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Add Beautiful Light to Your Backyard in 21 Different Ways

#1 Looking for Some Northern Forest Inspiration?

Looking or that ‘au naturale’ touch for your walkway? These fabulous lights are made from salvaged logs which are then hand carved by a legally blind artist and wired for lighting. What?! You say? Yes, legally blind, yet these beauties blend into the most rustic of yards. Order here Cracked Log Lamp Range.

#2 Or Perhaps Something from Lonestar State is More Up Your Alley…

In Texas you go big or you go home, and these Texas Lamp Posts definitely fit that description. A weekend with a visit to a local lumber yard and garden center, a little elbow grease (shovel and concrete), and you can create your own patio lighting that doubles as a flowering container garden. Place hanging baskets for that added oomph!

#3 No Matter Your Choices, Glowing Walkways Don’t Get Easier Than This

Whether you have an existing walkway, or want to make your own, adding in glow-in-the-dark pigments to your materials and paints will give you a self-charging walkway that lights the way night after night. Don’t want the entire stone to glow? Only add it to the grout between the stones, or paint the areas you prefer to light the way!

#4 Up For a Little Ping-Pong Under the Stars?

Not the game silly! The ambiance! Super cheap and easy to make, ping-pong balls placed over a regular string of holiday lights are sure to be a crowd pleaser in any backyard! Want to jazz it up? Use permanent markers to customize (and color) your perfect look! Follow the directions on how to create a Ping Pong Ball Lights and see how easy this project is!

#5 Bring the Indoors, Out, With This Simple Lighting Hack!

Follow these simple steps for an awesome outdoor lamp you don’t even need to plug in! First, visit your local thrift store and find an old lamp. Then, stop by the garden center and purchase your choice of a solar light. And finally, remove the top lighting piece from the stake, and place it where a bulb belongs.

Hint: If it doesn’t fit, use a little wall putty used to hang pictures on walls to secure it in the base.
To see more by this fabulous hacker, head here Princess Pinky Girl Backyard Hacks.

#6 Take Advantage of Nature to Add Mood Lighting to Your Porch

Revolutionize the most common of deck and patio areas by adding lighting where it counts. By taking advantage of your natural hangers, and adding in other simple lanterns, an otherwise dark area is easily transformed. Watch the simplicity of this mutation here Outdoor Mood Lighting.

#7 The Power of the Sun Will Light the Way

Glass blocks, LED lights, speaker wire, an outdoor solar panel, sealant, and some basic knowledge of electronics is all you need to create this genius lighted pathway. By customizing your block shapes and colors you’ll have a conversation piece everyone will be talking about!

#8 Tree by Day, Light by Night

Wrapping your trees with lights doesn’t have to only be a holiday tradition. Any backyard party will benefit from the beauty of the lighting given off by thousands of soft bulbs and create an atmosphere to remember. Some great tips for spacing lights on different types and sizes of tree and branches can be found here Wrapping Trees with Christmas Lights, as well as how many lights you’ll need for each tree.

#9 Want the Originality, but None of the Hard Work?

Looking for that conversational lighting piece, but don’t want to do it yourself? Vintage Pipe Creations will customize your perfect lighting for both indoor and out, using new pipe fittings with Edison Age vintage industrial fixtures. All products are handmade and can be personalized to your look. Interested? Head over to their shop to take a look around!

#10 But When the Stars Fall From the Heavens to Light Your Way…

Glow stones are versatile and easy to add to your yard and garden. Whether you purchase them online, or create them yourself, the many effects they lend to yards and gardens will be as varied and unique as only you can imagine.

#11 Reuse, Recycle, Relight! Your Kitchen Holds the Key to Great Lighting!

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Venture into that cellar and pull out all those wine bottles you’ve been saving for a project, because one quick trip to the hardware store is all you need to create the original and reusable outdoor torches.  Step by Step instructions along with a list of materials needed are already prepared for you. What are you waiting for!?

#12 Want to Recycle Again?! Don’t Toss Those Tuna Cans!

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Some simple hardware, hurricane lamp thrift finds, and your old tuna cans create the perfect lantern to light the way. Add real or solar candles to keep your walkway bright and cheery each night!

#13 Don’t Just Brighten, But Sweeten Your Night With This Adorable Hack!

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Customize your next party with a choice of cupcake liners placed over whatever stringed bulbs you have laying around. Cupcake liners can take some seriously high heat, but if you are worried about the heat put off by the bulb, try LED lights that stay cool to the touch! Cupcake lights are an easy and inexpensive way to look like a backyard lighting genius!

#14 Got a Glass Stash? Put Those Old Jelly Jars to Use!

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Jelly and canning jars come in all shapes and sizes, but what could be better than filling those with yummy things to eat? Using them for lighting of course! A roll of 16 gauge wire and your choice of jars, and you’ve got yourself some lighting that can be easily placed wherever you need a little ambiance. For DIY instructions for Hanging Jar Lantern

#15 Wait! Rinse and Repeat!

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All your canned goods are waiting eagerly for you to reincarnate them as fabulous lighting creations.  All you need is a little wire, a hammer and a nail to repurpose a common pantry item into something sure to get your guests talking about just how crafty you are! Check out how to make tin can solar lights here!

#16 Someone’s Junk is Your…Lighting?

These repurposed roofing vents are sure to create and interesting, and unique topic of conversation.  Plenty of discarded housing materials can be made into unique and personal lighting for your space with an inexpensive lamp kit.

#17 Waterscape by Night?

Why enjoy your pond only by day when you can by night as well?  Not to mention the romantic atmosphere a little lighting can add to the flow of of water! Easy to install, waterproof light housings are available for purchase here.

#18 Big Jars, Little Jars, Funny Jars… MORE JAR IDEAS!

Still looking for ways to use up those jars? Look no further. Rubber bands and spray paint transform ANY jar into fun lighting for any surface. Looking for other ways to reuse your old treasures? Head over here to see what other suggestions this crafty hacker has in store.

#19 Not Into DIY? Check Out This $1 Hack!

Okay, you might have to put a little more effort into this project than opening your wallet, especially if you want to add color. But mostly it involves sticking the lights into the ball and (maybe) having to glue it into place. Simple? Definitely!

#20 MORE Uses For Those Jars

Hanging firefly lanterns are easy to make with a minimum amount of effort. This is a perfect project for those smaller sized jars and create a simplistic chandelier-type look when hung together over a dining setting.

#21 Wine Bottle Chandelier – Need We Say More?

This fabulous lighting hack requires a wine barrel bottom, some stringed lights, and leftover wine bottles.  Recycling wine barrels is all the rage right now and are pretty easy to pick up in antique stores, wineries, and online. Just be sure to shop wisely and get a piece that is unfinished to save you some cash!

To Conclude

Backyard lighting can change the atmosphere of your outdoor space to be both inviting and artistic (not to mention how many stubbed toes you’ll avoid!). Whether you are planning a social gathering, or just for your own pleasure, lighting up your backyard will be sure to create an area that gets more use and is personalized to your taste.

Did you enjoy the list? Comment below which idea you liked best and plan on utilizing soon! And be sure to share with your friends what you plan on creating for your backyard paradise!

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