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The 18 Absolute Best Ways to Display Your Air Plants

Have you ever heard of Tillandsia? This is the scientific name of air plants, a type of flora that takes most of its nutrients from the air around it. They are low-maintenance plants that look extremely beautiful and, when you learn a few tricks about how to showcase that beauty, you will end up having a decorative plant that’s a regular sight for sore eyes.

Now it’s time for the real deal, which means that we are going to give you some examples of how you can make the best out of showcasing the beauty of your air plants. Some of the ideas that you’re about to see are really ingenious, while others are focused on the simplicity of the display items used in order for the plant to be the main focus of the setup.

The Best Air Plant Display Ideas

Plant Tillandsia in Small Porcelain Figurines

swan planter for air plant tillandsia


What do you get when you cross air plants with neat-looking porcelain figurines? Another amazing decorative idea and an ingenious way of showcasing the beauty of your air plants. These actually look like DIY projects that might inspire you for the next house-warming gift that you’re going to make. Plus, the combination of glossy white porcelain with messy green looks astonishing!

air plants in a wide mouth mason jar with shellsFill Clear Mason Jars


You can also use containers like clear mason jars to display your air plants. Depending on the size of the plant, you can get really creative with what other stuff you add in such a container. Here we have seashells and conches that complement the looks of the plant, making it seem like the perfect setup for a miniature aquarium.

Ceramic People Planters for Air Plants


If you liked the swan porcelain figurine idea we showed you earlier, you’re also going to love these ceramic people planters that are cute and playful, but also serve as a great support for your air plants. You can choose between these two figurines holding hands, but also have other design options on the product page. They are also amazing containers for one to use with other small plants as well.

air plant displays planters that look like people and geometric terrariums for sale

Geometric Air Plant Terrarium


Terrariums are actually a classical way of displaying your air plants, but the amount of new products with intricate shapes and amazing designs is now off the charts. Check out this geometric terrarium that comes with an open side to grant you the ease of access for placing the plant. It has a modern appearance that makes it perfect for contemporary homes where air plants are welcome.

hanging planters for air plants from wayfair

Hanging Teardrop Displays


Another great example of air plant-compatible terrariums is these shaped like teardrops. While they are advertised as being for succulents, they can fit air plants in here just as fine. They have a thick rope attached to the top side which makes it easy to hang these as decorations wherever you see fit.

DIY Wooden Display Plaques


We absolutely adore this idea of making your own wooden plaques that serve as support for hanging air plants. It is a rustic type of decoration that could be matched with a traditional room setup where wooden furniture is predominant. For a project like this one, you will mostly need items like wooden plaques, wood stain, paint, masking tape, transfer papers, and some screws, hangers, and a few power tools.

thesill garden center diy air plant plaques

Triangle Display Shelf


What is a more beautiful combination that wood and plants? Throw in a few geocrystals in there and you have a unique setup that brings forth a dazzling color combination. With four shelves and all the elements needed, you too can have an air plant that’s surrounded by other natural elements. Also serves as a wonderful gift idea!

Triangle display shelf, metal wire frame for air plants

Metal Frame Display


If you buy a simple metallic frame, remove the front glass and the back panel, you can then attach a bunch of wires to it to serve as support for your air plants. It’s one of the simple and most cost-effective means to display your air plants, as frames can be bought for just a few dollars and wire is also pretty cheap, if not already available somewhere in your shed.

Zen Air Plant Garden


Having a small zen garden is a wonderful idea in itself, so what if you were to add some air plants to that display? You can use sand or miniature stones to fill a ceramic or wooden tray, and then you can get really playful with elements like rock sizes and colors, as well as the placement of your adorable little air plants. It’s all about using that imagination.

air plant zen garden and amethyst crystal geode foiled display

Gold-Foiled Geode Stands


We’ve seen air plants glued directly to nonporous surfaces, and while the look is on point, the hassle this creates for plant care and adequate growing conditions is not worth it. We prefer instead these ingenious foiled geode pieces with stainless/non-tarnishing silver or gold wire braces that allow the plant to be removed for watering, pruning, replacement, or propagating.

air plant display centerpiece birch log table settingCandle & Air Plant Wooden Support


Beach vibes can find their way into any living room with this amazing centerpiece that can support candles and air plants together. If you make this yourself, you can get really playful with the end result. You can choose to glue some seashells to the wooden support, add some decorative string lights, and use this as a centerpiece not just for the dining room, but also for a coastal-themed party or even a wedding venue.

Old Shoe Planter


You can purchase something like this old shoe planter if you want your air plants to have a different kind of home. Alternatively, you can repurpose just any old pair of shoes and use them as support for your air plants. There are plenty of online tutorials that will teach you how to convert shoes into planters. Not only do you get a beautiful decoration item, but you’re also repurposing a product that would otherwise end up in the dumpster.

Wine Cork Supports


With a little bit of patience (and some empty wine bottles), you can have a nice collection of wine corks that you can turn into air plant supports. This project actually suggests adding some magnets to the back of the corks and placing them on your fridge for a truly unique air plant display method. Besides, these would make adorable DIY gifts!

air plant displays old shoe planter and wine cork supports

Simple Hanging Shelves


If you have a few wooden boards lying around the house, some sturdy pieces of rope, and some air plants that are waiting to be showcased, it’s super easy to make your own hanging shelves. These are perfect for a wide variety of decors and they are one of the cheapest DIY projects fitting in this category, as most people already have the materials needed at home.

air plant display ideas simple shelves egg plant display

Egg Shell Planters


How cute is this idea? Aside from that, it’s also accessible. All you have to do is carefully break the upper part of an egg, empty the contents, and use the newly-obtained recipient as a support for your air plants. You can fill them with soil, sand, or rocks, or you can use certain materials to harden/paint the shells for more durability/better aesthetics.

airplant tillandsia display bird cage ideaAir Plant Birdcage


I have to admit, this is one of my favorite air plant display ideas yet because there is something about repurposing old stuff to make new stuff that’s absolutely brilliant. When you have multiple air plants that you want to display together and you just happen to have an old birdcage from that canary you had years back, you end up with this beautiful combination of nature taking over rusted vintage items to an end result that’s just a masterpiece.

DIY Mossy Tillandsia Wreath


If you can get your hands on a grapevine wreath, some air plants, some deer moss, and some wire/twine, you too can make your own air plant wreath with a timeless design that can serve as a beautiful decoration. People who live in zones 9 and up can even hang the wreath outdoors when it’s a no-frost season.

Teacup Air Plant Holder


One of the best things about using teacups as air plant holders is the fact that you can have as many different designs and decorations items as you want because there is an endless pool of teacup designs to choose from. If you’re ready to sacrifice some teacups in the process or have some broken ones that simply can’t hold any liquids in anymore, then you can use them to showcase your air plants. Feel free to experiment with different designs and colors, as the beauty of air plant displays lies in the infinite number of possibilities.

air plant display ideas mossy wreath and china teacup planter


As you can see, you can get really creative when it comes to finding ways to display your air plants. Because they are so easy to care for and have minimal requirements, they can be placed in a variety of spots and allow you to get really playful when it comes to the objects that can be used as support. With a bit of imagination, almost anything can be used as air plant display. Are there any ways that you thought of aside from the ones we’ve shown you today?