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30 Amazing Fairy Light Ideas

Lights are an amazing invention, and it’s not just because they help us see and actually get things done in the dark. Light has evolved up to a point where they are used to catch our attention when passing by in front of a bar or are used to create a romantic atmosphere when we want to spend some quality time with our loved ones.

Fairy lights are often associated with Christmas lights because of their size. They are, however, designed to be used throughout the entire year and pose a magnificent decoration element regardless of whether you use them on their own or combine them as an element in a larger crafting project. And today, we are going to show you some amazing project and décor ideas that involve the use of fairy lights.

1.      Mason Jar Wall Lights

Mason Jar Wall Lights
Image credits: TennesseeWicks via Etsy

Simple to make, without using too many materials, and the end result is highly effective and breathtaking. This is how we would describe this amazing mason jar fairy light project that’s here to make sure no wall will ever look lifeless again.

2.      Curtain Light Shower

Curtain Light Shower
Image credits: Outop via Amazon

Extremely versatile and able to create marvelous effects, this curtain light shower can be used in so many different settings to create a fairy-like setup that you’ll fall in love in an instant. Whether you’re looking for a romantic setup for an intimate party or just want to adorn the curtains in your living room, this option is surely one with multiple uses.

3.      Fairy Glass Block

Fairy Glass Block
Image credits: Createdwithlove24 via Etsy

Not only would this make a wonderful gift, but it’s surely something that will create a wonderful ambiance light in the room where you mostly like to relax and spend your quiet evenings. This glass block is adorned with butterfly and fairy stickers and features a cold light with a winter-ish vibe.

4.      Fairy String Photo Lights

Fairy String Photo Lights
Image credits: 12APM via Amazon

This set of strings lights on a copper wire is the perfect choice to adorn walls and hand up your Polaroids. It is the perfect way to personalize a room, whether you’re looking to create a wall of memories or are willing to bend the copper wires to maybe spell out a word of significance.

5.      Heart Fairy String Lights

Hearty Fairy String Lights
Image credits: RusticCreationsAB via Etsy

Heart lights are something that will never go out of style, and here you have a beautiful decoration for your home. Shaped like a heart, this string of fairy lights is easy to combine with many different rooms set up, creating a cozy ambiance and a romantic setting every time.

6.      Star Fairy Lights

Star Fairy Lights
Image credits: XINKAITE via Amazon

They might be advertised as Christmas decorations, but these fairy lights bedroom ideas are something that I’d use as permanent décor. It is literally something ripped out of a romantic movie, with warm lights that are shaped like stars. They would make a perfect decoration item for a child’s bedroom or a nursery, but they’re also something adults would enjoy in their own bedrooms or living rooms.

7.      Leaf Garland String Lights

Leaf Garland String Lights
Image credits: MaxplanationPhotos via Etsy

When string lights meet nature, the result is this beautiful leaf garland that basically sparkles to create a perfect indoor or outdoor decoration item. Scattered amongst the leaves, you can find tiny LEDs with warm light that make it seem like the leaves are glowing. The twisted copper wire is highly flexible as allows for multiple applications.

8.      Round String Fairy Lights

Round String Fairy Lights
Image credits: cathymcgovern_carrowlane via Instagram

Simple, dreamy, and perfect for romantic setups, nothing is easier to combine with your room décor than globe-shaped fairy lights. They can be hung literally anywhere and will offer a warm source of light that’s perfect for getting all cozy on the couch or enjoying a romantic dinner with your significant other.

9.      Fairy Light Fire Pit

Fairy Light Fire Pit
Image credits: Fp Brigette via BLDG 25

It is ridiculously easy to make your own fairy light decorations, such as this fire pit we’re looking at. You’ll basically need a few tree branches, some aluminum foil, rocks, string lights, a paintbrush, some glue, and some lace strips. The result will be a unique décor item (since none of you will use branches that are identical to those found by others).

