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5 Beautiful Begonia Varieties For Your Garden

Begonias or Begonia spp. are a charming addition to any flower garden, some varieties even produce new blossoms all summer! These low-maintenance, tropical plants thrive in warm temperatures, humidity, and moist, well-draining soil.

These beautiful plants can be grown all year in zones 8b to 11, just be sure to protect them from frost. In zones 8b and cooler, begonias make perfect annual flowers and add visual interest when planted among other annuals and perennials.

Plus, there are countless colors to choose from! No matter what aesthetic you’re creating in your garden, you are sure to find the perfect begonia. Discover five enchanting begonia varieties you can plant outdoors!

Dragon Wing

Dragon Wing Begonia Variety
Image credits: The Green Nursery and Garden Shop via Flickr

‘Dragon Wing’ (Begonia x hybrida ‘Bepared’) is a hybrid variety of begonia. It’s perfect for gardeners who want a flower that continuously reblooms all summer. ‘Dragon Wing’ cultivars generally bloom all the way from spring until frost arrives in autumn. That means you can sit back, relax and enjoy a luscious garden with minimal maintenance.

Typically, they grow about 2 to 3 feet tall, with foliage that reaches 5 inches in length. They are also flexible with lighting requirements and thrive in both sunny and shady locations. So if you have a few spots with varying light, this is a top pick.

Angel Wing

Angel Wing Begonia
Image credits: Eva Bronzini via Unsplash

Perhaps one of the most distinctive features of ‘Angel Wing’ begonias or Begonia coccinea is their polka dot leaves. These grow in a shape that resembles angel wings. If ‘Angel Wing’ begonias get too much sun, their elegant polka dot foliage will scorch and fade. To make sure your plant shows off its unique green and white foliage, always plant it in a spot with partial shade.

If you opt for this hybrid variety, you won’t just get stunning leaves. These begonias also flower in a beautiful selection of colors including, red, pink, and white. You’ll see these bright colors bloom in luscious clusters at the top of their long cane-like stems.

Fun Fact: The ‘Angel Wing’ cultivar is also a popular houseplant. To continue enjoying their beauty all year round, you can actually bring these begonias indoors for the winter. Begonias prefer temperatures above 60 degrees Fahrenheit, so when temperatures start dropping below this, it’s time to bring them inside.


Wax begonia flowers
Image credits: Robin Jonathan Deutsch via Unsplash

Like the ‘Dragon Wing’ variety, ‘Wax’ begonias or Begonia x semperflorens-cultorum, are a favorite continuous blooming annual. Their foliage has a waxy texture, giving its green or bronze leaves an exquisite shine. The blooms of this variety are the true standout feature though. You can find ‘Wax’ cultivars such as ‘Cocktail’ and ‘Pizzazz’ with blossoms in white, pink, orange, and red.

This type adapts well to both sun and shade. However, if you intend to plant them in a sunny spot it’s best to choose a ‘Wax’ cultivar like ‘Cocktail,’ which has bronze leaves. Plants with darker bronze foliage generally do better in sun than those with green leaves.


tuberous begonias in garden
Image credits: supawat bursuk via Shutterstock

‘Tuberous’ begonias or Begonia x tuberhybrida have exceptionally large flowers that grow 2 to 4 inches! You can find them in a wide array of shades too, with blossoms of yellow, orange, rose, red, white, and pink. For the best success in growing this type, plant them in partial shade.

If you are looking for flowers to accent a hanging basket, this variety is an excellent option. Some ‘Tuberous’ cultivars such as ‘Illumination,’ have trailing stems that cascade beautifully over the edge of a hanging basket or balcony garden. These stems can grow from 12 to 18 inches, so your hanging basket will look like an elegant waterfall of flowers and foliage.

Store Tubers and Replant in Spring

If you simply adore ‘Tuberous’ begonias, you can save them for the next growing season! ‘Tuberous’ begonias won’t survive the winter outdoors. So, to store them during winter dig up the tubers, which are essentially nutrient storage centers that look like bulbous roots, before the first frost. Cut the stems to within 1 to 2 inches of the tuber.

Dry out the tubers, and store them in a cardboard box with peat moss or wood shavings at 45 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit. When spring arrives, place them in a flat container where they’ll get light. When roots appear and stem shoots are 1 to 2 inches long you can plant them in pots.


Rex Begonia
Image credits: Leoleobobeo via Pixabay

‘Rex’ begonias are another example of the beautiful foliage that these plants can offer a garden. This variety has uniquely whimsical leaves in green, red, silver, purple, and deep maroon. These bright colors also create stunning patterns that develop across the surface of the leaves.

They can grow quite tall as well, the ‘Fireworks’ cultivar can reach up to 14 inches, and ‘Merry Christmas’ can grow as tall as 12 inches. So, if you are looking to add an accent to a flower bed, ‘Rex’ begonias are a beautiful choice that will set your garden apart!

Beautiful Begonias

Begonias are a beautiful addition to any garden. ‘Dragon Wing,’ ‘Angel Wing,’ “Wax’, or ‘Tuberous’ are all great choices if you are planning out a flower garden. Then, for a pop of unique and vibrant foliage, the polka dot leaves of ‘Angel Wing,’ and the whimsical leaves of ‘Rex’ varieties will make your garden stand out!

What are your favorite begonias to plant? Share your experience growing these delightful flowers to help other gardeners cultivate a beautiful outdoor space.