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Author: Timothy Moore

Everyone Can Enjoy Roses No Matter Where You Garden

When we think of roses, we usually mean hybrid teas or others which bloom not only in spring but summer and autumn too. Those in the North want the same blooming period our friends in more southern regions enjoy. In the north, the problem is winter hardiness and winter protection. Any bush with a tea-rose in its parentage may be killed back or even completely killed by zero degree winters. The root system can survive freezing, but the budded tops are very sensitive to cold. Therefore, when planting, we must be sure the bud union is about 2 inches...

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Home Improvements You Can Do For Less Than $20,000

Your home is the largest investment you will ever make. It is also the financial backbone of your financial portfolio. If you keep your home in good repair and upgrade as needed, the property value increases. This has a large impact on your credit score, financial stability and ability to borrow money. However, keeping our homes modern and our landscapes spotless is costly. This is why we choose projects to undertake one at a time and base them on priority. Sometimes we have to admit that we cannot do a project ourselves. If you are not experienced in the...

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Sell Your House Fast With These 7 Easy Home Improvements

So you are trying to sell your house fast and for a great price. This can seem like a scary task, but with the right home improvements you can make the sale process a lot slicker! Here are 7 easy and cheap home improvements that will go a long way in making your home appear more valuable and achieve a fast house sale. CONTENT Introduction Curb Appeal, Baby! Spring Clean! Getting the Lighting Right De-clutter the House Lick of Paint! Update Fittings and Add Some Houseplants Conclusion Curb Appeal, Baby! Let’s start with first impressions, your front entrance. I...

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Finding The Top Walk Behind String Trimmers: Reviews and Buying Guide

Bearing the appearance of a cross between a string trimmer and a lawn mower, a wheeled / walk-behind string trimmer is a powerful gardening implement that can easily cut through thick, stubborn weeds and grasses. They are perfect for use in rugged terrain that can’t be handled with a regular mower, or where the grass / shrubbery is too thick to be dealt with using standard string trimmers. Walk behind string trimmers are catching on and filling the market. In fact, the inexperienced gardener may find it hard to choose the best one for their needs on their own;...

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Weeding Through the Best String Trimmer Brands

So you want to buy a weed eater.  But what brand is best and what models will suit your needs?  There are gas powered trimmers or electric trimmers with batteries or cords. With gas powered trimmers, you get the power and efficiency you would expect from a gas powered motor but you also get the price tag as well.  With a quality weed eater, you can expect to spend over $200. Corded electric string trimmers have the power to handle grass as well as most gas powered trimmers but at a fraction of the cost and weight.  But there is...

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