ATV Snow Blower Reviews
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5 Best ATV Snow Blower Attachments in 2021: Master the Winter

If you reside in a region that receives any real amount of snow each year, you are probably sick and tired of shoveling snow or paying someone to do it for you. That is just one of the reasons why you should consider investing in a snow blower. That said, if you own an ATV, you may not need to purchase an outright snow thrower – you may be better off buying an ATV snow blower attachment instead.

In this article, we discuss some of the best snow blower attachments for ATVs including what makes them so great, what to look for in the best attachments, and of course our picks for the units most worth investing in.

5 Best ATV Snow Blower Attachment Comparisons

Best All-Around ATV Snow Blower Attachment

Our pick for the all-around best snow blower attachment for ATVs is the 48-Inch Versatile Plus Snowblower from BERCOMAC. The genuinely versatile ATV attachment is our top pick for a full host of reasons.

The attachment comes with a four-foot-wide intake that fits conveniently on most ATV makes and models, regardless of brand. That said, it requires a two-inch rear ball hitch and winch capable of holding 1,000 lbs or more.

Even better, the attachment only requires around five-minutes to put on your ATV or take it back off when your done. The attachment mounting system connects to the front axels of your ATV with chains, the rest fits underneath your vechile and hooks up to the rear tow hitch. The mount is fully-adjustable and fits ATVs of almost any length.

BERCOMAC 48 Inch Versatile Plus Off-Road Snowblower
    This ATV attachment is perfect for most ATVs as well as most properties – whether you have small amounts of snow, or wet heavy snow, likewise, it works well for short drives as well as much longer and wider ones.



Best Commercial ATV Snow Blower Attachment

The second ATV snow blower attachment on our list, which also happens to be the second BERCOMAC unit, is the commercial-sized 54-Inch Premium Snowblower. As with the Versatile 48-Inch model, this big boy fits on most ATVs. Even more impressive though, the blower is also UTV mountable.

The attachment hooks up to your ATV in the same exact manner as the other BERCOMAC on our list (connects to the front with chains, and goes under the body of your ATV, connecting to the rear hitch). Likewise, it also takes only five minutes or less to attach and unattach before and after use.

The blower comes with a powerful 22 HP Honda gasoline motor and electric start. It has electric controls, a unique type B belt system, a heavy-duty gear housing, and works in the worst winter conditions imaginable. The attachment has an electromagnetic clutch as well, allowing the blower to engage instantaneously.

Beromac Premium 54 Snowblower
    This ATV snow blower attachment is great for those with massive amounts of snow to move each year, including residential and commercial snow blowing purposes alike.



Best ATV Snow Blower Attachment on a Budget

If you are searching for an affordable, but highly durable power-house snow blower attachment for your ATV, consider the Rammy Snowblower 140 ATV attachment. A lighter yet super-efficient attachment, this snow blower works on UTVs as well as ATVs. Best of all, it works well on all types of surfaces.

If you have a 4×4 ATV, the Rammy more than likely fits your machine without needing any modifications, especially if your ATV already has a center mounting kit installed. If not, there is a center mounting kit available from the manufacturer at an additional cost.

In addition, this ATV snow blower is attachable via a 16mm to 19mm Lock Hook (which is easily purchased online from Can-am, Polaris, and many other manufacturers and retailers). At any rate, the blower requires only around four or five minutes to put onto your ATV, regardless of how you decide to hook it up. It’s just as fast to take back off as well.

RAMMY Snowblower 140 ATV
    This is an affordable ATV snow blower for residential use, especially for homes located in rural areas as it has a wide intake and works well on all terrains.



Best Heavy-Duty ATV Snow Blower Attachment

Our pick for the most heavy-duty ATV snow blower attachment is the Quadivator ST50. The attachment is made from high-end steel, has a big powerful gasoline motor, and provides plenty of snow blowing power for its 50-inch intake housing.

This heavy-duty ATV snow blower is easily attached with the quad interframe and power pack (which is sold separately) in a few short minutes and comes off just as quickly. It also has agile electric controls to easily run the blower from your ATV.

The electric controls include automatic chute adjustment as well as the ability to lift and drop the entire snow blower ATV attachment with a bit of help from your winch.

Quadivator ST50
    An excellent pick for those who have large amount o snow to clear, whether for residential or use use - likeiwse, it is great for clearing snow from any type of terrain.



What Is an ATV?

ATV ( All Terrain Vehicle ) - Quad Bike on the Back Yard. Headlights On. Front Shot

ATV stands for All Terrain Vehicle, and is also often popularly known as a “4-wheeler” or “quad.” These impressive little machines come in various styles and are capable of speeds of up to 35 miles per hour or more.

ATVs typically come equipped with rugged, aggressively treaded tires capable of handling uneven, muddy, gravelly, and slick surfaces with relative ease – this makes them more than ideal for snow blower purposes.

These vehicles are a common sight in rural areas, due to their diverse nature and ability to aid in property maintenance. ATVs are also used for farming and ranching, hunting, and for off-roading on trails, and getting into hard to reach backcountry areas.

If you have one, or you are thinking of buying one, they are the perfect machine to turn into a snow blowing monster.

