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77 Christmas Garland Decorating Ideas For Your Front Porch

Christmas garlands are versatile. They can be used as background decorations with a pop of color or they can be used as a focal point for your decor. You can choose to go the DIY route or the store bought route. Whatever you choose, no Christmas decor is complete without a garland.

Considering that we’ve given you so many Christmas porch decoration ideas, it’s only fitting that we give you a whole lot of Christmas garland decorating ideas. Read on for the mega list that will help you transform your porch into a Christmas wonderland.

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1. Greenery Garland

Fir Branch and a Garland of White Small House
Image credits: Serhii Yevdokymov via Canva

This classic garland filled with seasonal greenery is easy to do and will fill your porch with unmistakable Christmas cheer. Collect some seasonal branches and leaves from Winter evergreens in your area, attach them to a long piece of string, and you’re done.

2. Banister Garlands

Steps and railing decorated for Christmas in Danish village
Image credits: JohnnyWalker61 via Canva

Put those porch banisters to work by wrapping them in a colorful garland this year. Any garland will do. Wrap the garland around the banister in a spiral fashion for some whimsical interest, or drape the garland around the top of the banister for a more classic aesthetic.

3. Wrap Around Garland

Christmas night lights garlands wrapped pillars
Image credits: MarieKazPhoto via Canva

This idea is all about framing your porch in garlands. Hang a variety of garlands, or one extra-long one, from the eaves on the outside of your porch. This is an easy way to make a big impact with simple decorations.

4. Door Frame Garland

Porch of House with Beautiful Christmas Decor
Image credits: pixelshot via Canva

Frame your front door with a welcoming garland. Consider adorning this garland with elements that engage all our senses. Go for fragrant cedar or pine greenery, use a variety of textures as layers, or add some fruit or candy for a welcoming snack for your guests.

5. Bauble Garland

Christmas balls and garland
Image credits: KateSmirnova via Canva

Do you ever end up with a surplus of baubles at the bottom of your decorating box? If so, you could string them all together for a delightful bauble garland. They all have loops for attachment points already, so all you have to do is string them together and hang the resulting garland.

6. Plaid Garland

Christmas red plaid ribbon
Image credits: Linda Hughes Photography via Canva

Plaid was a staple in the 90’s. And since the 90’s are coming back into fashion, so is plaid! Accent any garland with plaid ribbons or bows for a charming look that will warm up any decor.

7. Candy Cane Garland

Christmas decoration, twine rope with candy canes
Image credits: Prostock-Studio via Canva

This candy cane garland couldn’t be simpler. Find some rustic looking twine and use clothes pegs to clip candy canes to the twine. Just make sure you have plenty backup candy canes for when the ones on the garland inevitably start disappearing.

8. Columns Wrapped In Garlands

Christmas decoration outdoors
Image credits: svetikd via Canva

Use the posts and pillars on your porch as structures to hang your Christmas garlands from. You could wind the garlands up the posts and then drape them in between each post to fill out your holiday decorations on your porch.

9. Layered Greenery

Outdoor Christmas garlands
Image credits: FelixCatana via Canva

For this garland, you’re looking for a variety of Winter greenery you can use to make a layered seasonal garland. Bunch the greenery as close together on the garland as possible for a full look. Try different shades of green and a variety of textures for a truly layered look.

10. Citrus Garland

Dried Pieces of Different Citrus Fruits
Image credits: Oleg Troino’s Images via Canva

Dried citrus is a classic seasonal decoration. Use this as inspiration for a dried citrus garland. All you need is some fried citrus of different sizes and colors (try different fruit), some clothes pegs and twine. An added bonus is that this will fill your porch with that warm citrus aroma for weeks.

11. Focal Point Garland

bright colored garlands bulb
Image credits: ruslan117 via Canva

Garlands work great as filler or background decorations. But you can flip the script and make them the main focus of your porch decor too! Go for bright colors, eye-catching shapes, or high contrast to make your garland the star of the show.

12. Stocking Garland

Christmas stockings hanging from garland
Image credits: LOVE_LIFE via Canva

Stockings don’t have to be limited to the mantelpiece. If you have some extra stockings lying around, string them together into a stocking garland. This is a great way to get more use out of old or Christmas stockings or as an extra place to hang stockings for those with bigger families.

13. Apple Garland

Christmas Decorations Garland Red Apple Green Pine Branches Dark
Image credits: LiliGraphie via Canva

Bright red apples are not only in season in winter, but they also match a lot of Christmas decor! Try adding a splash of red to your classic greenery garland by adding some shiny apples. You could weave the string directly through the center of the apple to make sure they don’t go anywhere. Or tie the string to the stem of the apple to encourage people to ‘pick’ apples from the garland for a snack.

