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Author: Danielle McLeod

31 Awesome Hot Tub Enclosure Ideas: #22 is the Coolest Ever!

Is there anything more relaxing than enjoying a long soak in a hot tub at the end of a long day? Strained, stressed muscles begin to loosen, and tension begins to melt away after only a few minutes. Hot tubs are that one luxury many people love to leave available year round, but are unfortunately often restricted by outside seasonal weather changes. There are a few steps you can take, however, to help make that dream a reality. These hot tub gazebo and hot tub enclosure ideas provide more than enough fodder to get your design ideas flowing! Table...

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Make Ahead Peach Cobbler: Taste the Sunshine ALL Year Long!

I have a great peach tree that I make a point of taking excellent care of, except this year spring came early, and instead of trimming it back like I normally do, I allowed it to grow as is. That may have been a bit of a mistake as it became so loaded with peaches that the branches were literally touching the ground! Even after letting my friends take their pick (literally) of the tree, I was still left with A LOT of peaches. Not wanting any to go to waste, I borrowed a favorite recipe of mine for...

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Electric Snow Blower vs Gas: Your Best Choices Explained

It’s hard to believe that it is already almost that time of year again, but nothing is going to stop our days from getting shorter, and our temperatures from dropping until spring rolls back around. Our descent into winter means you may be planning out your last garden harvest, prepping your plants for the colder months, and winterizing your sprinkler systems, but this is also a great time to start looking over any tools you may need to get through the season. Snow blowers are often an essential item for areas that get alot of regular snow. Afterall, lifting...

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37 Desert Landscape Ideas: Incorporating the Beauty of an Arid Region

When I moved to Southwest 13 years ago, one of my major worries was how well many of my beloved plant species would hold up to the dry heat and low humidity of the area. Although I quickly discovered most plants will thrive with the proper attention and care, there are certain types of landscape design and plant picks that are more conducive to the area that allows your landscape to prosper. Minimal plantings, xeriscaping, and arid vegetative picks that require very little natural watering once established are commonplace as desert landscaping ideas. Don’t confuse simple with a lack...

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Liquid Lawn Fertilizer Reviews: Keeping Your Grass Fabulously Green

Fertilizing your lawn is usually a good practice to help keep it looking healthy and green, plus it may be a necessity to keep it alive depending on where you live and what types of soils you have. There are many choices available on the market surrounding fertilizers, and it can often become difficult to decide what is best for your particular lawn needs. One choice you have that can yield some pretty immediate results are liquid fertilizers. These can come in a variety of choices for specific long term and systematic care, and are often sold as a...

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