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Our Avalanche Roof Rake & Snow Removal System Review

A good quality roof rake is one of the best ways to protect your home from ice and water damage during the cold months of the year. A roof rake is designed to sweep snow from your roof so that it doesn’t collapse under the weight or form an ice dam. These rakes also help keep your roof in good condition and should be considered part of your routine winter maintenance.

While there are plenty of great roof rakes that will get the job done, the Avalanche roof rake is one of the best we’ve seen. Is it the best snow rake? Maybe! It has a built-in snow slide that makes easy work of moving the snow from your roof, and the design is especially good for standard asphalt shingle roofs, as it doesn’t scrape or lift individual shingles. We’ve pulled all the relevant info into one place, and even compare two models of Avalanche rakes so you can make the right choice for your needs.

What Makes the Avalanche Roof Snow Removal System Special?

The Avalanche Snow Removal System stands out above other snow rakes for a few reasons.

Avalanche! Original Products & Accessories
    Avalanche Snow Removal Systems are specially designed snow rakes with a wide cutting head, slick plastic slide, and wheeled cutting blade to make snow removal faster and easier.



Time Savings

It takes so much less time to clear a roof than other options. It begins with the setup, which is a cinch: The parts snap together quickly and you don’t need any tools.

Compact Storage

It’s also super simple to break down and store, so you’ll never have to worry about finding a place to store your roof rake.

Ease of Use & Ergonomics

The Avalanche snow roof rake is also much easier to handle than most when in use. It’s maneuverable thanks to the rollers on the rake head, and because the pole is rigid enough to remain wieldy while you sweep. The anti slip grip helps you stay in control, too, and we’ve found that it works pretty well without gloves (although, to be clear, we think you should wear gloves anyway).


The Avalanche works like this: An aluminum handle, which is adjustable, attaches to a wide angled head (17 inches wide for the 500 model, or 24 inches wide for the 750 model), which is fitted with 1.5-inch rollers (Avalanche 500) or 3-inch wheels (Avalanche 750) and a slick, nonstick slide that directs snow to the ground. You push the rake over your shingles, the snow is dislodged and escorted to the ground by the slide.

The overall result is that the Avalanche roof rake is less strenuous on the body than a standard aluminum snow roof rake and can clear huge amounts of snow from your roof in no time. No more having to stand outside for hours and straining your neck, back, arms, and shoulders. It can also be used to clear away wet leaves in the fall and spring.

Where Can I Get Replacement Parts?

It is natural for certain parts within your Avalanche roof rake to wear down and potentially need replacing. If you need a new tab, blade, slide or rollers, for example, we’ve found them all on Amazon.

The manufacture’s website offers a Avalanche roof rake parts. For good measure, some parts should be swapped out each year to promote the best snow removal experience possible. To keep your roof rake in the best working condition, it’s a good choice to monitor the condition of your roof rake and swap out any parts that appear to be dull, worn out or stripped. You don’t want to be left rakeless when your house is under tons of heavy snow.

What is the Avalanche Slide Material?

The Avalanche slide material is a nonstick manufactured plastic that funnels dislodged snow from your shingles to the ground. This cuts the raking time down, of course, but it also protects your gutters, siding, and any shrubs or plants near your home. Wet leaves, twigs or branches are often hidden in deep snow, and often find their way into your gutters during snow sweeping. The slide, which can be stretched to extend over the drop of your roof, helps protect you and your home from being injured by falling debris in the process.

Extension Poles for Multi-Story Homes

While the Avalanche roof rake comes with fiberglass poles, you can purchase a separate extension for your home if you need a longer pole. There are a variety of pole extensions available that will help you get to the farthest or highest points of your roof with ease. Keep in mind, however, that the longer the pole, the heavier the rake will be.

    Avalanche AVA500-HK Handle Extension Kit, 8 ft

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    Handle extension kit for Avalanche Original and Drift Buster Includes two 4-foot fiberglass poles and two aluminum couplers Kit provides an additional 8-foot reach to safely clear Made in the USA

Avalanche Roof Rake 500 vs. 750


The Avalanche Snow Removal System 500 comes with 1.5-inch wheels, a 17-inch cutting blade, and has been designed for standard asphalt shingles. These are the most common types of shingles that you’d find on homes in most parts of the US and Canada.

The Avalanche Snow Removal System 750 comes with three-inch wheels, a 24-inch wide blade, and is designed to remove snow from metal, cedar shake, and tile roofs, as well as solar panels.

While both of these roof rakes are perfect for snow removal, you’ll have to take into consideration which size would be best for you and the annual snowfall you see in your region. If you have a home with asphalt shingles and no solar panels, the 500 is the way to go. If you have raised shingles or solar panels, the 750 has been designed to effectively remove snow without damaging anything. These wheels are thick in order to provide an adequate gap in between the roof rake and your tiles or solar panels.

The Wrap Up

So, there you have it. Whether you live in an area that gets snow half the year, or you just want to make quick work of the single heavy snowfall you expect in a winter, an Avalanche Snow Removal System snow rake will help you extend the life of your roof.

Avalanche! Original Products & Accessories
    Avalanche Snow Removal Systems are specially designed snow rakes with a wide cutting head, slick plastic slide, and wheeled cutting blade to make snow removal faster and easier.



This roof rake is also super easy to set up and break down for easy storing during the summer months, so it won’t take up much room in your garage or shed whenever you aren’t using it. We find the Avalanche rakes to be much easier on your back than traditional snow rakes, and the current price makes it worth much more than any two competing rakes, in our opinion.