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35 of The Best Backyard Court Ideas: #27 is Pretty Cool!

35 of The Best Backyard Court Ideas: #27 is Pretty Cool!

Whether it’s a gym or a basketball court, being able to have these things at your disposal in the comfort of your own home is fantastic. Not only do you save on costly membership fees, but you get to work out or shoot hoops for free any time you want.

Building your own backyard court for backyards isn’t as hard as you think it is, and definitely isn’t as costly as paying a membership each month out of the year. Once you have your own court, the fees incurred with construction will definitely pay off since you won’t have to worry about these kinds of fees.

We’ve compiled a few examples of the best backyard court ideas to generate some inspiration. You could be playing basketball in your own backyard in no time!

1. Traditional Court

This basketball court encompasses the best of both worlds: The sport of basketball and the comfort of privacy. If you decide to go for a more traditional court, like the one depicted here, there are plenty of ways to execute it without having to spend way over budget. Just think of all the early morning games or late night hoop shoots you can take part in without having to worry about gym times. That alone is totally worth the effort.

2. Concrete Court

This traditional basketball court is set on concrete. Depending on the length you’d want – more compact or more traditional sized will determine the amount of concrete you’d need to pour. If pouring concrete yourself seems a tad intimidating, you could always get a crew to come help you out. It’s actually a really simple process that doesn’t take much time – just make sure everything is dry before you start painting your court in, otherwise there could be some serious problems!

3. Textured Court

This court features a full paint job with texture. There are plenty of materials you can use in place of concrete that are meant specifically to promote grip. A textured surface like the surface depicted is ideal for the rubber soles of shoes. Adding paint to the court not only makes it an official basketball court, but the colors are vibrant and most definitely eye-catching. The whole neighborhood will want to come and play basketball at your house!

4. Contemporary Patio

If a full blown basketball court isn’t your thing, you could always construct a contemporary patio like this one. You don’t need an actual painted-on court to shoot hoops, after all. For a sleeker, cleaner look, utilize a basketball hoop with a plain, hard surface to play on. This would be the perfect setup for a basketball enthusiast who likes to shoot one-on-one hoops or just partake in the occasional early morning game.

5. Textured Mats

If pouring concrete or constructing a court base is too much of a commitment, you can easily create your own customizable court with textured mats. These can be bought in pieces from any home improvement store and can be arranged just as you like. If you ever move or need to get rid of the court, you can simply pick up the pieces and move it elsewhere. Easy peasy!

6. Tennis Court

Basketball not really your thing? No worries at all! You can easily construct your own tennis court using the same basic principles as a basketball court. This gorgeous tennis court comes complete with a super special door leading out to the court itself. You can get as fancy as you’d like with a court like this. That’s most of the intrigue in creating your own court – you can do whatever you please with it.

7. Basketball Court Graphics

Dive into a fun DIY project and create your own customized basketball court with these awesome graphics! Whether you’re constructing a court for a kid, or just a kid at heart, you can easily get your own graphics designed and plaster them into the court to create a super interesting space. You can do this with any kind of court, really, no matter what the sport preference is. It’s a great way to personalize your already personal court.

8. Golf and Basketball Setup

Can’t decide on whether you prefer a basketball court or golf setup? Why not have both? Easily create the best of both worlds by making a mini space for each. If you just like to play minimal golf, you can easily create a smaller golfing space right next to a larger basketball court. It would seem that the basketball court would need to take precedence over the golf court since you’d need more room for basketball.

9. Classic Backyard Court

This classic backyard court features those great tall trees for shade with plenty of space to play basketball in. Imagine chilly fall mornings waking up and heading out to your very own basketball court to shoot some hoops with the kids? Sounds pretty great, doesn’t it? This is a very simple execution of a more traditional basketball court that can be easily customizable in both shape and size.

10. Large Tennis Court

If you’ve got the space – why not use it? This massive tennis court is definitely not for every backyard, but if you could execute it, it looks phenomenal. This would be a court for the family that is more serious about tennis, obviously. Tennis players that play for a hobby would do just fine with a smaller court that would take up less space.

11. Stone Basketball Court

This stone basketball court is a sight to behold! The gorgeous sunset in the back of the scene is definitely helping all these great elements mesh. This particular court is made mostly of stone to match all the great stonework around it. Again, you can easily customize this kind of setup with arranging size and shape. Just keep in mind that basketball is typically a team sport, so you’d need a bit more room than other court setups.