14. Mitten Garland

Mitten Garland
Image credits: Shatkhin via Canva

There’s nothing quite as cute or cozy as a mitten garland. No need to buy mittens for this specific purpose either. Most of us have mittens that have lost their partner, or maybe multiple pairs of mittens that your kids have grown out of. String them up and hang them on your porch!

15. Felt Garland

Decorative Felt Garland on Green Background
Image credits: pixelshot via Canva

Felt is a star of the DIY crafts show. Organize a craft night with your family and make some felt garlands together. Get various colors of felt that match your theme for this year and let your family loose with some scissors and string.

16. Advent Calendar Garland

Advent Calendar with Surprise for Christmas on Red Background
Image credits: vetrestudio via Canva

Counting down the days until Christmas used to be one of my favorite things about the holiday season when I was younger. Why not turn a porch garland into an advent calendar in a few easy steps. It can be as simple as tying some colorful boxes onto a piece of string or it can be as elaborate as you can imagine.

17. Air Freshener Garland

Pine Garland
Image credits: DawnPoland via Canva

Garlands look great, but you can make them smell great too! For this idea, you need to find the most fragrant evergreen branches you can find. Look for typical winter evergreens with a strong smell like pine and cedar. Dried citrus can add to the olfactory buffet and the color contrast will make it look great too.

18. Christmas Lights Garland

Christmas Lights Garland on Wooden Background
Image credits: pixelshot via Canva

Here’s a simple way to have a big effect on your porch decor. Simply grab some Christmas string lights and display them as you would a garland. This is a great last-minute way to transform your porch into a Christmas scene. It would be best to use colorful string lights here for the best effect.

19. Gingerbread Cookie Garland

Christmas Background with Homemade Gingerbread Cookies Garland, Top View
Image credits: vm2002 via Canva

Gingerbread is one of those Christmas delights that can be used as a snack and as a decoration. Although if you’re displaying a gingerbread garland on your porch, we recommend using paper cutouts instead of actual gingerbread. Get some ginger-colored paper and start cutting some shapes. Bright red buttons and white trim will get you extra gingerbread points.

20. Santa And His Reindeers Garland

Santa, rudolf, and frosty stringed Christmas ornament on garland
Image credits: Studio MNL via Canva

Santa and his herd of sleigh-pulling reindeers is the unofficial mascot of Christmas. Give this merry crew a tip of the hat in a garland on your porch this Christmas. You could go the DIY route with paper cutouts and felt figures, or you could string a set of decorations together for a more polished look.

21. Nautical Garland

Nautical Rope on Blue Wooden Planks
Image credits: rattanakun via Canva

Are you celebrating Christmas by the beach this year? Lucky for you, nautical-themed garlands are an easy decoration that fits the beach theme. At its simplest, a thick, rough, nautical rope can be used as a garland by itself. Or you could dress it up with a collection of Christmas and beach-themed decorations.

22. Rustic Garland

Christmas Garland on Banister
Image credits: By Johndoe314 via Canva

Pine cones are nature’s Christmas baubles. Collect a few from your nearest pine forest, string them together, and you have yourself a rustic garland that’s appropriate for Christmas. Feel free to add whatever other natural elements and textures you fancy for a fuller garland.

23. Gold Garland

gold garland
Image credits: Mallivan via Canva

Since gold was one of the gifts that the Three Wise Men gave Jesus, it makes sense to add some gold into your decorations this Christmas. A string of gold beads can be adorned with golden baubles and ribbons, or origami flowers made from gold paper. The options are endless!

24. Green And White Wintery Garland

Garland with Green Spruce Branches
Image credits: Изображения пользователя mrwed54 via Canva

Take a cue from nature this holiday season with a green and white themed wintery garland. The green can come from seasonal leaves and vegetation, and the white can come from white baubles or ribbons weaved into the greenery. A bow every few feet will bring some added interest and give an air of sophistication.

25. Paper Bells Garland

Paper Wedding Bells
Image credits: atgardner via Canva

Paper bells look more striking than usual when arranged in bunches around certain points on your garland. Stick with one color for a muted, toned-down look, or go color crazy for a vibrant Christmas porch. Make sure the paper bells are well undercover so as to avoid precipitation.

26. Ribbon Garland

pine garland with red ribbon
Image credits: Yevheniya Tuzinska via Canva

Ribbons are an excellent substitute for string or twine when making your own garlands. They double as decoration as well as a functional element in any garland you make. They could even act as a garland on their own! Simply add some greenery or leftover Christmas decorations for a beautiful garland for your porch.