Balsam Hill Reviews - Artificial Christmas Trees and Holiday Decor
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Balsam Hill Reviews – Artificial Christmas Trees and Holiday Decor

Balsam Hill Artificial Christmas Tree

Finding the perfect tree for your decor each holiday season can be quite a daunting task, especially if you look to find the perfect fresh tree year after year. No matter how much you may love a fresh-cut tree, considering an artificial version is well worth considering. Not only are artificial trees made to look incredibly realistic, when you take advantage of a company such as Balsam Hill, you can pretty much customize your tree buying experience to invest in a product that very well may last you the rest of your life. Artificial trees have come a long way from the plasticized, leggy version that once existed. Balsam Hill has taken advantage of the latest technology to create true to life tree choices that include everything from specialized lighting, as well as easy set up and storage options. They also have a healthy selection of other Christmas and other various holiday products to choose from, including seasonal quality lighting and entertainment choices for year-round decor detail. There is absolutely nothing like sitting around a fire near a well-decorated tree with a freshly snow blown driveway out your front window.

What is Balsam Hill?

Balsam Hill was first founded in order to provide life-like Christmas tree choices to every household after the owner’s family member had an allergic reaction to a fresh cut tree. Their search for an alternative became quite a challenge, and the idea for the company was born. Their mission is to provide the most realistic and luxurious artificial tree choices as possible. Although their realistic artificial tree line is their most expensive product line by far, they also have a wide variance of other products to choose from. Through the years they have offered some of the most technologically innovative choices for decorating purposes, and have expanded their lines of product choices to include seasonal decorations, entertainment comfort, as well as various lighting for home and yard.

Why Choose a Balsam Hill Artificial Tree?

Balsam Hill Christmas trees are considered the most realistic Christmas trees on the market. Their realistic nature has resulted in them being a popular prop choice on live television and for photoshoots, and has even resulted in show hosts mistakenly believing they are being graced by fresh-cut trees. This is especially important for fresh-cut tree lovers who need a simpler choice without the hassle of the care needed for a live tree. From a hassle-free, online shopping experience that provides you with a multitude of choice details, to a simplified set up experience, Balsam Hill is certain to have something for any household. To make your shopping experience even better, branch sample kits are available to allow you to see and feel the differences between construction and tree species type before you buy. Reviews of Balsam Hill Christmas Trees illustrate a company that takes pride in offering a hassle free shopping experience in order to provide you with exactly what you want and need.

Types of Balsam Hill Trees

Balsam Hill Tree Traditional

Balsam Hill Artificial Christmas Tree

Balsam Hill Tree Realistic

Balsam Hill Tree Artificial

Balsam Hill has an incredible array of choices to pick from surrounding style, color, size, and even set-up. It’s easy to easily become overwhelmed with the many choices available, but each category is easily broken down to allow you a hassle free shopping experience. Reviews of Balsam Hill Christmas Trees illustrate a company that takes pride in offering a hassle free shopping experience in order to provide you with exactly what you want and need.

Indoor/Outdoor Choices

Outdoor Balsam Hill Christmas Trees

Outdoor Balsam Hill Christmas Trees

If you are interested in more than just home decor and want to extend your holiday cheer beyond the borders of your house, there are also outdoor safe trees available as well. Slightly limited in species choices, there are still a healthy amount of products available to spread holiday cheer in the great outdoors.


There are two types of needle construction used by the company to create ultra realistic foliage and branch construction. The Classic needle foliage is PVC based and helps provide a fuller effect. These needles can either be used as a stand alone, or are worked into the True Needle design for an even more realistic effect. The True Needle foliage is a patented design that uses bi-colored molded plastic to mimic the variances in evergreen species as closely as possible to provide life-like coloring and shape. Most realistic and traditional foliage can be picked from for both personal preference as well as affordability. Furthermore, dozens of species choices are available to match the native species in your area, or even choose from evergreen choices you may never have seen before. Tree choices include hard to find natives such as Nordmann Fir and Vermont White Fir, as well as widely available classic choices such as Fraser Fir, Blue Spruce, and Norway Spruce. Frosted branches are also a detail choice in many shapes and sizes to give an early morning, freshly fallen snow touch.


Balsam Hill Artificial Christmas Tree Heights Potted tree and topiary tree choices start at a mere 20 inches in height and can reach up to 30 feet depending on your needs and uses. Each tree comes with reinforced strong tip tops to ensure angel and star placement is secure and tightly held in place.

Unlit and Pre-Lit Choices

Trees are available in both unlit, as well a large variety of lit choices that range from both incandescent and LED color, white light, and combination lighting. The white light choices also come in both bright and candle light glow subtleties to better meet your home decor needs. Plus, many lights come with an on/off foot pedal to make turning your tree on and off with ease.

Multi colored choices

Multi Colored Led Light

Lit trees are also hand strung to ensure an even lighting glow and keep from being too concentrated in just one area. The combination light choices also allow you to choose to have only color, white, or both on at one time with the click of a handy remote control for personalization.

Wireless lighting

Battery Operated Lightning

Wireless, battery operated lighting options are also available for those areas where a plug isn’t an option. This makes it easy to set up trees without running extension cords, or even for convenience surrounding photoshoots or other specialty events.

Easy-Plug Availability

Easy Plug Balsam Hill Christmas Tree

Easy- plug technology is also available in certain products. This system allows for a lighting option that connects light strings inside the trunk itself, limiting he appearance of wires. Although not offered on all models, it is widely used in most to provide a wireless appearance.