12. Hockey Rink

Setting up a hockey rink is a great idea! Just keep in mind, an actual ice rink would need to be utilized in northern areas where it gets extremely cold! Anywhere water freezes outdoors, basically. This is a great idea for that family that adores hockey or even just ice skating. You wouldn’t have to make the court humongous and even if you did, it’d bring you joy all through winter!

13. Sport Court

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Another great example of how to integrate two of your favorite sports, this fantastic court has tennis and basketball capabilities. No need to have to choose! Just go out and play whichever sport you feel like playing at the time. What’s great is that the tennis net is easily removable to add more space to the basketball court. This would be a great setup for a family with kids who like to stay active.

14. Easy Setup

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Basketball courts have to be one of the easiest setups because all you really need is a place for the hoop. In this great, easy set up, the basketball hoop is simply hung from an already existing wall. No need to insert a pole or do any unnecessary construction if you’d prefer not to. The court surrounding the hoop can be as complex as you’d want it. Either concrete or utilize those great textured pads we saw earlier.

15. Double Court

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At first glance, this just seems like a backyard with a smaller basketball court setup. But, if you notice, toward the front of the photo, there’s also that really great golf area. The accessibility to conjoin two sports in one court is really great – not only for the sports enthusiasts in your household, but for any guests you might have over that prefer one sport over the other. You have the best of both worlds here!

16. Multi-Use Court

This would be the greatest setup for a house with kids! You can build a court that can hold all kinds of sports. Anything from basketball, shuffleboard, bowling or tennis can be easily accessed on a court like this. Forget about those long, boring summer months with this kind of setup. Kids will be able to choose whichever game or sport they prefer to play and be entertained for hours.

17. Easy Turf

This photo shows you just how easy it is to install your own turf. Much like the turf you’d find on tennis courts or any other type of court, really, this turf can be bought in pieces, strips or rolls. You can use as much as you need for your project, and when it’s done, save any leftover for any repairs or just to give your court a facelift after years of use. It’s a great way to turf something without having to worry about grass or rocks.

18. Putt-Putt

Here’s a longer golf court that easily snakes behind an already in-use yard. The playset is not disturbed at all by this nifty setup. Dad can easily shoot a few holes while the kids play in their own playset. Depending on the range you prefer, you can make the golf range longer or shorter. This would also depend on your space availability. Either way, it’s a great way to add some golf into the scene!

19. Backyard Resort

Bring the fancy sports resort to you with this great concept! This basketball court is absolutely gorgeous and is surrounding by scenery equally as stunning. This would be the perfect court to have in a vacation home in the mountains or by a lake house. Look at all those vibrant colors! It’d be so fun to play on a court that looks as great as this one.

20. Bocce Ball Court

Don’t be surprised to see more and more of these great Bocce ball courts throughout the area! This old world Italian sport is coming back in a huge way! What’s even better, the court is super simple to make! Just look at this construction. Not only is it gorgeous with the stone and rock work, but this would be easily executed within one weekend. You just need to make sure you have the space, and of course, plenty of Bocce balls.

21. Volleyball Court

Volleyball courts are always fun – no matter the time of year. Easily create your own in your backyard space by clearing out an area and dumping sand! OK, there may be more to it than that, but you get the picture. Volleyball courts are probably one of the easiest courts to construct because they are so simple. You need the space, the sand, the net and of course, the players!

22. Outdoor Chess Set

This outdoor chess set is absolutely gorgeous as well as nifty! Just think about the parties you could host with this sort of entertainment option. This is a great element to have in your yard for kids or adults – any chess enthusiast will surely appreciate this setup! All you really need are some garden stones and the chess pieces, which you can easily order online, or get way craftier and make yourself!

23. Bowling

Get ready to bowl without having to borrow creepy shoes! When you create your own bowling lane in your backyard, you can have hours of fun without all the fees, loud people and potential foot fungus. Hooray! This is a great idea for kids or just someone who enjoys bowling on a regular basis. Utilizing this in the backyard is a fun way to get more active, too.

24. Horseshoe Setup

Hey, a classic never dies! Keep the traditional game of horseshoes alive and well by creating your own horseshoe court in your backyard! Unlike some of the other courts we went over, a horseshoe court doesn’t take much room at all. You just need an empty corner or outer area of the yard where you can throw horseshoes around without hurting anything (or anyone).

