35 Garden Bed Edging Ideas That You Need To See
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35 Stunning Garden Bed Edging Ideas That You Need To See

If you are a vivid gardener, when you see empty yard space, you see potential! Depending on your plans concerning flower, stone, or vegetable garden beds, you probably have a preliminary idea of how you want your garden edging to look once it’s finished. Picking out plants is easy, but have you seriously considered the steps needed before adding in your favorite greenery? 

Pair flower beds with metal patinas, stone gardens with weathered lumber, and vegetable beds with discarded bottles- or any other awesome combination for the unique look! 

Read on for a unique selection of gardening bed edging ideas that are easy and cheap to customize for your space.


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A great way to keep wildlife and dogs out of your garden beds is to raise them off the ground. Sturdy lumber easily supports basic small fruits, herbs, flowers, and vegetables. Plus, it takes the strain off your back weeding, and they are movable if the area isn’t suitable in the future.


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Good wines are often shipped in neat wooden boxes that you can typically pick up from your local liquor store for free. Lined with a waterproofing material gives you a cool series of raised beds to intersperse among your space, flower planters, or a neat way to tier your vegetation.


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Whether you halve them for garden edging, use them as planters, stack them for dimension, paint, or hang, the uses for old tires in your garden are endless. Since millions of old tires are discarded each year, why not head down to your local tire shop and see what you can reuse in your garden?


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Spiral gardens are a great conversation piece, and you can place them almost anywhere in a yard or garden to add interest. Garden edging that incorporates discarded bottles are always interesting and create such a cute little-tiered area. So start saving bottles for this cool project!


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Want a garden border but don’t want to take the time to collect materials or purchase the same decorative fencing as everyone else? Consider a living border of boxwood. Boxwood is easy to shape, is low maintenance, and looks great with virtually everything.


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Cinder blocks are seriously one of the best materials to use for DIY. Not only are they strong and inexpensive, but they are also a perfect choice for fantastic garden edging and raised beds. Plus, they double as mini planters when tipped open side up! You can even paint them for a personalized touch.


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River rock is varied in shapes and colors and is a great garden bed or border material to work. With a roll of narrow wire paneling material, some tools, and corner support, you can create an awesome series of planters and borders in your garden.


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Jazz up your garden edge using discarded old bike wheels, either halved or buried, and create a rolling border for your flowers to peek their way through. Or use them as unique support to make a living border out of vining plants!


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Placing railroad sleepers vertically rather than horizontally adds flow and interest to any garden border. Use a chainsaw to cut the lengths you desire, remembering to add the amount you’ll want to bury for sturdiness.


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Metal panels are rust-proof, fade-proof, and are generally a great choice for fencing and garden edging when combined with the correct framing materials. Pair with sturdy lumber to create a unique look. Bonus? It comes in a variety of colors!


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If you have a box of shells collected from various vacations through the years, put them to use! Depending on the beach, a half-hour walk in one direction will get you enough shells to add an interesting and one-of-a-kind border to your garden.


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No need to have a fireplace to order up some firewood! An unsplit cord of firewood adds an eclectic and woodsy touch to your garden beds when placed vertically. Are you looking for a more delicate touch? Head out to your local forest land with an inexpensive firewood permit to choose your shapes and sizes.


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Young green saplings, willow branches, or other green, flexible woods are easy to weave into a strong and pliable mat for raised garden borders.


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Generally inexpensive, steel edging isn’t just for building. Bury an edge in the ground and use it to create a meandering garden border that will weather year after year and add rustic appeal to any type of yard.


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Who said you have to use traditional materials traditionally? You can use landscaping bricks in a variety of ways to create individual beds, walkway borders, and support for tiered gardens. Let your imagination run wild!


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The last few years have shown just how versatile straw can be for your garden. It’s not just for grass seedling protection anymore! Use bales to both build up raised garden beds and plant directly in them! As a purely organic source, they hold moisture well without creating a humid, rotting environment.


