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11 A-Frame Chicken Coop Plan Ideas

Growing up, we had an old coop that came with the house we bought (along with an ancient Rhode Island Red bird who outlived two flocks!). But when the local predators decided they weren’t content with just growling at the birds anymore, we knew it was time to build a new coop that was predator-proof. After all, we had panthers, bears, foxes, coyotes, and even some wild boar who’d come around calling.

Not everyone’s needs are the same as ours were though, so I’m grateful for a plethora of designs more readily available now than when I was a kid. With that in mind, I’ve collated the best possible list I could find for great A-frame chicken coop ideas, hopefully providing you with something better than we ever built.

Rolling A-Frame Tractor Plans

A-frame chicken coop on wheels
Image credits: BStoreUS via Etsy

These plans from BStoreUS on Etsy are a great way to go if you want to make your chicken coop tractor even easier and more mobile. The plans specifically include ways to keep the coop rolling for the easiest portability yet.

Standing Height Chicken Coop

screenshot of standing height A-frame chicken coop from 2 angles
Image credits: Sarah Shear via Pinterest

For easier cleaning, easier access, and more space overall, this standing height chicken coop is a great option. You can step right in to check on your birds, clean things up, gather eggs, and set up perches at multiple heights for the chickens to enjoy.

A-Frame with a Twist

Elevated green chicken coop with flowers, walking path, and chickens nearby
Image credits: Easy Coops via Etsy

If you’re looking for an easy-access A-frame coop, this one is definitely worth considering. With the coop raised to chest level, plenty of run space beneath, large nesting boxes, and plenty of doors, this is a super easy to clean chicken coop that you’ll find up to six chickens will enjoy cozily.

Upcycled Swing Set Coop

screenshot of swing set on top, converted into a chicken coop on bottom
Image credits: Unknown via Pinterest

If you enjoy upcycling and can get your hands on some metal siding and an old swing set, this coop’s a great idea. It won’t require a lot of time or work, and you don’t have to be particularly handy to turn a swing set into a chicken coop.

Small Flock A-Frame Coop

screenshot of small A-frame chicken coop in white with tree in background
Image credits: The Owner Builder Network via Pinterest

For a basic A-frame chicken coop tutorial, this one is a winner. It presents the basic materials and concepts for building practically any kind of A-frame coop, with or without a localized run for the fowl.

Ana White Portable Chicken Coop Tractor

Screenshot of A-frame chicken coop tractor plans
Image credits: Ana White via Pinterest

One of our favorite sites for DIY anything is Ana White. The skilled lady knows how to put together and welcome designs for anything – and A-frame coops are no exception. This coop tractor plan is an excellent choice for anyone needing a portable coop for their feathery friends.

Tall A-Frame Tractor

screenshot of woman holding a chicken in front of A-frame chicken coop tractor
Image credits: Farmhouse on Boone via Pinterest

For those looking for a taller tractor – one you can almost stand up in – this design from Farmhouse on Boone is a great choice. It’s a pretty simple design with a decent-sized coop in the back and a larger roaming area in the front – perfect for a mid-sized flock.

The Tiki Coop

large chicken coop made of bamboo and plywood
Image credits: Garden Betty via Pinterest

For those looking for a fun twist on the A-frame coop, this larger run and coop from Garden Betty is super unique, fun, and cute! It’s got a tiki hut theme, with bamboo elements. Plus it’s tall enough to stand in, and has loads of easy access for cleaning and collecting.

The Pallet Wood A-Frame for 2-4

screenshot of small A-frame chicken coop
Image credits: Owner Builder Network via Pinterest

If you have a very small flock needing a small chicken coop and love to recycle, you’ll find this is a great option for using up some pallet wood while providing your girls with someplace comfortable to rest and scratch. The fun little coop works for between two and four birds and doesn’t take up much room at all, even with the little run attached.

Metal Siding A-Frame Coop

A-frame chicken coop against old barn
Image credits: Farmhouse on Boone via Pinterest

For some climates, a metal-siding coop might be the best option. For that situation, this plan will provide you with your ins and outs on how to do it for a medium to small flock, though of course, you could adjust measurements to accommodate more birds if needed.

Easy Metal A-Frame Coop

screenshot of simple wood and metal dising A-frame chicken coop
Image credits: Yardfarm Austin via Pinterest

For a super simple coop, consider this style. You just need some metal siding, 2x4s, and a little creativity. In no time, you’ll have a coop large enough to stand in – and probably the easiest of all to access for cleaning and collecting.

A New Home for the Flock

Whether you’re super handy or just need a simple plan, the above ideas should get you rolling with a new coop for those birds you’re caring for. Personally, I’m a huge fan of the wide-open, simple designs for warmer climates and the elevated A-frame with a twist, but that’s just me. Any of them are great and should very likely suit your flock perfectly.