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30 Super Easy DIY Garden Fence Ideas

Do you plan on starting your veggie patch this year? Or perhaps you have a beautiful flower garden that you’re super-proud of but can’t keep the critters out? Well, you should really be thinking about ways to fence it all in. 

I’ve compiled a list of 30 awesome DIY garden fence ideas that anyone can do so you can feel inspired to make your own. After you’ve chosen your design, go get the best nail gun for a fencing project and get building.

Door Number One

Tall wood frame fence through which old church can be seen
Image credits: Kerstin Reimer via Pixabay

You could have a great fence that outlines the perimeter of your home or garden and offers accessibility with a simple swinging gate. Or you could take it one step further and add a cool garden door or gate.

Wrought Iron Beauty

wrought iron fence nestled into greenery
Image credits: Michael Kauer via Pixabay

Whether you’ve got an elegant old plantation and home in the South or a cute little ranch house in the Pacific Northwest to wrap around, a wrought iron fence is a beautiful option with timeless style. You can choose elaborate styles or go for a more casual straight-forward option, add an expansive gate, or just go simple all around. Whatever you pick is sure to be a gorgeous way to add some protection to the property.

A Touch of Color

Colorfully painted fence with colorful flower pots
Image credits: rihaij via Pixabay

This simple garden fence is short and easily constructed with a few lengths of lumber. But the feature to look at is the playful use of color. If you want to add some character to your garden with minimal effort, then pick two or three of your favorite bright colors and have fun painting the fence.

Woven Wonder

woven fence
Image credits: Dieter Ludwig Scharnagl via Pixabay

Okay, this idea would only work if you have access to long, thin branches – and not any branch will do. They need to be “green”. That means that they are fairly fresh and easily bent. But if you can get them, use the branches to weave a basket-style fence like this. Super cool idea!

Keep Things Private

Closeup of wooden privacy fence
Image credits: Markus Distelrath via Pixabay

If you’ve got nosy neighbors or just like your privacy, a beautiful privacy fence is a great solution for keeping that yard secure. Custom-build your own with the help of some DIY or purchase some pre-made from sites like Wayfair or your local hardware store. You can go simple – with just wood or metal sheeting – or get elaborate and create a work of art. Whatever suits your fancy! Just add a nice gate, and you’re all set.

Marina Style Wood Fence

Marina wood style fence
Image credits: Michael Schwarzenberger via Pixabay

If you love all things marine, consider building yourself a fence in the style of the marina fences using rounded, seasoned logs that can withstand any kind of weather. You can make the fence as tall or as short as needed, with different height logs or all the same. Your choice!

Recycled Timber Fence

carved recycled timber fence
Image credits: s-ms_1989 via Pixabay

If you’ve got offcuts and leftover timber from an old project, don’t toss it out just yet! It doesn’t matter if they’re all different lengths and sizes because you could easily create something like this. A jagged edge garden fence that almost looks to a city horizon, or if you’re creative and handy with a whittling knife, you could carve some fun shapes on the tops.

A Quilted Contender

quilted looking lattice fence
Image credits: rihaij via Pixabay

This massive garden fence resembles the pattern of quilted stitching with a square layout. And even though it’s large and tall, it doesn’t obstruct the view from inside or outside. Add chicken wire for extra security or leave open.

Step into a Wintry Wonderland

Old skis turned into a fence
Image credits: wasi1370 via Pixabay

These old wooden skis have seen a lifetime of use, but they get a second chance as a beautiful, rustic garden fence. So the next time you’re out yard saleing, keep an eye out for old skis!

The Iconic White Picket Fence

white picket fence decorated for Christmas
Image credits: Jill Wellington via Pixabay

If you love decorating your outdoors for the seasons, the iconic white picket fence might be your best pick. These beautiful, simple fences add a touch of simple elegance while giving you a “canvas” for easy decoration and delightful seasonal options. They need a little white paint every so often, but otherwise, they’re fairly low maintenance, as well.

If you’re into vertical gardening at all, you can add in some beautiful fence planters, too, to add growing plants and flowers as natural décor.

Old Garden Implement Posts

garden fence made of garden implements
Image credits: HOerwin56 via Pixabay

If you enjoy thrifting and recycling, you might enjoy doing this simple frame fence using the old implements as your posts on the fence. It’s a fun, creative way of making a unique, rustic fence.

Loving the Log Style

log fence
Image credits: Manfred Antranias Zimmer via Pixabay

Whether or not you have a log-style home, a log fence is a great idea for your garden. It’s simple and easy to make. All you need are some clean logs, a hammer, and some long nails. Even the garden gate is made from logs with an a-frame backing.

Peek-A-Boo Fence

peek-a-book fence
Image credits: islandworks via Pixabay

Sometimes you just want a little peek out into the rest of the world (or for them in!), so a fun fence like this wooden peek-a-boo fence could be a great option. The cuts are pretty simple and don’t require special skills.

The Classic Veggie Garden Fence

veggie garden with fence and barn in background
Image credits: AnnaER via Pixabay

If you’re growing that garden full of veggies, you may wish to consider a simple, classic fence style – the wooden slat fence. They’re a little rustic in their design, which lends some old-world charm to the gardening space, adds some protection against larger animals, meandering children, and helps contain things a bit without blocking out light.

They’re simple to build, too. You just need a nail gun, a post-hole digger, and a few other easy-to-acquire tools and supplies.

