Maintains circular shape
  • Long lasting
  • Kink-resistant


  • Can kink when empty but doesn’t have a memory


Flexon Coil Hose

Quick Info

  • Length: 50’ length
  • Weight: 4.9 lbs
  • Fittings: Brass fittings
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Price: $$$

Our Rating:4.4 Stars

Self-coiling garden hoses are a great alternative to both bulky traditional hoses, and expanding hoses that still need to be hand coiled for less clutter. More durable than many on the market, this particular model boasts a ⅝ interior for better water flow, UV coating over vinyl for weather protection, and solid brass fittings to keep it lasting through your watering seasons. Although once you’ve removed it from the package it will loosen the tension somewhat, it is supposed to keep it’s shape for the life of the product (and it does come with a 3 year guarantee).

This seems to be a popular choice when comparing coiled hoses since it is more sturdy than many on the market, and holds up to the elements without cracking or stretching out fairly well. It also handles yard maintenance chores, such as washing the car, or hosing off the patio with a hose nozzle due to its expandability. The perk? It’s lead-free and drinking water safe as well due to the materials used.


  • Good ⅝” diameter for quick watering
  • Heavy brass fittings
  • Good Durability


  • Tangles easily
  • Have to pull out to reach
  • Not good for temps below freezing


Hopefully the above reviews have given you a good picture of your options, as well as some of the top rated garden hoses currently on the market to choose from. Despite the durability and quality of all the hoses included, I’m a traditional hose girl due to the variety of tasks I find to do on my little hobby farm- and the fact that my hoses are left out and exposed to elements and occasional vehicle tire.

Because of this I’m going with the Legacy Legacy Flexzilla Hybrid Garden Hose due to its high reviews, length choices, and (let’s face it, you love this too) the color options. It was a tough choice between that and the Continental brand rubber hose, but what won me out in the end was the affordability. The Legacy Flexzilla seems just as durable and almost as long lasting, but who knows? I have multiple areas in need of a hose so I might just try out both!

What’s your favorite? We would love to hear your opinions, or comments on what brands have worked best for you. Please share below, and of course if you’ve enjoyed this article, please like and share it with your friends!

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