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14 Major Benefits of a Greenhouse

When you already have an outdoor garden, why would you need to build a greenhouse? The simple answer to that is that it’s better for your plants and so much easier for you! If you want a more in-depth answer to your question, read on to learn about the 14 benefits of a greenhouse garden and why it can be a valuable investment for you and your loved ones.

The 14 Benefits Of A Greenhouse For Beginners

Greenhouses basically shelter your plants from weather conditions and are also known as glasshouses.

1. Controlled Gardening Environment

Image Credit: roanokecollege via Creative Commons

Since greenhouses are a contained environment, you can manipulate and control their conditions to optimize plant growth. Everything from water, humidity, temperate, and even light can be adjusted. As long as you have the right setup in place for your plants, you’re free to cater to their specific needs.

2. Less Weather Exposure

Arch Greenhouse in March
Image Credit: Sangudo via Creative Commons

Jumping off of the first point, greenhouses protect your plants from the weather. Abrupt rainstorms and strong gusts of wind could hinder plant health. By keeping them sheltered, you won’t have to worry about your garden dying from the unexpected cold.

3. Extends Growing Season

Water Lily Greenhouse
Image Credit: Bods via Creative Commons

Gardening’s rule of thumb is that the growing season only starts once the frost has completely gone. In a greenhouse environment, you can start growing plants weeks in advance by shielding them from potential frost damage. This extends plant life before and after the growing season.

4. Effortless Overwintering

Greenhouse Plants
Image Credit: azmichelle via Creative Commons

While prepping your garden for overwintering, you’ll be able to leave your potted plants in your greenhouse. This will keep them safe from the frost even as you close for the winter.

5. Multi-Purpose Greenhouse

greenhouse with various plants
Image Credit: dbaron via Creative Commons

Want to level up your gardening game? Depending on your greenhouse design, a greenhouse is a perfect place to practice seed starting, propagation, vertical gardening, exotic plants, and many other gardening techniques and methods all in one location. It can also serve as storage for your gardening gear, eliminating the need for a yard shed.

6. Fruit and Vegetable Supply

tomato filled greenhouse
Image Credit: World Bank Photo Collection via Creative Commons

Just like with any garden, greenhouses can help you grow fresh produce. If you need some herbs or crave a garden salad, just hop into your greenhouse and harvest your ingredients. It’s a home food supply that could last throughout the winter, depending on what you grow. Better yet, if you grow organic vegetables and fruits, you’ll still be able to consume them at a lower cost than what you’d have to pay at a grocery store.

7. Better for Your Diet

greenhouse with many plants
Image Credit: IITA Image Library via Creative Commons

By growing your food, you’ll have a constant and reliable supply of fresh fruits and veggies that are good for your health. With this, you’ll know exactly what went into the food you’re consuming which is especially convenient if you try to follow an organic or plant-based diet.

8. Wider Plant Growing Options

seedlings growing in greenhouse
Image Credit: UnitedSoybeanBoard via Creative Commons

USDA Plant Hardiness Zones are a huge help in finding different types of plants that survive in your area and climate. With a simple greenhouse that can be manipulated to imitate other environments, you have a wider pool of plants to choose from. Even if you live somewhere with extreme temperatures, you could start caring for tropical plants!

9. Easy Seed Starting

Greenhouse Interior
Image Credit: bert_m_b via Creative Commons

It’s become common practice that, if you’re growing something from seed, one of the best ways to go about it is by starting it indoors. A seed starter tray will grow best in greenhouse conditions and gives your seedlings the best shot at thriving after transplanting.

10. Pest Protection

seedlings in a greenhouse
Image Credit: Oregon Department of Agriculture via Creative Commons

Apart from temperature control greenhouses can help you keep insects under control too! Garden invaders such as squirrels, insects, and birds are a big nuisance that can be avoided with a greenhouse. Not only will your crops be sheltered from fickle weather, but this also keeps annoying animal pests away from your garden.

11. Never Stop Gardening

continuous growing in greenhouse
Image Credit: Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism via Creative Commons

According to many studies, gardening helps improve your health and mental wellbeing. Many home gardeners get into this hobby as a therapeutic practice. If you’re like me and find peace in gardening, a greenhouse will help you continue your hobby even after winter hits. A greenhouse allows you to nurture a variety of plants any time you want as long as you have the right plants and environment for it.

12. Constant Warmth

Greenhouse Plants
Image Credit: eugene via Creative Commons

Greenhouses are also known as hothouses and can, unsurprisingly, stay warm in the dead of winter. Even without a winter-hardy garden, the warmth of your greenhouse is wonderful. When snowy climate makes it difficult to leave your home, you’ll always have a warm place to escape to.

13. Better for the Environment

flower greenhouse
Image Credit: MarilynJane via Creative Commons

Wondering how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and your carbon footprint? A greenhouse garden could help! So much energy is spent on producing and transporting plant food but growing your vegetables helps reduce that number. You can also take steps to use collected rainwater for your irrigation and convert your waste into compost.

14. Enhances Yard Landscape

Tropical Greenhouse
Image Credit: jonkriz via Creative Commons

Although it’s less common, greenhouses can be a gorgeous addition to your yard. It enhances your landscaping and becomes a focal point in your home. With the right buyers, this could also increase the value of your property. As a greenhouse gardening beginner, make sure to prepare items like insulating mats, temperature controls, humidity gauges, grow lights, and a water irrigation and collection system. If you’re looking for ways to bonus greenhouse tips and tricks from a fellow gardener, this video on Small Greenhouse Tour & Tips can help!

 In Summary

Greenhouses help you out in tons of ways and are crucial in maximizing the growing season for your produce. Although they aren’t a necessity, they’re an irreplaceable help in ensuring the health and happiness of your garden! Tell us what plants you’re most excited to grow in your greenhouse and share any questions you might have in the comments.