Stone in Wire Fence

stone filled cage fence
Image credits: pratamajaya via Pixabay

If you like the idea of a stone fence but don’t want that extra work, you can create a “cage” with some wire and fill it with rocks for a much easier way of building that stone fence without a lot of work.

Pallet Pretty

reclaimed pallet wood fence with many American flags surrounding
Image credits: Deborah Jackson via Pixabay

Nowadays, pallets really can be used for everything. From furniture to artwork and even garden fences. This one is a low-built fence to protect the modest vegetable patch, but it works. Even the gate was made from recycled pallets. And why not? The wood is perfectly reusable and works great.

Old Tricks

rustic wooden fence
Image credits: Michael Gaida via Pixabay

This basic garden fence may appear to be old and rustic, but you can build a brand new one with the same amount of character. Just follow the steps for a simple log-style fence but don’t treat the wood. Let it be, and it will turn grey like this. And don’t forget to add the handy chicken wire to keep out those pesky critters.

Get Historical With a Split Rail Fence

Split rail fence with sheep grazing nearby
Image credits: Daina Krumins via Pixabay

I’ve always loved the looks of a split rail, like this historical-style garden fence. If you’re also into all things historical, natural, and rustic, a split rail might be your ideal choice. You use timber or logs, instead of clean-cut boards, and create this sort of “stacked” rail fencing option. It’s perfect for keeping medium animals out of the garden while keeping a clear view.

Wide Board Fence

wide board fence protecting zinnia garden
Image credits: djoch via Pixabay

Sometimes you need a little more protection for your plants or yard. In that case, you might want to consider a fence like this which uses wide boards and narrow slits between for light and air passage. Build as tall or short as needed to protect whatever area needs it.

The Simple Chain Link Fence

chainlink fence through which forest can be seen
Image credits: freestocks via Unsplash

Then again, if you’re really looking for something simple and inexpensive, there’s always the plain old chain link fence. If it’s high enough, it keeps out deer, kids, dogs, and so much more while blocking almost zero sunlight, good views, and warm feelings.

Simple Branch Fence

fence made of simple logs and branches
Image credits: JerzyGorecki via Pixabay

You can easily build a wooden frame for your basic fence then, instead of adding standard boards, recycle some branches that have fallen instead of tossing them on the burn pile. You’ll have to replace the branches now and then, but overall, it’s a pretty easy way of building a rustic, natural fence on a budget.

Easy Bamboo Wattle Fence

Closeup of bamboo wattle fence
Image credits: Viktor Hanacek via picjumbo

A popular rustic fence idea that won’t take too long to construct is the natural wattle fence. You can use bamboo or thin branches to craft it, whichever best suits your needs.

Short Lattice Work Fence

house surrounded by short lattice and stonework fence
Image credits: Hans Braxmeier via Pixabay

Sometimes, you don’t need a big fence – just something to edge the property. For that kind of situation, a nice little latticework fence like this could be just the ticket. It can help keep out small animals, discourage dog walkers from wandering with ill intent, and give a nice little edge to the property.

Simple Corrugated Tin Fence

birds perched on a corrugated tin fence
Image credits: Alexey Marcov via Pixabay

If you want some privacy but don’t want to do an all-wood fence to block prying eyes, a simple corrugated tin fence might be a great option for you. You just need a simple frame for it and a couple of hours to put one up.

Easy Cage Wire Fence

woman bicycling past a wire fence covered in flowers
Image credits: pasja1000 via Pixabay

If you want some privacy but don’t want to do an all-wood fence to block prying eyes, a simple corrugated tin fence might be a great option for you. You just need a simple frame for it and a couple of hours to put one up.

Recycled Old Wagon Wheel Fence Filler

wagon wheel fence
Image credits: PublicDomainPictures via Pixabay

If you’ve got access to an old wagon wheel or two, you could fill in those fence gaps or build a rustic fence around the wheel as a unique ornamental piece in your fence. It makes for a fun farmhouse-style touch anywhere a shorter fence will suffice.

Reclaimed Wood with a Twist

reclaimed wood fence bound together with large vines
Image credits: stux via Pixabay

For those who love the idea of reusing old reclaimed wood, this fence might be a great choice. But it’s not just reusing old wood, it uses unique old vines or green branches to “weave” together with the fence posts for a unique twist on the slat-style fence.

Stone Cage Fence with a Built-in Wooden Seat

stone cage fence with wooden box seat built in with red and white cushions
Image credits: Tyna_Janoch via Pixabay

Love the idea of window seats? Well, this fence combines that idea with a stone cage fence and a wood box window seat. It makes for an easy, clever, and unique twist on a few classics.

Slanted Decorative Branch Fence

slanted slat fence
Image credits: marsjo via Pixabay

A twist on the traditional slat fence is this rather decorative branch fence built with an angled design. Overall, it’s a fairly simple design and is attractive and reasonably easy to do.

Simple Twine Fence

Simple twine fence with bird sitting on it
Image credits: spaethiale via Pixabay

If you just need a simple fence that creates more of a boundary than keeps out the wildlife, a simple twine fence like this one might be a great option for you. You need to place stakes often along the fence and attach the twine fencing with staples. Easy, fast, simple.

Use Your Imagination for a Lovely Garden Touch

Did you enjoy this great list of simple DIY garden fence ideas? With a bit of patience and creativity, anyone really can do any of these. A garden fence is a great way to protect your flowers, veggies, or other plants, so if you plan on doing any gardening, consider building a fence to keep it all in. 

If you liked these or have any of your own to add, please feel free to comment and share below.