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Author: Danielle McLeod

Best Folding Shovel Reviews

Compact shovels have been around for quite some time to help with basic gardening and yard work, as well as for more seriously ventures digging trenches and protective cover during periods of military unrest in our history. Their popularity is due to their ease of use, and compact, lightweight nature that allows you to travel easily with it- and avoid the cumbersome length often associated with more standard shovel sizes. But what, exactly can a folding shovel do for you? Today, your best folding shovels can be found as portable products within trunks of cars, standard tools within garden...

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Advanced Platinum LED P-Series Grow Light Reviews

I am a huge fan in exploring ways to effectively harvest produce through the seasons, and one way to ensure a healthy plant crop is to pay particular attention to your light sources. Whether you are a serious grower, or a hobby enthusiast, choosing an effective grow light can have you enjoying your choice of fruit, vegetable, or flowering blooms in no time. The Platinum LED company has created a series of quality lights available to the general public. Considered some of the most powerful in the current market, these LED panels are considered not only efficient in their...

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55 Backyard Bridge Ideas: Tranquil Perspective for Your Landscape

With spring fast approaching it doesn’t take long to start getting excited about getting out of the house It’s time to enjoy the warmer weather, and get started on all those backyard projects you dreamed up through the winter. This is also when your landscaping plans should start to take shape, your lists of needs made, and your budget planned. If you have been wanting to create any major focal points, now is also the time to begin researching those ideas, and mapping out where to place things such as backyard bridge ideas, and their associated surroundings. Some of...

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Best T5 Grow Lights Reviews

Year round fresh produce sounds like an impossibility, but with the right light, you can grow and harvest almost anything you desire. Dabbling in various lights and how they can improve upon, or support, plant growth has recently become an interest of mine. Fresh herbs through the winter not only sound appetizing, but it also is a healthy alternative to dehydrated store-bought produce. Plants only utilize specific parts of the light spectrum. When you understand the specific needs of your plant growth stages and when which light should be used, you’ll be harvesting your own fresh produce in no time....

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Grow Lights vs Regular Lights: The Best Lighting For Your Needs

If plants need light to grow, then why don’t your indoor plants flourish under the everyday lights you use to light your way each evening? The answer is actually quite simple: not all lights are created equal, and many are specific to certain wavelengths of light. These wavelengths are what makes up the light spectrum, some of which are explicitly used by plants to help them grow and produce, while others are simply to help you find your way. If you have ever wondered about the specific differences between a grow light vs a regular light, then your explanation...

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