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10 DIY Fence Planters To Enhance Your Backyard

Fence planters are one of the best ways to enhance your backyard space. They are perfect for those with minimal space but are also a creative way to showcase your garden.

Transform any fence with these awesome and unique fence planters. From vertical herb gardens to upcycled rain gutters, these ideas are sure to inspire!

Easy DIY Fence Planters

Add Shelving

Showcase your potted plants by adding shelving to your fence. This easy DIY idea can enhance an otherwise boring fence and add the beauty of greenery up the wall of your outdoor space.

Planter Box

This idea is simple and sophisticated. It doesn’t take many supplies to create this fence planter box. Fill it with a variety of plants and flowers for visual appeal.

Hanging Buckets

Create a rustic vibe with this super easy planter. Using a galvanized bucket planter and rope, you can hang your planters right from a wood plank.

Raised Garden Box

This idea decorates from the ground up. Creating a raised garden bed at the base of your fence is a great way to increase property value and appeal. Add different-sized trees and plants with lighting.

Floating Potted Plants

Complete a chic and cozy vibe by securing terra cotta planters to the wood panels of your fence. This gives the effect of floating planters and could be customized to your specific style with the plants you choose.

Upcycled Rain Gutters

While this doesn’t sound like it would be the prettiest option, turns out the end result looks incredibly unique. Including a succulent garden gives this DIY choice a modern touch with visual interest. Succulents are low-maintenance plants but thrive in well-drained soil, so make sure your rain gutter has drainage.

Hanging Baskets

This is likely the easiest way to enhance your fence. All you have to do is add the hooks and hang your baskets. This super simple option adds so much beauty to your space, you have to try even just one!

Vertical Herb Garden

Perfect for those with limited space, this vertical herb garden exudes fashion and function. You can use mason jar planters and even label each herb with fence paint. Growing herbs on your fence not only adds visual appeal to your space but will add fragrance.

Floating Planter Box

This DIY planter box can fit any decorative style. You can add a subtle pop of color or keep it neutral, either way, these floating planter boxes are sure to enhance your backyard space. Secure the planter boxes to your fence in a straight line or scattered, whatever is more visually appealing to you. There are so many ways of designing this idea!

Recycled Rain Boot Planter

Now here’s a cute idea for using old rain boots that leak. They’re the perfect new home for plants with plenty of space for their roots. If you don’t already have any on hand, you can find some at your local thrift store for a fraction of the price.

In Summary

These are just some of the many ways of dressing up your fence and infusing some life into the area with the most foot traffic. You can use your creativity and DIY just about anything you set your mind to, and planters, unlike other things, are forgiving and re-doable!

While there is usually a big focus on interior design, your exterior is just as important. Up your backyard game and be the best house on the block with these super unique and easy-to-make fence planters!

Which idea inspires you most? Have you tried any of the above? Comment below and share your favorite ideas with us!