Shape 5 different shapes are available in dozens of species choices for ultimate realism and preferences. These shapes highlight the variance found within many species to provide fuller, more thickened, wide bodied effects, as well as narrower choices to fit into smaller spaces. Slim trees, flatbacked trees, and even potted trees are also an option to fit into those awkward, narrow hallways or tight corners that always look like they are missing out on holiday decorations.


Trees come in one of two set-up designs; the flip tree allows you to wheel the tree to where you need it, roll the base into shape, and simply attach the top. This is a new, patented design to help save you on the time, and physical effort , it takes to lift heavy sections of a tree into place upon set-up. Pre-fluffed trees take the hassle out of the time it takes to adjust, and re-adjust the branches to look more realistic after a year of storage. These designs are hand shapes by designers with memory wire, and stored in less compressed packaging, to help the tree hold its form year after year. The branches fan out into shape upon setup, and should only require some small adjustments for personalization upon your first season.

Scratch-Proof Stand

Trees all come with a scratch proof stand that either incorporates wheels, or scratch proof rubber feet to help hold your tree steady through the season, and allow you to use your choice of tree skirt or other decorative accents.


Warranties vary depending on the tree type you purchase, but all foliage and lights are covered to ensure against workmanship defects and other issues. Signature trees have a back of 10 years against defects concerning foliage, while classic trees have a 5 year coverage. All lights are covered for 3 years, and do come with replacement bulbs and fuses. Additional parts are also available for purchase.

Balsam Hill Product Categories

Outdoor Balsam Hill Christmas TreesChristmas Cheer Ornament SetOutdoor Balsam Hill Christmas TreeDeck At The Halls FoliageOutdoor Balsam Hill Christmas TreesBattery Operated LightningBalsam Hill Tree ArtificialPOLAR BEAR FAMILY STOCKING HOLDER

As mentioned, Balsam Hill offers a wide range of other available products. From wreaths, garlands, and faux flower displays that are offered in designs that highlight all the seasons, to fire pits and entertainment serving pieces- the detail and quality of the company can be seen in all that they offer.


When searching for realistic, quality Christmas trees, Balsam Hill Christmas Tree reviews paint a picture of what may be the best in the business. The incredibly huge array of choices surrounding size, shape, lighting, and species is incredible, as is the attention paid to detail surrounding needle production setup, and easy storage of your purchase. The fact that everything else you can think of to decorate for the holidays makes this a one stop shop for all your lighting, entertaining, and indoor/outdoor decorating needs. We’d love to hear below if you’ve had any experience with these products, or would like to know more about what this company can offer. And, as always, please share!

5 thoughts on “Balsam Hill Reviews – Artificial Christmas Trees and Holiday Decor”

  1. Four years ago, we spent $750 on a beautiful tree that will last forever. It arrived with a large number of bulbs not working. I contacted the company and requested new bulbs for my brand new tree. It was an inconvenience but fixable.
    That changed the next year when the tree was discontinued and the bulbs were no longer available through the company.
    The bulbs have a unique design so other bulbs don’t fit. I’ve called and written the company. They said that “any replacement bulb will work” but that is NOT TRUE. The bulbs on the tree have a thicker wire than those sold at stores, so the standard bulbs do not work.
    The material with the tree shows the issues: replacement bulbs must be ONLY 3.6 volt or 2.4 volt LED bulbs. Standard bulbs are 2.5 volt. Putting the standard bulb in does NOT work.
    In other words, we have a beautiful tree with half the lights out.
    I can’t recommend. Deliberate obsolescence.

  2. BUYER BEWARE. 3 yrs ago bought a 7.5 ft Balsam Hill Fraser Fir ($800) with LED candlelight bulbs, and every year have to replace up to 80 bulbs; the whole point of going with LED was so the bulbs didn’t have to be replaced as much. When I called BH to order replacement bulbs I’m told they don’t offer them for sale and since my tree is out of warranty, I’m out of luck. Yet they continue to sell their trees with candlelight LED lighting! When I ask where I can find replacement bulbs as I haven’t had any luck at Home Depot or Lowe’s, I’m referred to Hayneedle but told they don’t know if any lights purchased here will work. This is my 2nd (1st was incandescent) and last tree with BH.

  3. We purchased 5- 6′ strands of garland in November 2020 at the cost of $600. When received we were pleased with the strands and proceeded putting them up for Christmas ( after Thanksgiving). We put in high quality EverReady batteries ( total 20) and I set the timer to an 8 hour on / 16 off cycle. Worked great for 3 days and batteries died. Replenished the 20 more batteries and set on the 4 hour on / 20 off cycle. After 5 days batteries were dead. Replenished again ( now that’s 60 batteries in less than 2 weeks). Again went out in 4-5 days.
    VERY disappointed in performance. I would not suggest these for anyone unless they owned a battery factory.

  4. Avoid Balsam hill
    Purchased 2 60” 120v wreaths 4 years ago about $500. 1 completely died within first year and was replaced. The other and replacement initially worked ok but too many bulbs (40) going out each year which we never experienced more than a couple going out with our strings of Christmas lights. Ordered replacement bulbs from balsam this year and they were different. They changed the green mounts and no longer carry the ones we have. First the rep said they are out of stock then we’re told no longer available. Btw No mention of change on the site. How can you stop selling proprietary parts for an item you sold so recently leaving many customers stuck. Every manufacturer uses their own proprietary connector but balsam can not tell us who makes these or where to get them only they no longer have them available as if we should throw these wreaths out and order new replacements. They then refuse to take back the bulbs that I received right before Xmas because “they accept no returns after Christmas “ . If it was a wreath or tree we would understand but replacement bulbs?
    It’s ludicrous and we are due for a new tree but will never order from balsam hill again
    buyer beware


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