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Are Electric Snow Blowers any Good?

It is the time of year when everyone is scrambling to find a way to remove that first snowfall of the year. Even winter lovers tend to get a little sick of having to shovel their way out of the door first thing in the morning and shovel their way back into their house come evening. There are numerous items on the market to help a person with snow removal from their property, from shovels to scoops, from blower units to plows and more. Snow blowers have proven to be a profitable market, with people in all sorts of dwellings looking for the best style for them!
There are gas and motor powered blowers and also electric blowers but what style is exactly the best for you? Are electric snow blowers any good? Do they have the same power and width as a gas powered blower? Do you live in a home with a large driveway or are you environmentally conscious? Depending on your personal preferences and your current style of residence, an electric blower unit may be the best or the worst thing for you! Throughout this article we will look at why an electric snow blower would be beneficial and the instances where they aren’t.

What is a Snow Blower?

An actual blower is defined as a machine that clears fallen material by blowing it to the side, powered by gas, electricity or battery. These machines can come in a wide variety of sizes with differing angle cuts. Some blowers are equipped to handle a large amount of snowfall at one time whereas others are more beneficial when clearing a light dusting of roughly two to four centimeters.

Blowers are put in two groups: Single-Stage and Two-Stage


The paddle mechanism visible on the front of the blower unit, known as the auger, pulls the fallen material directly into the unit and fires it out of a discharge plastic or metal chute. This style of blower will make contact with the ground, so it not recommended for unpaved surfaces.


The auger hauls the white stuff right into the machine and carefully feeds it into the section housing a high-speed impeller, which in turn shoots it out of the discharge tube. Two-stage blowers can usually take on deeper snowfall mounds than a single-stage blower due to the way of snowfall removal. This style of blower will not make direct contact with the ground, making it the top style for unpaved surfaces of other material.

What Factors Determine What Snow Blower is Best for Me?

When determining what type of blower would be the best for you and your home, there are some distinguishing factors that can help a person narrow down both the good and bad choices of blowers.

  1. The Average Snowfall expected in your Region: Electric blowers operate at peak levels in snowfalls of six inches or less. The higher the amount of fallen material, the lower the operation standards will be.
  2. The size of your driveway/walkway: A major component to consider when looking at purchasing either an electric blower or a gas powered unit would be the area size of the land you need to remove snow from. An electric blower unit needs to be connected to a power source for the machine to run and if you have a long driveway, then you will have to ensure you have a long enough extension cord to connect power. A smaller driveway or walkway could benefit from an electric blower rather than purchasing gas for 30 minutes of work.
  3. The layout of the land needing snow removal: If your driveway is sloped or an incline, then an electric model might not be the best for your snowfall removal needs. However, if you live in an area where the white stuff is regularly measured in inches rather than feet and your property is generally flat without changes in terrain, then an electric kind of blower could be right for you!
  4. Your environmentally conscious level: The majority of people try to lessen their carbon footprint one way or another, and using an electric snow blower will reduce the amount of gas emissions you personally send to the atmosphere. If you have a smaller plot of land to clear and are concerned about the environment, an electric blower can be beneficial in more ways than one!

Benefits of an Electric Snow Blower

There are numerous advantages and disadvantages when it comes to virtually every item on the market today. Snow blowers are not without their faults, regardless of the style you choose. The electric snow blower, however, can boast about the following:

  • Lightweight and easily stored when a lack of storage space is involved.
  • Less yearly maintenance than a gas powered snow blower with a lower requirement of annual machine service.
  • Lower operating costs without needing to purchase oil or fuel.
  • Lower noise levels when in operating mode.

How to Find the Best Electric Snow Blowers

As with all major and even minor purchases, the sheer amount of options for electric snow blowers can overwhelming and a little scary. This isn’t the purchase of a package of candy, which if it turns out to be the wrong choice, is a loss of a couple dollars. This is a major purchase at the cost of your hard-earned money so you want to make sure that the electric snow blower you buy will meet your needs in the long run and last for at least five winters. There are a couple tips that can help you make your purchase and they are:

  • Determine the size and width of cut that would be best for your land area.
  • Ensure adequate power to the machine at all times.
  • Research the different brands and products available.
  • Talk to experts and peers regarding quality of the product.
  • Use online forums or chat rooms to discuss both the pros and cons of electric snow blowers.
  • Talk to retailers about warranties and return/repair policies.


As with every purchase, the final decision will ultimately be made by you. You are the consumer, the purchaser, the person parting with your hard-earned dollars so you want to ensure that it is the best snow blower for you. Before making a major purchase like a snow blower,

  • Decide what product is best for you based on the size of your land area and your environmental beliefs.
  • Research different products.
  • Read reviews on quality over quantity.
  • Check out websites that offer wide ranges of brand names and product lines.

Please comment below if there are any questions or recommendations!

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