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10 Creative Air Plant Holder Ideas

Air plants (Tillandsia) are increasing in popularity as home decor due to their unique appearance and easy-growing habits. If you’re not yet familiar, you might find yourself asking what is an air plant?

As part of the Bromeliad family, these little treasures are epiphytes, which means they grow unobtrusively upon other plants or things.  This very characteristic allows for creative and unique displays within your home!

How do Air Plants Grow?

Image credits: yoppy via Creative Commons

Air plants have the unique ability to use their roots to attach to a structure other than soil. This attachment does not impede the host and is only a means to secure the plant. As per the name, air plants get their water and nutrients from the atmosphere through the small scales on the leaves.

Air plants produce small flowers at two different times in the year, late winter and mid-summer. This bloom signals the end of the life cycle of an air plant and it dies off. New growth called “pups” will grow from the base of the parent plant and begin a new life cycle.

Caring for Air Plants

Close up of woman florist holding in her wet hand after spraying air plant Tillandsia at garden home/greenhouse, taking care of houseplants. Indoor gardening.
Image credits: DimaBerlin via DimaBerlin

The unique nature of air plants — getting nutrients and water from the atmosphere — means these small beauties require little care. They’re a perfect plant for those looking for low-maintenance greenery in their decor!

Indirect sunlight, proper air circulation, and water are the key to keeping your air plants thriving. Give your plant the required light by ensuring a proper location; They need to be out of direct sunlight.

Water your air plant by either misting the plant or submerging it in water for 20 to 30 minutes. Submerging the plant in water then requires you to hang it upside down to drain any excess water. Lastly, ensure proper air circulation by choosing an appropriate holder for your air plant.

10 Creative Air Plant Holders

As intriguing as their name, the creativity on how to display these plants is endless.

Glass Globe

Air plants in two glass globes
Image credits: CieraHolzenthal via Creative Commons

Arguably one of the most popular ways to show off air plants, glass globes are easy to add to room decor. Whether placed on a shelf, desk, or even hung up, simply place your air plant within and add other items such as pebbles or sand, if so desired. These globes offer a 360 degree view and the clear glass allows the striking greenery to take center stage.

Depending on the globe, water may be able to collect in the bottom. This can harm your plant so ensure a drainage hole.

Coiled Wire

Copper, gold or silver wire wound up in creative shapes, hold the air plant in interesting ways. Consider coiling wire around objects like rocks and crystals to add more visual interest to your display.


Cork is soft, pliable, and a fun material to either use as a holder on its own or shape it to your perfect design. Whether it’s a wine cork from an important event, a cork vase to hold the air plant, or a cork board with many air plants, your creativity is the only limit here! Cork has a warm earthy feel to it and will compliment the stark nature of the air plant well.

Geometric Shapes

Air Plant in Geometric shaped holder
Image credits: Conner Betts via Unsplash

Do you have a more minimalist style and enjoy clean lines? Air plants look especially unique encased in 3D metal geometric shapes.  The clean lines of geometric design provide the perfect minimalist place to house your air plant.


Whether you have a special collection of memorable sea shells from a past vacation, or enjoy nautical decor, shells are fantastic holders for your air plants. These can go on any surface or even hang upside down creating more visual interest and intrigue. What a great way to highlight your unique shell collection!


Image credits: Josie B. via Creative Commons

Driftwood is a great natural and textured material to house your air plants. With twists and turns, holes and cracks, these are perfect spots to add a little bit of greenery to. Since no two pieces of driftwood are alike, your air plant display is sure to be one-of-a-kind!

Framed Chicken Wire

The spacing within chicken wire is a great way to hang multiple air plants. Add a nice wooden frame and you can hang this little garden anywhere!

The abundance of many air plants together is an interesting contrast to single air plant displays. Consider adding moss or other items to fill out the frame.

Tin Magnet Containers

Is your fridge full of magnets and other interesting notes or pictures? Add a green touch by creating a resting place for your air plant within a tin fridge magnet. Keep half of the clear lid intact and then fill with either a singular plant or add decorative rocks and sand to create a base for the air plant!

Candle Holders

tillandsia air and set of craft ceramic porcelain candle holders
Image credit: Natasha Breen via shutterstock

If it can hold a candle, it can hold an air plant! Candle holders come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and so, your creativity here is endless! Vintage candle sticks, candelabras, and lanterns are just a few ideas for you to choose from. Dust off those candle sticks and put them to good use!


Vintage teacups make great holders for air plants with their delicate nature and unique designs. To elevate this look, hang the teacup by the handle! It’s such a great way to incorporate something that may otherwise be collecting dust, into your room decor!

Something’s in The Air!

Hopefully by now, you are the next aspiring air plant enthusiast! As a low-maintenance plant, taking care of them doesn’t add much to your plate. With countless options for creative displays from sea shells and driftwood, to glass globes and teacups, the world is your oyster!

Do you have an air plant looking for a creative place to call home? Comment below on which unique options you will try!