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Author: Danielle McLeod

Aerogarden Bounty vs Aerogarden Bounty Elite

If fresh veggies and herbs are a favorite of yours through the summer but you’re already missing the ease of heading out the garden to pick your own produce- don’t despair. The Miracle Gro Aerogarden Bounty and Bounty Elite can supply you with a regular crop of all the greens you need, even if you consider yourself to have a black thumb. These all-in-one hydroponic grow systems can fit conveniently on your countertop and provide everything you need to successfully grow your favorite vegetables, herbs and even flowers at any time of year. If you have wondered about these...

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EGO Power + Snow Blower SNT2100 Review

Shoveling out your yard after a snowfall isn’t exactly a chore many people look forward to. Unfortunately regular snow removal is a necessity in climates that have steady precipitation through the winter months. However this doesn’t have to be an arduous process if you have invested in a snow blower or any sort. EGO Snow Blower reviews reveal a powerful, single-stage electric option that has consumers powering through snowfall with ease and cutting their snow removal times by more than half. Completely cordless, these machines can run for more than an hour on the EGO power batteries, and are...

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MTD Snow Blower Reviews

Winter weather often brings more than just cold temperatures with it. Snowfall is common in most areas that see a drop below freezing through the season, and in those areas that see an accumulation, snow removal becomes an added chore. Heavy, deep snows, and regular snowfall can often lead to strenuous shoveling and a physical exertion that can take up more time than you like. This is when you should consider the help of a durable, and dependable snow moving machine such as a snow thrower to make snow moving jobs easier and more quickly done. MTD Snow Throwers...

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Apollo Horticulture GL60LED, 180 Watt Grow Light Review

Whether you are considering starting out your seedlings prior to spring planting, or are a serious cultivator of production crops, you most likely already know the important role light plays for the growth of your plants. Apollo Horticulture is a business that specializes in products that support environmentally sustainable horticulture, no matter whether you are a backyard enthusiast, or a major farm producer. Some of their most popular products include their LED lighting choices, which includes the Apollo Horticulture GL60LED Grow Light which applies innovative technology to provide you with a powerful, yet compact light to use in small...

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Best Husqvarna Snow Blower Reviews

Winter weather shouldn’t dictate how you spend all your free time. If you live where owning a snow blower of some sort would be beneficial, then you probably have spent some time looking over various machines that can help keep your day open for what you want to do, rather than what you need to. There are many companies that produce various models of snow blowers, or throwers, that you can choose from to meet your specific needs- both for snowfall and climate, as well as personal comfort when at work. Husqvarna is one such company that has been...

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