25. Large Volleyball Court

Bring all the glamour of the beach into your own backyard! Not only can you utilize this great volleyball court, which is a staple at any beach resort, but you can also match your yard to the sport by adding tropical plants. Give your space that tropical feel so when you have your next barbecue, you’ll be fully prepared for a round of volleyball and the tropical drinks to match!

26. Mini Baseball Court

You don’t need a professional sized baseball field in your backyard to enjoy it! With a condensed version, you can have just as much fun with the family! This is a great setup for kids who are just learning how to play baseball or even T-ball. The whole family can get in on the fun with this nifty idea and it’d be great for entertaining at kids parties.

27. Dugout

Create your own dugout and field with a great idea like this. As if the field in itself wasn’t enough fun, the tiny patriotic notes throughout the scene help give the baseball games that extra feel of patriotism. Baseball is considered the all-American sport, after all, might as well use that to your advantage when considering decoration themes. Plus, the kids will get a kick out of it!

28. Batting Cages

Can’t bring a baseball court into your space? No worries at all. With this nifty batting cages setup, you don’t have to worry about where you can swing your bat around. This is a great idea for high school aged kids who are either actively involved in baseball or just enjoy the sport in general. And hey, mom and dad can get in here, too! It’s a great stress reliever.

29. Shuffleboard Kit

Bring the simplicity of just enjoying a sport into your backyard as easily as possible with this nifty kit! Shuffleboard is a sport that’s been around for ages, and for good reason. It’s fun, easy to do and even more fun to play. With this nifty kit, all the work is done for you – you just need to find an area to place the board in or clear out an area to accommodate it. This kit comes with all the pieces and parts so you don’t have to do any of the worrying at all.

30. Inflatable Court

Why rent an inflatable court for a party when you can own one? Better yet, this inflatable court will come in handy for more than just parties. This would be a great summer attribute to have to make your backyard super fun without having to go out all the time to entertain the kids. Invite the neighborhood kids over, make everyone some lemonade, and enjoy the fact everyone is having a blast!

31. Street-less Hockey

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Bring all the fun of street hockey into play without the worrisome street traffic. With a court like this, your kids can have hours of fun without having to set up goals in an actual street. This is a safe way the kids can play hockey and a sure way for you be less stressed over it. Better yet, there’d be no worry of losing pucks down the storm drains. It’s a win-win.

32. Yard Chess

Here’s another great example of the wonders of a backyard chess set. This is such a fun game that anyone of any age who loves it will surely want to play it in this unique backyard setting. Not only is it a great game for entreating, but it just looks great setup in a yard like this. It’d make a great focal piece, and everyone is sure to comment on how unique it is.

33. Multipurpose Court

Setting up a multipurpose court is the best way to ensure everyone has a sport represented that they like. Even if it’s just for games like four square or shuffleboard, utilising a multipurpose court is such a fantastic way to entertain. The bigger you can make the court, the better since you can put so many great games in one. There’s no way anyone would be left out with this fantastic concept.

34. Grand Basketball Court

This is an extra fancy basketball court that even has a tiny field house in the middle. You can easily store outdoor items in there, as well as any kind of ball for whatever kind of sport your court is setup for. In this setup, the fences are lined with a protective mesh to prevent any balls from flying out of the court. It’s a great way to make sure you won’t lose any balls!

35. Patio Court

Who says you have to just stick to a sport when it comes to patio setups? In this great basketball court, there’s also a super fun fire pit in the background. This is a great way to make the most of the patio without having to use it specifically for a sport. The tile within this patio is absolutely gorgeous and invokes all those fantastic natural colors surrounding the court itself. The trees, wood elements and surrounding wilderness makes this court absolutely stunning.


So, as you can see, there are so many great ways to incorporate a sports court into your own backyard. Large yard, small yard, no matter really when it comes to creativity! Not into basketball so much? Create a tennis or shuffleboard court instead. Want to change it up mid-season? Use elements into your court that can be broken down easily if you had to, like those great textured mats.

Whatever you prefer, just remember your court should be fun and promote a lot of outdoor exercise for everyone involved. The possibilities are endless with these fantastic ideas! Use an idea you like and execute it or mix and match from a few of these great ideas!

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