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Author: Candace Osmond

Best Snow Brooms

Growing up in the north means you know that when winter comes, you get out all the snow removal tools you have in your arsenal. A snow broom is one of those necessities if you ever want to get in your car and out your driveway to get to work each day. If you’re new to the north and snow, then a snow broom may sound like a ridiculous item to own – how does one sweep snow away? It’s a simple, but effective tool, if you get the right one. Table of Contents Introduction Comparison Chart What is...

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49 of the Best Winter Plant Ideas: #27 is Perfect!

Just because we’ve entered into the colder part of the year doesn’t mean you can’t have gorgeous plants around! There are some plants that thrive in even the coldest of temperatures – with proper care, of course. If you’re the type of person who likes to have your flowers and plants alive and well all-year round, we’ve compiled a list of heartier plants that can withstand cooler temperatures. Most of these plants are required to be indoors, especially if you live in snowy areas, while others do fine on a covered patio. Check out our list and see for...

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40 of The Best Snow Sculpture Ideas: #27 is So Cool!

Whether you’re thinking of adding an interesting element to your winter garden, or you just feel like basking in the magic of a winter wonderland this holiday season, ice sculptures can definitely help you achieve that special winter look with a few simple ideas. When someone mentions ice sculptures, people most commonly associate them with weddings or fancy parties. This isn’t the case anymore. Many people express themselves artistically through ice sculpting and the results are absolutely stunning. Check out some of the most gorgeous snow sculpturing ideas we’ve found and prepare to be mesmerized! Content 1. Game of...

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How to Clean Your AeroGarden

Congratulations on owning your very own AeroGarden! Not only are AeroGardens super great to have as far as sustainability and fun goes, but anytime you’re able to watch your own plants grow is truly rewarding! Take a minute to pat yourself on the back for being so green and earth conscious! Ok, now that that’s done, one of the most important parts in owning an AeroGarden is learning how to properly care for it and clean it. Everything comes with a certain level of maintenance and an AeroGarden is no exception. Since these are living plants that you’re caring...

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The Best AeroGarden for Indoor Growing – Reviews And Buying Guide

Have you ever told someone that you don’t have a green thumb, it’s more like a brown thumb? Growing a garden doesn’t always happen naturally for everyone. You buy the seeds, the soil, and you follow all the directions for region and planting times, but still, if nothing pops up out of the ground or pot, you might be frustrated enough to give up. There’s another way. The AeroGarden could be the solution to all sorts of garden issues. And there’s more than one type, so you should be able to find the one that suits your home, and...

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