About ATV Snow Blower Attachments

BERCOMAC 54” Premium ATV Snowblower

Snowblower attachments for your ATV are not as commonly found as other types of attachments – like those for skid steers, or tractors. That said, they are a rather common tool in areas that receive heavy annual snowfalls.

These attachments connect to most brands of 4-wheeler models either through perfect compatibility or universal mount kits. Even more impressive, they run off their own engines, connecting to your ATV via electronic controls that give complete control of the blower.

In addition, more and more basic ATV attachments are popping up on the market each year. Many of which are little more than snow plows. What sort o ATV snow moving attachment is best for you, and your property, and ATV, only you can decide – but, first you need the facts.

How to Choose an ATV Snow Blower Attachment

Erskine 48” ATV Snowblower Attachment

Most ATV snow blowers are fairly similar in nature with the biggest differences being their sizes. Furthermore, you need to pay close attention to the size and determine if your ATV is big enough to handle the attachment you want to buy.

You also need to consider the size of the space you need to clear out. There is no need for a 60-inch ATV attachment if you only have a bit of snow to handle.

Even more, it is also important to think about how you will mount your attachment to your ATV. Many snow blower attachments for ATVs require the use of a winch, and may only mount to certain brands. Although universal mounting kits are also available. Just be sure to do your homework in advance, that way you don’t end up with an attachment you cant use.

To determine which blower is the best ATV snow blower for you, consider the following:

What is the size of your space to clear?

If you have a large property to clear, with massive amounts of snow, or lighter snow but wide and long driveway clearance, you should consider the widest attachment possible. That said, if you are only dealing with a small to a medium-sized area or a shorter drive, you may want a smaller attachment that doesn’t require as much fuel to push. In this case, a gas snow blower may be a better option as well.

What is your average snowfall?

The annual amount of snowfall that you receive at your property is another major consideration to think about when researching the best snow blower ATV attachments.

Living where snowfall is a regular occurrence through the winter season, you may appreciate a heavier duty ATV attachment to aid you in clearing your yard of snow. But, if snow isn’t so heavy where you live, you may want to consider less costly options, such as a basic snow plow attachment.

Is your snow light, wet, or mixed?

What consistency the snow is that you have to clear also matters. Further, if you will be working in all variety of snow, so you may also want to consider putting chains on your ATVs tires. That said, you may even want to install a removable cab to your machine so that you can stay warm while clearing out there in the cold clearing snow from your property.

What to Look for in an ATV Snow Blower Attachment


The basic features of any ATV snow blower attachment are the most crucial factors to pay attention to while shopping for one. How wide is the blade, how does it work exactly, what sort of components does it have for hooking and unhooking to your ATV, and many more aspects fall into this category. And, depending on what you’re expecting out of your new attachment, aside from being able to clear snow with it, will be somewhat determined by its features.


How many functions an attachment is designed for is an important aspect to think about prior to making a purchase. Will the attachment you are thinking of buying offer multiple modes of function? Further, do you even want or need extra functions, aside from the ability to move snow in a basic plowing fashion?

Ease of use

The ease of use, or how easy or hard it is to use something, is another big factor to consider before deciding on any one particular ATV attachment for blowing snow. If the unit is hard to install, and remove, or hard for you to maneuver with once on your ATV, it won’t be of much use in clearing snow from your property. On the other hand, even if the attachment is smaller, or larger, than you had initially planned on, if it is easier to use, it may be a better investment for you.


One aspect you do not want to overlook while research the best ATV snow thrower attachments is their compatibility with different brands and sizes of ATVs. The very best attachment for one ATV won’t do you a bit of good on an ATV that is not compatible with it. Double-check that your ATV is compatible with any attachment you are considering investing in – especially if it doesn’t come with a money-back or return guarantee.

Quality of components

The quality of components used in the construction of ATV snow blower attachments goes a long way in dictating the overall quality of the unit. While shopping for the best attachment for your ATV, pay close attention to each component – even the quality and material types of things such as the little nuts and bolts.

Maintenance costs

The overall cost of an ATV snow blower is not just the original purchase price, it also includes maintenance costs. Depending on the model, the cost varies. Many ATV attachments, which aren’t much more than a snow ploy type blade, require nothing more than wiping down. But, more complex machines may require lubrication and other mechanical maintenance.

Warranty options

The warranty options, and money-back guarantees, are a huge indicator as to the quality of the product you are thinking about buying. In this case, snow blower attachments for ATVs.

The best ATV snow blower attachments will always include a manufacturer warranty of some sort. The best of the best come with 5-year, 10-year, and even lifetime warranty options.

If you are considering purchasing an ATV snow blower attachment without a warranty or money-back guarantee – don’t do it.

Which ATV Snow Blower Attachment Is Right for You?

Snowy climates bring the added chore of clearing snow for property maintenance, as well as safety reasons. Having a dependable tool is important, and if you have a yard of a larger size and an ATV, you can easily create a quick way to get this job done with a snowblower ATV attachment.

Although most are fairly similar in nature to one another, attention to mounting, engine size, and overall housing sizes should be paid particular attention to. That said, we firmly stand behind our top pick, the BERCOMAC Versatile Plus 48-Inch Snowblower ATV attachment.