28 Super Unique And Easy To Make Fence Planters
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28 Super Unique And Easy To Make Fence Planters

Fence planters are one of the best ways to brighten up a backyard and bring the colors of flowers and shrubs up from the ground and at eye level. It can really bring a garden to life and is a great way to add some personality to your backyard.

Some people, those handy dandy ones, can whip up homemade planters from just about nothing while others prefer to purchase pre made ones. Regardless of what you choose, these 28 awesome and unique fence planters are sure to inspire!

A Spoonful

recycled spoons

Source – WooHome

It doesn’t take much to pretty up your backyard and line your fence with planters. No need to run out to the hardware store and load up with materials to build elaborate boxes. Most of what you need can be found around the house. Here we have basic mason jars with a wire handle and hooks made from bent spoons. Genius, I say!

Plants in My Pocket

Plants in My Pocket


This is a great idea for small gardens and short fences. You can pack a lot of flowers or herbs into these hanging pockets without taking up hardly any space at all. It would even be a great idea for a small apartment balcony

The Right Angle

old rain gutters fence


This is a prime example of how you can create beautiful fence planters out of basically nothing. Regular rain gutters, screwed onto the fence on certain angles give a cool esthetic and are the perfect size for flowers.


scenic scapes landscaping


This is a more permanent approach to a fence planter. If you’re dedicated to it and prefer to have something that will last longer and actually contributes to the architecture of your backyard, then this is a great idea!


Unique Flower Pots Tire


Growing up, my grandfather reused everything, especially old tires. Everything from swings to lawn figurines and even cool fence planters. Leave them black or paint them bright colors to add a little pop of personality.


Wood Planter for the Wall


If you’re not totally sold on the idea of installing a bunch of planters to your fence boards or siding, then consider hanging one on a hook like this. One small hole is easier to patch up than a dozen or more. It’s definitely a great idea for people who are maybe renting the property but want to spruce it up a bit.


Gutter Hung Fence

Here’s the before image of how you can use the full length of an old metal rain gutter for a new fence planter. You could grow tons of flowers, herbs, and even berries in this bad boy.


Bird house planters

Source – I Love My Garden blog

What a super cool and fun idea to take care of two backyard necessities. Sweet little fence planters to show off some color and style, but also a way to attract some beautiful birds to your home. That is unless you’re one of those people who are terrified of birds, then…maybe not.


Cedar Wall Planter


Here’s a step-by-step guide to building this cool angled, three tiered fence planter. Leave it a natural wood color to age in the sun, or stain (or even paint) it to match your house. It’s the perfect way to introduce a bit of your own style to the backyard.


Pallet Garden


There’s next to no effort required to pull off this design. An old used pallet, a few coats of paint, and place where you please. When turned on their side like this, a shelf of sorts is created where you can plant flowers and other things.




This is innovation at it’s finest. This picture shows the planters actually built in to the fence, but you could easily have it separate. And how easy is it? Well, if you can flip over a cinder block then you’re covered.


Modular planter

How cool is this idea? It would make a great fence planter for a modern home but still fit with a tradition setting. All you need are some PVC tubes, a bit of wire, and some free time. Voila! Modern tubular planters to show off some unique flowers.


Use cedar andstock lumber


Some of you may not have a fence to hang pretty planters from. But that’s okay! Where there’s a will, there’s a way and you can just build your own! This nifty little infographic shows how you can make your very own privacy fence/divider with a built-in planter to boot!


Low Budget Ideas for Your Yard and Patio Privacy

This is a really cool idea for two reasons. One, they’re nice and narrow so they can fit along any space, even a small apartment balcony. And two, my favorite, is that you can literally create a fence with these. Join them together and line your backyard with them. Talk about multi-use!


hanging glass candle holders

I love this idea! Yes, this image shows the planters on the side of a wall, but my thinking is that you can easily incorporate it to work with a fence. Why not? But the reason why I think this is so great is the added lighting. Battery or solar powered lights would add some beautiful ambiance to your patio or backyard.


Space Saving Vertical Vegetable Garden

If you look closely, this idea is so basic and super easy to recreate. It’s merely four long boards used as sides and connect with narrow slats to create “baskets” to use as planters. It’s genius and looks fabulous.


Vertical Succulent Garden


How awesome is this idea? So unique and a really great way to add some character to your backyard. You’d simply construct a few letters from wood, creating them with a hollow, then fill with soil and moss to keep everything vertical, and flowers.


Ladder Garden Planter


This is a really good idea for just about any outdoor area, mostly because it’s so versatile. It doesn’t have to install to the fence boards so it makes the perfect planter for a rental property. And it can be placed anywhere along your fence so mix it up, play around with placements, even switch it up every now and then just to refresh your backyard.


Shadowboxes hold planters


This is a cool project for those of you who are avid DIYers. Rally up some old pallets, clean them up and separate the boards. All you need are six pieces per frame; two sides, top, bottom, and two slats for the back to install onto the fence. Easy as that. Stain or paint them to give a more polished look and match to other things in your yard.


Buckets on Hooks


So, this one is shown on an interior wall but I liked this idea because I see how easily it could be adapted to fence planters. Shop around for some cute buckets or pots with a handle, attach some hooks to your fence boards and hang them on. So easy, it’s ridiculous. And you could make patterns, stagger them, etc.


Vertical Planter


Now here’s a project for you to do this weekend! The great thing about it is that you can make it as big and long as you want. Line the whole fence if you choose. Whatever floats your boat…or plants your flowers.


Hanging Baskets


These simple and classic fence planters hang along the railing of your deck or along the top of your fence, whichever works. But they’re gorgeous and simple, fitting in just about any setting. This helpful source even gives advice as to what plants work best.


DIY Garden Living Wall Planters


Recognize these colorful gems? Their card index boxes turned on their sides and given a new purpose with a coat of paint and some cool flowers. The beauty of this idea is that you can use other things, too. Old drawers, tins, rain gutters, etc. Whatever you can think of!


Simply Designing Planters


The next time you’re at a yard sale, don’t pass on the old windows. Scoop them up and bring them home to make these unique fence planters. It may require a fresh coat of paint and some Windex, but who cares? They probably only cost a dollar.


Rain gutters as planters

We already visited the idea of using rain gutters for fence planters, but we never spoke about doing them this way. Try and match the color of your gutters to the color of your fence (you may need to paint them) so that all you see is the pop of colors from the flowers you plant. Gawgeous, dawling!


Basic Planter


This may appear like a complex structure but it’s really not. All you need are four long boards, a few triangle pieces cut with a 90-degree angle, and then some basic wooden boxes. Leave it natural or stain/paint to your liking.


hanging baskets

So you went a little overboard at the nursery this week and now you’re stuck with a ton of hanging plants with nowhere to hang them? No worries, all you need are some pretty hooks like these. Attach them to your fence posts to brighten up your yard and create a place to hang those extra planters.


Recycled cans

This is such a fun project! If you’re looking for some great DIY projects you can do with your kids this weekend, then try this out. Save some soup cans and such, clean them up nicely, and cover with different colors. Add some sparkles and other fun stuff to liven up the backyard, too.


So what did you think? Any of these great fence planter ideas strike your fancy? Are you revved up to tackle a cool DIY project this weekend? I hope so! Comment and share your project with us!

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