17 Awesome Bush and Shrub Sculptures You Must See To Believe

Gardeners around the world have been honing their crafts for decades. Turning bushes and hedges into awesome sculptures have been something practiced by people since the ancient Roman times, believe it or not. But today, it’s for the front yards of mansions, botanical gardens, and sportS. No joke. There are actually hedge carving competitions around the world.

But it’s not just the simple idea of trimming a bush into a certain shape. Topiary is another form of the art, and it’s where you start with a wire frame and then grow the bush around it, trimming as needed. Pretty cool, right? So, for your amusement as well as my own, I’ve gathered up some of the most awesome bush and shrub sculptures that you must see to believe.

A Beast of Sorts

Beast from Beauty and the Beast shrub sculpture


Disney World is full of topiaries and bush sculptures. Literally, they’re everywhere. And with the upcoming release of the new live action beauty and the Beast movie, I just had to kick off this list with The Beast! How cool is this? So detailed, and true to the original character from the cartoon we all grew up with.

 A Bowl of Flowers

Shrub sculpture of a bowl of flowers


It takes some serious skill to organize a sculpture such as this. I mean, LOOK AT IT! The many colors, species of flowers, and then the arrangement that they flow in as the sculpture twists into a bowl shape that is reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland.

Here, Fishy, Fishy

here fshy fishy


If you love Finding nemo, or just fish in general, then check this out. Some parts are non-plants, but the sculpture is too cool not to have on the list. It’s even built on an angle so it looks like it’s jumping out of the garden of other bush sculptures.

Look at Those Hooters!

look at those hooters


I love owls, don’t’ you? They’re huge right now and can be seen everywhere from bedding to tattoos. And now, apparently, in the form of bush sculptures. You have to admit, though, this one is pretty awesome. Very detailed, very cool.

Pull Up a Seat

pull up a seat


How inviting is this? I wonder if it would support the weight of someone actually sitting on it. Regardless, it’s pretty unique. Yes, a bench by itself wouldn’t be that impressive. But the addition of a person sculpted into the design is awesome.

A Grass Slipper?

a grass slipper


Recognize this iconic dancing couple? It’s Cinderella and her prince dancing away before the clock strikes 12. It’s another Disney World treasure. Apparently, I need to go there and witness these magnificent topiaries for myself.

Tick, Tock, Goes the Clock

tick tock goes to clock


The story of Peter Pan and captain Hook isn’t complete without the clock croc who swallowed Hook’s hand. And I guess Disney World agrees. It’s a pretty iconic character and makes a super awesome shrub sculpture, too.




I LOVE penguins. They’re my favorite animal on the face of the planet besides dogs. But I couldn’t find any dog bush sculptures. So, here’ a momma penguin with her baby, leaning down to give him a little kiss. Epitome of cuteness. Can I have this in my yard?

Panda Love

panda love


Are pandas really bears? I always assumed they were some freak of nature, created to make us go “awwwwe!”. But now we have even cuter shrubbery of a mommy and baby panda hugging in a garden? Come on!

Flight of the Duck

flight of the duck


It takes some skill to make realistic shrub version of ducks and then have them in mid-flight across an actual body of water. These may seem simple at first glance, but they’re far from it.

Here, Piggy, Piggy!

here piggy piggy


Look at the giant pigs! And I mean GIANT. The photographer was nice enough to insert a person to show you just how large these sculptures are. And what compelled them to make enormous bush statues of pigs? We’ll never know.

A Sculptured Garden

a sculptured garden


This an OCD dream. A complete garden and structures totally made from shrubs and sculpted bushes. Amazing! Just look at the skill that went into each line and shape while keeping it perfectly balanced. If you could learn to create a neat garden fence, then you could fill it with some sweet shrubbery like this.

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The Right Key

the right key


So, we’ve seen Disney characters, barnyard animals, and fish. Now it’s time for inanimate objects. Like this piano for example. Not only is it a perfect representation of an actual piano, but it’s not the usual green!

Snake Dance

snake dance


And now back to animals, but of the less cute nature. I mean, unless you love snakes (I do not). This bush sculpture is absolutely stunning, but if it were in my front yard I’d never leave my house.

The Man in the Tree

the man in the tree


Now this I would totally have in my yard. Some cool old man, just chillin’ taking a knee. Maybe he’s tying his shoe? Who knows. But I’d love to lean up against him with a good book on a sunny day, that’s for sure.

A World of Shrubs

a world of shrubs


If you’ve got a ton of shrubbery on your property and have no idea what to do with them, here’s a great idea to try. It looks like somebody got bored and turned all their trees into cones. Hopefully they checked with their wife first.

A Maze of Wonder

a maze of wonder


I have always wanted to visit a real life maze. And not the silly corn maze you see during the Fall. I mean, like, a really complicated and intricate maze like this one. And just look at the detail! And when you’re done with one, just move onto the next. There’s plenty!

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