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Broken happens, but put that cracked or aged china to good use in your garden as a decorative and unique border idea! Most thrift stores have entire sets for $10 or less if you don’t want mismatched place settings, and what’s a better way to add color and design to your yard!


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It might be an old saying, but what’s better than filling up the leftover cut pipe with decorative rock and awesome succulents to create a border that is sure to have your guests wishing they were that innovative? Get inspired and find a great use for some leftover pipe you have from fencing!


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There’s nothing wrong with the clean contours of traditional brick walkway edging. This is also a great way to keep lawns from creeping in on your flowerbeds while providing a classic and uniform look.


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Raised garden beds using all sorts of materials seem to be the rage, but instead of going with traditional circles and rectangles, why not mix it up and provide easy access to the entire garden? No more reaching into the middle rows and straining your back or trying to find balance. Instead, keep your vegetable rows within reach with this great shape!


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If there is a tree coming down somewhere nearby, do yourself a favor and take the dimensions of your garden bed border and ask if you can get the trunk cut to length in return for hauling it off. Tree trunks offer interesting texture and shape, not to mention they can be customized as border planters or notched for walkways!


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Young green saplings, willow branches, or other green, flexible woods are easy to weave into a strong and pliable mat for raised garden borders.


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Rocks come in all shapes and sizes, and if you aren’t keen on having too much weeding to do, a xeriscaped border area with minimal vegetation and artistically displayed rock is just what you need. You can easily customize your rock color and size to add depth and dimension to areas big and small.


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Depending on where you live, you can easily pick up stock tanks for next to nothing in rural areas as, over time, the bottoms weather and rust out, making them unsuitable for holding water. Stock tanks make wonderful garden beds and provide nice curved edges to balance any angles you may already have.


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Who said you have to have a uniformed garden border or that you couldn’t mix and match the materials you use to help keep your beds separate? Provide aesthetic appeal by using a variety of materials in different shapes, sizes, and colors for overall garden interest!


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Nothing says I love my garden, like using natural materials in the setting you create. This awesome idea uses rustic wooden posts with bulky rock to add variable texture and surprisingly clean lines to a well-sculpted garden.


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Bold white stucco and concrete faces keep this landscaping simple and refreshing in a small space while adding curb appeal to a busy row of townhouses. Having a small space to work with doesn’t mean you can’t have a garden bed or an original look.


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Railway sleepers create an abundance of appeal no matter how they are used, so check out these stacked and tiered garden beds using only ties and hand-selected vegetation.


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Brick pavers may be traditional, but embedding them in the ground placed vertically instead of horizontally is a fun twist to an old idea and provides the same clean-cut edging. Plus, you can mow right over them!


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Seal together your square stepping stones to create a cool over-the-top garden bed edging idea. This only requires your stone of choice and concrete to set the stones in the ground and seal them together.


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Another take on railway sleepers, but this time don’t forget to add in your restful places to sit and enjoy the beauty of your creations.


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Why not let the plants take all the attention? This Astilbe border made from a sturdy, shade-loving perennial, will only get larger and more attractive year after year. Even if you don’t have a lot of shade, there are plenty of sun-lovers that will appreciate creating the pathway of your dreams, many of which will bloom continuously.


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Garden wall stones make a great addition to any border as you simply lay them together and walk away since they are created to ‘fit’ side by side. Their uniformity but natural look is appealing to many gardeners.


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Cypress and Cedar Roofing Shingles are impervious to termites and make a great staggered garden border! If you live in an area where termites are not a problem and you won’t need to worry about drawing them close to your home, pallet wood cut-up also works well and is generally free!


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Line your grass walkways with stunning rock gardens! The simplicity of the design and lush shades of green look like something out of a Jane Austin novel. Even if the grass isn’t your thing, a fine pebble or even rocked walkway can easily highlight the vegetation.


With so many great options to incorporate into your yard and green spaces, it can be challenging to figure out where to start! If you’ve been wondering what garden beds to add or how to edge your areas, hopefully, you got some inspiration from the ideas we presented in this article!

Comment below with your favorite takes from the list above, and feel free to share with other garden and yard enthusiasts!