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6 Benefits of Having A Real Christmas Tree

A hotly debated topic over the holiday season is whether or not to buy a real Christmas tree or, opt for an artificial tree. There are so many options available and everyone has an opinion, making this extra decision overwhelming. Your pros and cons list may include what’s the cheapest, easiest, or eco-friendly option. Whatever your preference, there’s no wrong way to celebrate the holidays. Although, it’s okay if you lean toward the classic, genuine tree.

While strapping your tree to the roof of the car this holiday know there are many benefits to having a real Christmas tree. The inevitable needles in your home may seem like a lot of work but, it’s more than worth their homey touch. 

1. It’s An Eco-Friendly Choice

christmas tree farm
Image credit: LloydTheVoid via Pixabay

Cutting down your own tree or purchasing a real Christmas tree from a lot is an eco-friendly choice. When trees are harvested each year for the special season, 10 times more are left untouched to continue thriving! During their eight to 10-year lifespan, Christmas trees clean the air, filter water, provide watershed protection, and provide habitat for wildlife. So, having one in your home will do you good. 

After Christmas, be sure to check with your local municipality for curbside pick-up and tree-drop options. Since trees are both recyclable and biodegradable, many communities collect and use the trees for local wildlife conservation and habitat projects. You may also opt to keep the tree yourself for mulch or to house wildlife on your own property.

The average lifespan of artificial trees, on the other hand, is seven years, and they are almost impossible to recycle. Made out of non-renewable plastics and metals, they usually end up in landfills. For these reasons, you can feel good about supporting the environment when choosing a real Christmas tree.

2. Supporting Local Shops

trees hanging from the ceiling at a christmas tree lot
Image credit: PublicDomainPictures via Pixabay

Shopping for a real tree is a great way to stay local and support small businesses. You chop down a tree at a farm or purchase one from a stand. Artificial trees, on the other hand, are primarily imported from outside of the US.

Shopping locally can sometimes be a bit more expensive, but it is well worth the added cost for the benefits to the environment and the economy. For many, Christmas tree farms are substantial contributors to the agricultural economy.

Pro Tip: If you visit these nurseries you’ll most likely find other Christmas classics like poinsettias.

3. The Fragrance

Two small artificial decorative Christmas trees on the porch. Small Christmas trees without ornaments close-up. Fake Christmas tree decor on the window background
Image credits: Yashkin Ilya via Shutterstock

A huge benefit to having a real Christmas tree is the fantastic aroma of evergreen. Nothing beats the fresh fragrance of pine mixed with the delicious spread of sweets and food that accompany the festivities. The sweet woodsy scent that fills the home is sure to add to the festive décor and make for a memorable holiday.

Unfortunately, the terpenes in many trees make enjoying their fresh scent difficult for some. Having a stuffy nose and itchy skin during the holidays is no fun, but for many is a reality of the season. For allergy sufferers, it’s best to steer clear of pine as this is a common allergen. Opt for a fir, spruce, or cypress instead, and be sure to shake your tree before bringing it indoors to remove dead needles, mold, and dust. Artificial trees can also be problematic for those with allergies. As an added precaution, wash real trees, and wipe down artificial trees to reduce dust particles.

4. They Are Green

Red Baubles on a Real Christmas Tree
Image credit: Karolina Grabowska via Pexels

In addition to being green for the environment, there is no comparing the aesthetics of a real, green Christmas tree. The vibrant color of the needles, and the array of choices from traditional Douglas Fir to long-needled Eastern White Pine, leave a stunning variety for every style.

Whichever you choose, the greenery is sure to complement your decorations. To keep its lush color throughout the holidays, be sure to properly care for your Christmas tree by providing it with lots of water.

You also have the choice to spray your tree with an anti-desiccant. This will help the tree retain moisture, helping it remain bright and cheery.

5. Good For Your Health

A Father and Her Child Playing a Piano Near a Christmas Tree
Image credit: Any Lane via Pexels

Being surrounded by living plants and trees is good for your health. Having a real Christmas tree can improve your mood, boost your immune system, increase your productivity, and lower your anxiety.

During the dead of the winter, this is the perfect opportunity to bring some life and joy into your home. For a true living tree, consider a potted Christmas tree this year, and enjoy the fun of planting it and watching it grow outside afterward.

6. Fun For The Family

Ethnic parents raising cheerful girl on tree farm roadway
Image credit: Any Lane via Pexels

One of the biggest benefits of having a real Christmas tree has to be the experience of selecting the tree itself. This is an age-old tradition for many families and one that is sure to create memories for years to come. Trekking through the woods or tree lots to pick out the perfect house guest is a fun way to spend some time outdoors in the winter.

In addition to the fun of selecting a tree, many tree farmers have additional attractions to enjoy, such as hot beverages, treats, and goods from other local businesses.

Are You Convinced?

Are you ready to start a new holiday ritual or continue a favorite family tradition?

Picking out a real Christmas tree can be a lot of fun, and it’s an eco-friendly choice that supports local businesses. Christmas trees also smell fantastic, are aesthetically pleasing, and are good for your health. While there is certainly more work to chopping down your own tree, there are a lot of benefits to having a real Christmas tree.

Will you be getting a real tree this holiday season? Share in the comments why you chose that option!