10 Above-Ground Pool Fence Ideas
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10 Above-Ground Pool Fence Ideas

One of the biggest concerns with any home pool is always safety. Keeping neighborhood kids out, your kids safe while playing in the yard, preserving animals’ lives – it all adds up to the need for a good above-ground pool fence.

Depending on your situation and the size of the yard, there are a variety of ideas that will and won’t work – but determining which is best is always the biggest challenge. This list is intended to help you think through some options and figure out where you might look to find the best options possible.

No Drill Pool Fence

One of the easiest and fastest options for your above-ground pool fence is this no-drill fence. It’s pretty much arrived and set up in an afternoon, and you’re done. Easy, simple, and attractive. A great choice for a quick setup.

Pool Edge Fence Kit

Here’s another easy option for setting up your above-ground pool without much hassle – and without taking up any extra space. The fence itself attaches to the pool edge. It’s affordable and easy, too. This is a great option for anyone with younger kids in the neighborhood who you’re trying to keep safely out of the pool when not supervised by adults.

Double Layer Fence Plan

If you prefer a bit of space between your fence and the pool, this “double layer” fence plan is a great option. You’ve got the fence and a foot or two widths of rocks between the two to help preserve the wood of the fence while keeping the pool firmly in place. And, from the looks of it, this idea is birthed from a pallet of wood recycling.

Lattice Fence

If your want a little privacy around your above-ground pool, the idea of a lattice-style fence is a great one. You can still peer in up-close as needed to keep an eye on things, but neighborhood prying eyes can’t see much. Plus, the design is fairly cheap and easy to construct.

Deck and Fence

If you’ve got the space and the budget, building up a deck with a fence combo is a great way to go. It makes it easier for anyone to get in and out of the pool, is a lot less expensive than an in-ground pool but still gives you that feeling, and it still gives the privacy and protection you need from a pool fence.

Metal Railing

A moderately inexpensive solution is a simple metal railing. You add the railing from any brand you like best (or is the best price at the time!), and in no time, you’ve got a simple, effective pool fence for protection and safety. You can always add a little vinyl, too, for a bit of privacy, if desired.

Simple Bamboo Fence

If you love the idea of a tiki yard or are going for an Asian theme in your garden, you can always get some bamboo posts and build your above-ground pool fence very simply with the bamboo. Depending on how you place it, it can function not only as a safety barrier but also as a privacy shield for swimmers.

Composite Wood Fence

There’s always the ever attractive and easy-to-care-for composite wood fencing option. Make sure it’s tall enough (like this, at 6 feet) for both protection and privacy – and instantly, you’ve got a beautiful backdrop and functional space at once.

Mesh Pool Barrier

Technically designed for in-ground pools, this mesh pool barrier is actually a great option for above-ground pools as well. You just need to install it properly for full coverage. The mesh keeps things out (kids, animals) while still giving you a clear view of what’s going on.

Vinyl Pool Dome

Perfect for cooler environments, this vinyl pool dome is a unique option for protecting your swimming pool. We say cooler environments because the dome will definitely trap some heat into the pool area, so someplace like Florida won’t be a great situation for it year-round (though it would be great for autumn and winter in Florida).

The Best Pool Fence Ideas

The pool should be a place of enjoyment and relaxation, so aesthetics ultimately are important. Whether you’re looking to meet neighborhood regulations of a safety fence, wanting to add a privacy screen, or a combination thereof, the best pool fence ideas will be the ones that look attractive to you and meet all the requirements of your needs. But keep your budget in mind, too, and your space. Some ideas are more budget-friendly and space-conscious than others.