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Bell + Howell Disk Light Review

4 pcs. Disk Solar Powered LED Well Light Pack in white background

Disk Solar Powered LED Well Light Pack

Bell + Howell were amongst the first to introduce disk lighting solutions. These solar-powered lights are compact and sit flush to the ground to provide nighttime illumination. Low enough to run a lawnmower over, you can use them to light up walkways, garden features, or even mount on steps, patios or decks. They also can be set along a wall as long as they receive sunlight for charging purposes.

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Looking for outdoor, home lighting solutions but aren’t keen on running electrical cords to the nearest outlet? Luckily, you can obtain just about any illumination you desire with solar lighting options- many of which offer very unique effects. Disk lights are a fairly new design that provides options to provide lighting that lays flush to the ground, or any solid surface either horizontal or vertical.

The following Bell and Howell Disk Light Review showcase one of the original manufacturers of a solar light made in this style. These are weatherproof, bright lighting options designed for placement anywhere the sun can reach them to recharge. With an automatic on and off it takes the hassle out of lighting up your landscape.

About Bell + Howell Lighting

Bell + Howell Solar Disk Light put on the side of the steps to light stairs.

Specializing in various products, the lighting offered by the company surrounds both indoor and outdoor options. These are considered dependable, bright, and long-lasting- and utilize LED bulbs for use in any space that requires illumination.

The company focuses on applying new, innovative technologies to provide the features their consumers are looking for. Everything from flashlights, lanterns, and solar-powered options are currently available.

Pros Cons
  • Automatic on and off.
  • Bright, Long-lasting LED lighting.
  • Easy to use and place in various places.
  • Requires full sun to charge.
  • Only 4 LED lights in each disk.


Disk Lights Explained

upclose of hand holding a disk light ready to be install on lawn.

Disk lights are a circular disk-shaped lighting option that contains bright, long-lasting LED bulbs powered by a solar panel. These can be set flush into the ground using an included stake, hung, or mounted wherever illumination is needed and sunlight is available for charging purposes.

The solar panels allow you to place the lights outside of normal conventional power outlets as these are wireless lighting choices. This makes them ideal for placement in landscaped areas that are further from a house, a way to illuminate driveways and walkways, and a choice for spotlighting certain yard features.

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Bell + Howell Disk Light Claims

Bell + Howell Disk Light with battery sign on his side and features - Weather - proof and lawnmower-safe + Powerful solar-powered outdoor led lights + Turns on 10 full hours every night + Automatic shut-off at daytime

The company provides a compelling list of features to consider when looking for outdoor solar lighting options. Consider the following when looking over this particular disk lighting brand:

  • Solar panels allow for a wire-free placement anywhere the sun provides a charge.
  • It can be set flat against the ground, on decks, stairways, patios, along with handrails, or mounted vertically.
  • Provides 10 hours of lighting on a full charge and turns on automatically as the sun sets and turns off automatically as well.
  • Stainless steel housing makes it water and weatherproof.
  • The low profile makes it safe to use when mowing the lawn.
  • Illuminates dark areas of a year dot discourage trespassers.
  • Offered in a variety of styles and colors to match the outdoor decor.



8 Disk lightin a white background and a boxes on top

Bell + Howell sells its disk lights in packs of 4 or more with an average cost of $5 per light. However, larger packs and specials exist that can lower the cost of each light to an average of $3.25. If you have large areas to cover, buying in bulk is definitely worth considering to save on cost. Free shipping is also included.

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Warranty and Returns

The company provides a 30-day guarantee. If not happy with your purchase, all you have to do is contact the company and return within 30 days of purchase.

Consumer Reviews

Disk Lights costumers feedback - No expensive contractors + No tedious wiring + No electric hazard

Consumer reviews of the product seem to be a mixed bag of results. As one of the first disk lights on the market, they paved the way for new design ideas and technologies which has resulted in quite a few companies providing competition. They also make installation simple and require no wiring. Plus they are easy to move as they are not permanently installed.

Most reviews are very positive, claiming they are the perfect brightness, last a long time, and are a great lighting solution in their landscape. LED lighting lasts a long time so people often find that these are a product they only need to buy once, as they provide you the ability to replace the rechargeable battery inside as it begins to wear down.

Complaints mostly surround comparing them to other options that include up to 8 LED bulbs- making them a brighter choice. Also, poor reviews reflect getting faulty products- but these are covered under the 30-day warranty and will be replaced by the company.

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Our Impression

bell and howell disk light layed on a green grass lawn.

The idea of a flat, compact outdoor lighting solution is one that we absolutely stand behind. This is a unique way to provide dependable illumination with a sustainable power source that can be placed anywhere on a property that receives full sunlight for part of a day.

As the company that paved the way for this specific design, they are well worth considering as an addition to your outdoor lighting needs. If there is any drawback to the brand, it is that the idea has been taken up by other manufacturers to offer alternative top disk style brands that have added more bulbs for a brighter option and added other features, such as dimming, manual on/off switches, and even motion detection.


If you are looking for a way to light up your yard or landscape, disk lighting options are definitely worth considering. The Bell + Howell Disk Light Choices can be bought in bulk as well for a discounted price in order to allow you to save for larger spaces that require additional illumination.

The 30-day guarantee also allows you to determine if these are a product you like, or if they work as you expect for the areas you imagine them in. If you have used this particular brand, we would love to hear your personal experiences below. And, as always, please share!