Beacon-Morris “BRT” Residential Garage Heater Review
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Beacon-Morris “BRT” Residential Garage Heater Review

Beacon-Morris “BRT” Residential Garage Heater

Beacon Morris BRT030N BRT Series Unit Heater 30K Direct Spark Ignition, Plastic

Placing a heater, of some sort, to take the chill off is always a good consideration. There are quite a few garage heating choices you can pick from, but the Beacon-Morris BRT Model Heater is not only a residential garage but it’s also a certified heater that meets all property codes.

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If your garage is a place where you regularly work through any season, then you know how uncomfortable it can get as the temperatures drop. Placing a heater, of some sort, to take the chill off is always a good consideration. There are quite a few garage heating choices you can pick from, but the Beacon-Morris BRT Model Heater is not only a residential garage but it’s also a certified heater that meets all property codes. It is a dependable product made by a dependable company. Our Beacon Morris Garage Heater review below helps outline its swank features to help you determine if it’s worth your consideration

The Beacon-Morris Company

The Beacon-Morris Company not only invented the kick space heater, but they also continue to be a leading manufacturer of residential and commercial heating products. Focused on bringing alternative warming solutions to areas of home and work, their units are considered dependable and of good value. With innovative solutions for tough to fit areas that are not commonly warmed by central heating systems, the company is committed to excellence and safe heating standards.

Breakdown of the Beacon-Morris “BRT” Residential Garage Certified Heater

The BRT Residential Garage Heater is highly efficient and durable. This product is rated for both commercial and residential use with both natural gas and propane fittings. Created to properly heat outdoor buildings, they are manufactured to stand up to property building codes for both proper construction and ventilation, therefore, providing you with a safe heating alternative that will last.

It also has many safety benefits and comes in a wide range of sizes and heat output abilities to heat the spaces you need. It’s rare to find a unit that is offered in choices that can fit single-sized garages, as well as more industrial sized workspaces, including everything in between without sacrificing quality features.


  • Not overly loud
  • Very efficient
  • Can use natural gas or propane


  • Needs to be installed correctly (may have to have it professionally installed)
  • Is not portable
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Features and Benefits of the Beacon/Morris “BRT” Garage Heater

This is a well thought out unit that includes many specifications for proper installation depending on your specific heating needs. Detailed instructions for installation, details for proper use, and multiple choices concerning heating needs, supply voltage, and even elevation is included through this series of BRT heater models. Garage heaters are well worth considering, and actually has many benefits other than keeping you warm while at work in the winter months. For example, a longer vehicle life should be expected as the strain from starting cold in winter will no longer be an issue.

Natural Gas or Propane

Modine HD45AS0111Natural Gas Hot Dawg Garage Heater 45,000 BTU with 80-Percent Efficiency

These units come standard to run from a natural gas line but also may be converted to run from propane. Both are considered to be affordable and clean-burning fuel products. – These qualities make them a more obvious choice for environmental purposes when other energy sources are not available. They are also more dependable. Fuel-powered heat will not go out if your electricity does (although you may not be able to take full advantage of all products depending on its capabilities).

Tapping into your natural gas line to provide the fuel to run the unit is easy and requires the bare minimum in the way of materials. If you have done this before, then you are already aware that this is not expensive in the way of parts, nor extremely time-consuming. If you are not comfortable with working with natural fuels, then be sure to hire a professional for installation.

30-a120 BMH Heating Capabilities

Heating Capacities

BTU is a measurement of how much heat is being produced, and companies often use BMH to describe 1000 BTU/hour. The series of BRT garage heaters range from 30 BMH (or 30,000 BTU/hour) to 120 BMH and are used to describe both the overall size of the unit and its heating capabilities. Overall, the differences in size do not vary drastically, with only a few inches in dimension and a few pounds in weight added for each step up.