10.  Indoor Curtain Fairy Lights

Indoor Curtain Fairy Lights
Image credits: forging_our_forever_home via Instagram

Here is another great idea that can be put into practice if you have large windows or glass doors that lead to the patio. With a set of fairy string lights, you can soften the appearance of every window/door in the room and bring the gifts of Christmas coziness and aesthetic inside your home all year round.

11.  Rangoli Fairy Lights

Rangoli Fairy Lights
Image credits: artwithdEva via Instructables

We will always be fascinated with Indian culture, and Rangoli is just one of the many things to admire about their art. This project will teach you how to create your own fairy lights canvas for using Rangoli art and a few supplies such as craft glue, 3D liner, glass color, rhinestones, a ruler, a compass, and a pencil.

12.  Christmas Tree-Themed Fairy Lights Setup

Christmas Tree-Themed Fairy Lights Setup
Image credits: via BLDG 25

This project is the perfect proof that you don’t need too many supplied to create something awesome; all you really need is imagination. With literally a few branches of different lengths, some pinecones, and a few other elements that are easy to obtain, you can mimic your very own Christmas tree without actually contributing to the cutting down of forests.

13.  Copper Lighted Wreaths Decor

Copper Lighted Wreaths Decor
Image credits: Laurel via A Bubbly Life

Making wreaths has never been easier or more pleasant, now that you turn them into amazing lighting pieces by adding fairy lights to your décor. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, for hanging on the wall, or lighting up a certain area in the room, this is one project that shows you even the most dull-looking objects can be turned into something fancy.

14.  Twine Spheres Fairy Lights

Twine Spheres Fairy Lights
Image credits: Mucho Crafts

What do you get when you mix up twine, balloons, plastic wrap, elastic bands, fairy lights, and fabric stiffener? You get these amazing twine spheres adorned with fairy lights that are perfectly usable for decorating both indoors and outdoors and fit into a variety of different rooms because they are easily assorted with distinct types of furniture.

15.  Fairy Lights Chandelier

Fairy Lights Chandelier
Image credits: Sarah with an H

Have you ever imagined that you would be able to build your own chandelier using fairy lights, a hula hoop, and a few other supplies? It won’t be able to replace your actual dining room one since we’re not talking about powerful lighting, but it can be a wonderful idea for a porch or a gazebo.

16.  Fairy Lights Outdoor Fire Pit

Fairy Lights Outdoor Fire Pit
Image credits: Homes to Love

If you’re too warm to make an actual fire, you can also decorate a fire pit with fairy lights and have a wonderful evening get-together with your dear ones. Literally, all you have to do is make sure the fire pit is clean (as in ash-free), put some large logs in it, and then put fairy lights around, above, and in-between them.

17.  Beauty and the Beast Lighting Decor

Beauty and the Beast Lighting Decor
Image credits: Balsam Hill

It’s all about the rose trapped in the glass container, but what if we put some fairy lights inside it as well? Regardless of the flower of your choice (or even if you choose not to add any flowers at all), this is a perfect table decoration that can be used as evens as fancy as weddings, but it would also make a wonderful nightstand decoration as well.

18.  Christmas Globes with Fairy Lights

Christmas Globes With Fairy Lights
Image credits: xioan via Instructables

Since fairy lights are typically associated with Christmas, it makes sense for people to use them to create magnificent holiday decorations, such as these gorgeous globes that go perfectly with just about any Christmas tree color scheme. They are super easy to make and will be the highlight of your holiday tree.

19.  Fireplace Lights

Fireplace Lights
Image credits: Life Unstuffed

Got a fireplace that you’re not currently using? Then it could be the perfect spot to hang up some fairy lights! Not only is the fireplace associated with a place of warmth and coziness, but you can totally enjoy reading a book in front of it if you decorate with fairy lights, just as you would if there was an actual fire burning inside.

20.  Christmas Plaque with Lights

Christmas Plaque With Lights
Image credits: Heather Freeman via The Decor Fix

Inspired by metallic decoration items and a specific type of chromatic setup, this mantle serves as a great inspiration for people who dare to be different when it comes to making their own magical corners for the holidays. The mantle has always been a great spot to exhibit some of the finest decorations, so this time you can integrate fairy lights into the setup.

