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Aerogarden Bounty vs Aerogarden Bounty Elite

If fresh veggies and herbs are a favorite of yours through the summer but you’re already missing the ease of heading out the garden to pick your own produce- don’t despair. The Miracle Gro Aerogarden Bounty and Bounty Elite can supply you with a regular crop of all the greens you need, even if you consider yourself to have a black thumb. These all-in-one hydroponic grow systems can fit conveniently on your countertop and provide everything you need to successfully grow your favorite vegetables, herbs and even flowers at any time of year.

If you have wondered about these systems or the differences between an Aerogarden Bounty vs Aerogarden Bounty Elite, a quick explanation of the features provided are located below.

What is an Aerogarden?

Providing a yield up to 600% higher than what you may harvest from a seasonal garden, an Aerogarden hydroponic grow system is equipped with multi-spectrum LED grow lights, an aerator pump and an interactive LCD panel that tells you when to add water and nutrients. The Aerogarden Bounty and Bounty Elite is even capable of controlling the amount of light your plant receives. Measuring 17.25 x 11.25 inches of growing space with a 24 inch expandable light hood that grows with your growing plants, The Bounty boasts a durable, spacious body that is capable of growing up to 9 plants at a time and is easily washable between ‘seasonal’ harvests.
Whether you mix and match, or grow a crop of only one produce at a time, your plantings are simplified through the easy seed pod design. These pods already contain the seed you need within an easy to plant grow substrate that drops directly into one of the designated grow spots.
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Aerogarden Bounty vs Aerogarden Bounty Elite

The only difference between the two versions is that The Bounty is a durable black plastic body, while The Bounty Elite comes in your choice of red, platinum or silver stainless steel to match your indoor decor. Both provides space for an endless cycle of harvest freshness right at your fingertips, with none of the mess!

Aerogarden Bounty

Aerogarden Bounty Elite

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