To provide an idea of heating coverage, a 30 BMH unit can heat up to 800 square feet, a 75 MBH to 2500 square feet, and a 120 BMH up to 4000 square feet. These heating capabilities are slightly dependent upon ceiling height, insulation properties of your attic or roof, and the rest of your space. Remember, heat rises and these units are made to be mounted at the ceiling.

Direct Spark Ignition

Spark Ignition System

A direct spark ignition system allows you to spark the main flame directly without the use of a pilot light. A flame sensor is used to ensure the burner has ignited, which in turn begins the heating process.

This entire process works in conjunction with a thermostat that controls the circuit that calls for heat when temperatures have dropped below your setting or allow for the system to turn off once the temperature has been reached. You can also convert your system to run from a wall switch to control when it runs and for how long.

Tubular Heat Exchange

Cooling System

Tubular heat processes are an indirect, recuperative heat exchange system that uses tubes of separated hot and cold fluids to generate heat. Cool air enters the back and warms as it passes through these warmed tubes. It is then forced out through the vents to warm the spaces around it. The BRT Garage Heaters use the most up-to-date heat exchanger within shot burner technology to provide a dependable, consistent flow of heat to where you need it.

Available w/Set-Up Choices

Beacon-Morris is a well-known company, not only for their dependable products but because they provide a wide working range of products to fit the many needs homeowners. Everything from heat exchanger material choices, altitude adjustments, supply voltage, and downturn nozzle angels are taken into consideration. They also have a variety of conversion kits to ensure you can run your unit as it should be run.

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Residential and Commercial Certifications

Safety standard certification is required by homeowner insurance policies to ensure you are keeping your property protected. The addition of certain types of heaters, especially those that require a fuel source should be checked for code safety compliance, and the BRT series heaters are the only residential and commercial garage heater certified product the company carries.

ETL Certification is a mark of product safety compliance throughout North America and is accepted by AHJs and Code Officials. It designates a meeting of published industry standards in manufacturing and material use. Because of this, Beacon-Morris products have become popular in professional heating installation, preferred by experts who know the importance of safety regulations.

Safety Features


Part of the certification standards includes many safety features you would expect within heating units. Details such as internal overload protection, a high temperature shut off, and flame rollout safety switches are all standard on each unit. OSHA certified fan guards and safety considerations are also part of the overall construction to ensure you have a worry-free experience.

Warranty: Heat Exchanger / Burner- 10 years; Remaining Parts- 1 year

1-year-Warranty 320

With a full 1-year warranty on all parts and material construction, and an additional 10 years on the heat exchanger and burner, this is a unit that should last you quite a few years. It is also considered easy to work upon if parts need replacing, and the customer service has always been part of what makes this an upstanding, and respected company.

Consumer Feedback

Costumers Review

In scouring websites and forums, I couldn’t find anything negative that anybody had to say about Beacon Morris Garage Heaters. The most popular models for single and smaller two-car garages seem to be the 40,000 BTU heater, with the Beacon Morris 75,000 BTU heater review coming in a close second for larger, more open outdoor garage and pole barn spaces. Consumers state they are easy to install, inexpensive to run, and well worth the initial investment.

Some chatter has been brought up surrounding the sound of the fan when running.  But almost anyone familiar with industrial heating has commented that it is a fairly low fan noise compared to many comparable products- and is actually rather quiet, overall.


If you‘ve been looking into a heating system that can handle the space you have, and also provide long-lasting reliability, then the Beacon-Morris BRT Residential Garage Heater is definitely one to consider if you have either a natural gas or propane line on your property. Easy installation, ETL Certifications, a long line of safety features, and many, many benefits to getting you working comfortably in the garage are all reasons to consider these units. Plus, you can extend the life of much of what is stored in a garage, including your vehicle as your engine will not have to work as hard to start at a cold temperature.

We’d love to hear about your experiences with the Beacon-Morris brand, as well as have the chance to answer any questions you may have surrounding this particular unit. Please leave comments below, and, as always, please share.

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