21.  Watering Can Fairy Lights

Watering Can Fairy Lights
Image credits: Kelly Dixon via Smart School House

This has to be one of our most favorite projects of all, considering that it literally takes something as dull and trivial as a watering can and turns it into an amazing décor element that creates a stunning visual effect. Whether you’re pairing this with a corner of your yard or hanging it above an indoor plant, the result is just as amazing.

22.  Fairy Light Cozy Corner

Fairy Light Cozy Corner

We all have that one place inside the house where we just love to crawl into and enjoy some relaxation time. It could be a couch, a sofa bed, or even a futon. The idea is that you can now use fairy lights to add a drop of magic and turn that spot into one full of mystic and enchanting sensations that can only be topped with a fleece blanket.

23.  Fairy Light Tree Centerpiece

One of the best things about this project is that it can literally be used anywhere in the house. It can be a table centerpiece for enjoying dinner, it can sit on the coffee table together with your favorite magazines, or it can be placed on your make-up table so that you can enjoy your self-pampering time to the fullest.

Find the instructions for this fairly light tree here.

24.  Children’s Canopy Bed Lights

Children's Canopy Bed Lights
Image credits: Sherry Petersik via Young House Love

The fact that children love to have a nightlight on is no longer a mystery to anyone. But what if you could turn their nightlight into a fascinating décor piece that highlights the bed and gives the entire room a soft glow? Well, all you really need are some fairy lights!

25.  Teepee Fairy Lights

Teepee Fairy Lights
Image credits: Better Homes and Gardens

It doesn’t really matter if you decide to make a teepee from scratch or you buy one that’s already made (although I have to admit, those things are expensive). The important thing is for you to remember to add fairy lights to the teepee so that the kids will totally feel safe in their cozy new space.

26.  Hanging Fairy Lights for Beds

Hanging Fairy Lights for Beds
Image credits: lights4fun

This is another example of how a canopy bed can be turned into a magical indoor retreat if you simply make use of some safe LED fairy lights. This will provide you with the perfect setup for unwinding at the end of the day and taking advantage of those hours of rest is scenery that’s something out of a fairy tale.

27.  Hanging Fairy Lights

Hanging Fairy Lights
Image credits: Tamara Kelly via Ideal Home

There is something about this picture that makes us daydream about summer night weddings, as the sun sets and the cool air settles in at just the right time for everyone to enjoy a dance and a glass of champagne. Yeah, fairy lights will have us dreaming like that, especially when they’re paired with beautiful white flowers.

28.  Canopy Fairy Lights

Canopy Fairy Lights
Image credits: lights4fun

Got a bed with a canopy that you would like to decorate with some fairy lights? Does your girl’s bedroom feel like it’s missing that ray of enchantment and would use a touch of magic to turn it into a princess lair? Canopies, curtains, and fairy lights are the answer to all of those problems! And you can purchase them online or simply set up your own with holiday lights!

29.  Outdoor Light Globes

Outdoor Fairy Light Globe
Image credits: Martha’s Reversible Purse

If you get your hands on some wire hanging basket frames and some cable/pull ties, you too can make these amazing outdoor globes that can be painted in literally the color of your choice. Decorate them with some fairy lights and you will have a patio centerpiece that serves for a chill-out spot by offering diffuse light to please the senses. Save on the energy bill by using lights with a timer so you can set it and forget it.

30.  Fairy Light Mirror

One of the best objects to decorate with your fairy lights is the mirror, and especially if you have a tall one. Framed or not, Victorian-style or contemporary, the mirror will reflect the lights coming from the string and further enhance the stylish and cozy effect of the lights. And it literally takes minutes to set up.

Light Up Your Life

There is literally nothing you can’t do with fairy lights as long as you put your imagination to the test. If you feel like string lights are something you could benefit from but aren’t sure where to start, the examples we’ve shown you earlier can serve as a great source of inspiration.

With the resources and supplies you now have at home, how many of these projects do you think you can set up all by yourself or create on your own? Let us know in the comments!