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11 Amazing Benefits of Indoor Gardening

Plants can make you happier, improve your health, and help you save money. Indoor plants do all this and a whole lot more. How? Well, indoor gardening has a lot of powerful benefits that can help your mental health, provide healthy, organic food, look amazing, and purify the air in your home.

Indoor gardening, too, can be done by anyone, no matter where you live. No large yards required! You can also participate in this wonderful activity in any weather because, well, with indoor plants, you control the climate and reap all the health benefits.

Let’s dive into the amazing benefits of indoor gardening further, looking at how you might personally benefit from doing it.

Extended Growing Season

Plants on a kitchen counter
Image credits: Michael Gaida via Pixabay

An extended growing season was the first thing that drew me to indoor gardening. I live in Illinois, so naturally, I have a limited season for my flowers, fruit, and veggie plants. I also have a cat who eats everything she can get ahold of (seriously, her favorite treat is fresh red leaf lettuce!).

We purchased a greenhouse for the office indoor space and have never looked back. We can now grow vegetables, herbs, and even some flowers year-round, especially with the help of our AeroGarden and some amazing grow lights. And each winter, we move our outdoor plants inside to keep them healthy and happy all year.

If you set up your indoor garden properly, with enough light, you’ll be able to extend your growing season significantly, as well.

Fresh Produce For Your Health

Close up of cress plant
Image credits: MetsikGarden via Pixabay

We all need to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables for our health. We need the fiber, vitamins, and minerals they provide. But getting organic vegetables at an affordable price can be challenging. There’s always that Whole Foods markup, as my hubby likes to put it.

With indoor gardening, though, you control exactly what kinds of treatments are used on your veggie plants. You don’t have to use pesticides. In most cases, you can choose organic soil or use hydroponic methods to avoid the chemicals you often find in the soil. Plus, with that extended growing season mentioned above, you get to keep growing these veggies and fruits all year, even in the dead of winter.

Pest Protection for Plants

Plant sitting in a windowsill
Image credits: Pexels via Pixabay

The indoor environment protects your plants naturally from a variety of pests that typically get at them outside. Thankfully, the insects rarely make their way indoors, meaning your plants have protection simply from being indoors.

This protection may also extend to keep your plants disease-free, as well, plus it keeps squirrels and birds from stealing your fruit and veggies!

Natural Air Purification

PLants sitting on a counter indoors
Image credits: Karolina Grabowska via Pixabay

Plants naturally improve air quality via the process of their growth. That is, during photosynthesis which is the growth process for plants. They use up the carbon dioxide in the air around them and expire (“breath out”) pure oxygen.

Now, granted, you’d have to live in a full-on indoor forest to purify all the air in your home, but plants do help out significantly anyway. They also filter airborne toxins, germs, and dust. Some of the best plants for this process include English Ivy, spider plants, chrysanthemums, and snake plants.

A Unique, Attractive Décor Feature of the House

Indoor plants sitting on shelf
Image credits: Milada Vigerova via Pixabay

Another benefit of plants that I love about house plants is the aesthetics. Now, granted, in our house, plants have to be elevated and placed where Lady Stardust, that feline friend, can’t reach the plants. Even so, there’s a certain aesthetic about hanging plants, indoor greenhouses, and, if you have the freedom, indoor gardens overall.

The fresh, green leaves, the stunning flowers, the fragrance of fruit and veggies growing indoors – they’re all a part of the amazing aesthetics that only indoor plants can offer.

If you have some creative prowess, you can boost the aesthetics, too, with some gorgeous, creative displays, like walls of plants, or potted floor gardens in the bathroom, bedroom, or family room.

Fresh Herbs Taste Better

Close up of growing herb plants
Image credits: Congerdesign via Pixabay

Sometimes, we use dried herbs when we cook because they’re convenient and fast. But when you have the extra moment and actual freshly grown herbs nearby, it’s worth it. I’m a cookbook developer on the side, so trust me on this: fresh herbs taste better.

And herbs you grow at home are the best of all because you know they’re organic! They also taste better, knowing you’ve put your work in to grow them.

Plant Therapy

Plants lit up sitting on kitchen counter
Image credits: Pexels via

Did you know that plants love it when you sing and speak to them? Well, they do – and they’ll reward you with better growth as thanks.

They’re also good for your mental health. They add a little extra life to the home, which isn’t too demanding (well, depending on the plants you choose!) while fostering a sense of compassion in you.

Studies have shown that taking care of plants can be therapeutic for you. Some doctors even prescribe gardening for their patient’s mental health, thanks to their ability to help reduce stress and anxiety.

A Great New Hobby

Close up of pink and green leaves
Image credits: AKuptsova via Pixabay

If you’re new to gardening, indoor gardening can be a great new hobby. Indoor plants give you something creative, engaging, and productive to do. And if you really get into it, designing new garden spaces, making your planters, and much more can go into and benefit you in many ways.

Improved Sleep

Pink orchid on a white counter
Image credits: Yuri_B via Pixabay

Interestingly enough, certain plants can help improve your sleep. They do so by releasing oxygen at night, which boosts your sleep by loads. So, keep orchids, bromeliads, succulents, and other night-oxygen-releasing plants near the bedside.

Emotional Boost

Woman's hands holding a potted plant
Image credits: Dominic Alberts via Pixabay

Additionally, indoor plants can give you an emotional boost. Whether you’re trapped indoors because of the cold season or inclement weather, the bright spot of color can lift your spirits. If the flowers you’ve got also happen to be fragrant, that won’t hurt either!

Save Money

Beautifully arranged vegetables and flowers
Image credits: Jill Wellington via Pixabay

When you grow your food you save money, especially if you start your indoor plants from seeds. If you maintain the plants well, they’ll provide you with fruits and vegetables, saving on your grocery bill. With just six lettuce plants in our Aerogarden for six months, we saved probably $100 or more in fresh leafy greens. You’ll likely find similar savings with the right plants and proper care of them.

Indoor Gardening Really Is Wonderful

There are so many benefits to indoor gardening, whatever kinds of plants you choose to grow. Herbs for tastier, fresh meals, veggies for savings and better health, or flowers and succulents for a happier home. Just be sure to provide your plants with the care they need, the equipment that helps them grow strong, and you’ll find you have a better life with those gorgeous indoor plants.