Ariens vs Husqvarna Snow Blowers: High Tech Power You Can Count On
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Ariens vs Husqvarna Snow Blowers: High Tech Power You Can Count On

Snow blowers are a helpful product to take advantage of during the winter months to help cut your snow moving chores by more than half. Efficiency and durability are common details to look for when reviewing consumer feedback, and knowing what your specific needs are prior to purchase can help narrow down your search considerably. There are many quality snow blowers on the market. When on the hunt for a new machine, you’ll probably start to wonder which brand may make the best model for your needs.

Starting your search with some top rated brand names that offer a wide range of makes and models is sure to set you on the right track. Both the Ariens and Husqvarna company provide an excellent selection of different gas-powered machines that are worth considering. Read on to discover the Ariens vs Husqvarna Blower differences.

Ariens vs Husqvarna Snow Blowers Comparison Table



  • Wide range of model sizes and prices
  • Compact designs for storage
  • Commercial machine availability


  • Engine vs capability ratio is limited by size in some models
  • Clutch models take getting used to
  • Belts may need regular adjustment



  • Wide range of model sizes and prices
  • Large housing capabilities for increased snow removal
  • Compact to professional models available


  • Assembly often best with personal tools
  • Belts may need regular adjustment
  • Throwing distance may be limited

Ariens Snow Blowers

The Arien Company was founded in the midwest in 1933 with the creation of yard products in a backyard garage. By 1960 snow blowers were an addition to their machinery line and have increased in popularity through the years due to their dependability and quality. Arian snow blowers are offered in single and dual stage gas powered designs, and are considered to be very high quality machines.

Model Range Offered

There are currently 25 various models offered the company, sorted within 9 different series titles. These include everything from compact single stage designs, compact professional models, residential dual blowers, and more powerful machines for large yard and commercial use. Their series include the following:

Professional 21

These include 2, single stage, compact professional grade modes for heavy use in areas of small to moderate snowfall. It is easy to transport and maneuver.

Path Pro


4 single stage models round out the Path Pro Series for compact, residential use. These store and transport easily, and are built for small to moderate snow falls.


Ariens Classic 24 in. 2-Stage Electric Start Gas Snow Blower-920025

A small dual stage blower, the classic is the perfect compact residential blower for lighter to moderate snowfalls. It also packs some serious power.



These are 3 varying, two stage designs that are built for serious residential power to help clear large areas of heavier, deep snowfall. Large tires, wide intakes, and an optional tracked wheel system define these machines, but yet are housed in a small enough design for optimal storage capabilities.



5 models currently define the Deluxe Series built for serious large scale snow moving power. These include an optional electric fuel injection system for maximum efficiency and run time.



These are 4 top end residential power houses built for your comfort with heated hand grips and auto turn steering technology. The high output impeller is capable of throwing 73 to 83 tons per hour.


4 Professional models round out this series and are built for commercial use to move snow from large areas in record time.



The Track blower is built as a professional grade model with a tracked tire system to help you get over any, and all terrain in your way.

Rapid Track

Ariens Professional RapidTrak Track Drive Snow Blower

The 2 Rapid Track models are built for even larger, more serious terrain clearance, and offers a wider range of settings to provide the power you need where you need it.


Liquid Fertilizer Benefits

Arian blowers are backed by a long standing pride in a company that puts their customers first. With an excellent customer service record, the many models provided by the company provides choices to get exactly what you need. Details such as storage capabilities, personal comfort, maneuverability, and terrain considerations are all part of the many details that makes up the design and construction of each machine. The company also offers interactive online snow blower support to help you pick from, and compare models that fit your personal specifications.


3 year warranty

Depending on the product, Ariens offers a 2 to 3 year residential warranty, with a separate warranty policy for commercial use. This protects against defects in materials and workmanship, and covers repairs and replacements of parts. Since most machines are sold through authorized dealers, you should be able to get support from your local place of purchase. Extensions are also offered on the warranty for the product, as well as on specific parts, for further peace of mind.


Ariens has an excellent reputation and stands by their products, so concerns are mainly due to issues in shipping that have resulted in part damage (covered under warranty), or wear on parts that need replacement. The biggest complaint is how the engine sizes so not match the capabilities in many of the more compact models. Although this has much to do with personal preference, most engines are more powerful than the physical capabilities of the model allow. Clutch shifting does take some getting used to in some of the series, and belts seem to wear through regularly, requiring replacement.

Husqvarna Snow Blowers


Husqvarna has been around for quite a long time. In fact, they got their start as a rifle company in Sweden almost 400 years ago! By the early 1900’s they were well on their way to branching out and in 1918 introduced their first lawn mower. By the late part of the century their snow thrower line had been introduced, and stands today as a respected competitive snow removal series of products.

Model Range Offered

Currently there are 10 different models offered by the company sorted into 3 series. These series are defined by size and power capabilities, and span the needs of residential and commercial business owners alike. Their series of models include:

100 Series


3, single stage models with a 21 inch width and various engine sizes helps clear residential drives and walks with ease. These are compact in design for easy storage.

200 Series


4 varying models each have a dual stage system and are built for more moderate snowfalls and include large housing units and powerful serrated augers for moving drifts with ease. Power steering is also available in some models.

300 Series


These 5 models are the most powerful, and largest, offered by the company. Created for heavy snowfall, each boasts various capabilities geared more towards heavy residential, or professional usage.


Granular Benefits

Although Husqvarna may not offer as wide a range of machines as Ariens, these 10 models do well to encompass the many needs consumers look for depending on how they plan to use the product. Having to sift through fewer models also helps highlight the details of each more clearly to ensure you are getting exactly what you need. Whether you need a compact machine for occasional use that stores easily and is easy to maintain, or need a durable, solid product for large yards, or professional use, you are covered by the company that offers a variety of models to choose from for each. Cabs, heated grips, drift cutters, skid shoes, and chains (as well as many other products) are available to help make you rsnow moving chore easier.



Backed by a 5 year comprehensive warranty, defective parts or workmanship are either repaired or replaced through authorized dealers. Their brand name ensures easy delivery of compatible materials, providing you with peace of mind tro stand behind a product for so long.


The tools that come with the machines for assembly are considered sub par at best, and most consumers state to use your own. It has also been noted that despite the power of many of the engines, throwing power may be somewhat limited. And, like most snow blowers, belts can wear quickly and need replacement.

Your Best Choice Explained

Both of these blowers have long-standing respect for yard machine communities and are leading industry brand names. Both have excellent customer service records and sell through reputable authorized dealers. They also both offer a wide range of selection that span the many needs of anyone needing a gas powered blower. On side-by-side comparisons to Ariens blowers, Husqvarna often has many comfort details Ariens may not include in comparable models.

However, many people who consider either often choose the Ariens due to obvious material quality differences. This is not to say that anything is considered sub par, but Ariens blowers seem to come out slightly ahead of their brand name counterpart simply due to the longer period of time they have been manufactured and the increase in innovative technology that has been applied through that time.

If you have any experience with either product, or are curious to know more about either, we’d love to hear from you below.