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6 Benefits of Having a Peace Lily in Your Home

The peace lily (Spathiphyllum) makes a beautiful houseplant and is common in many homes for good reason. Peace lilies have big glossy green leaves with a stark white bloom. Unlike their name suggests, peace lilies are not true lilies. They are part of the Araceae family, alongside other plants like callas and elephant ears.

These plants are not only lovely to look at, but they also have other benefits to enjoy. Check out these reasons to consider having one (or more!) peace lilies in your home.

Easy To Grow

Image credits: FotoHelin via Shutterstock

The peace lily is a great houseplant for first-time plant growers, or those looking for a low-maintenance plant to beautify the home. They enjoy room-temperature water and do well in indoor environments as the temperature is typically favorable. Attainable standards for even the most novice of growers.

A peace lily prefers moist, not soggy, soil and only needs water once the soil has recently dried. They are great communicators, as they will wilt if they do not receive enough water. Just water and the leaves will come back to life!

These plants enjoy life in a pot. Only repot a peace lily if the roots start growing through and plugging up the drainage holes in the pot. Peace lilies do not require much fertilizer -about one-quarter of the recommended strength- and grow well in most types of well-draining potting mix.

These standard plant practices make the peace lily a great easy-to-grow plant!

Low Light 

peace lily plant in living room
Image credits: cottonbro studio via pexels

While some plants have very specific light requirements, the peace lily is tolerant to varying light conditions. Peace lilies thrive when given bright, indirect light, but can adapt to low-light conditions as well. The peace lily is so tolerant to low light that it still will bloom under these conditions, unlike many other plants! This tolerance allows the peace lily to thrive in locations within the home that may not work for other plants.

Air Purifier

Peace Lily Plant
Image credits: Grumpy Cow Studios via Canva

Especially in the colder months, many people will find themselves spending more time indoors. Staying inside and not getting the benefits of fresh outdoor air can sometimes affect your health. Our homes have many chemicals due to the products used within the home, like paint, cleaners, mold, etc. Unless you enjoy windows wide open in the cold months, it can be a challenge to get rid of these chemicals in our air.

The peace lily is one of the top houseplants to have in the home to help clean the air. Studies have shown that the peace lily removes up to 74 percent of the Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOC) in the air and up to 68 percent of odors. Some examples of TVOC that these plants eliminate are benzene, ammonia, formaldehyde, and acetone vapors.

That settles it. Science affirms that houseplants are beneficial to one’s health! Run, don’t walk, to grab yourself a peace lily if you do not yet have one!

Promotes Sleep

blooming peace lily in a ceramic flowerpot and a tea or coffee cup on a saucer wooden bedside table
Image credits: maxfluor via Shutterstock

Peace lilies help to promote sleep, and who doesn’t want a bit of that? Poor sleep quality can lead to a whole host of problems such as the increased risk of depression, obesity, and injuries to name a few. In purifying the air, peace lilies can remove allergens that may prevent a restful slumber. Not only that, plants in general will help convert CO2 into oxygen and increased oxygen helps to promote better sleep as well!

Removes Mold Spores

peace lily against a light blue background
Image credits: Lan Gao via Unsplash

If you notice a theme here, peace lilies make the air cleaner! Having clean air brings a big list of benefits including removing mold spores from the air. Mold spores can cause an individual to experience symptoms such as respiratory problems, nasal and sinus congestion, watery eyes, and sore throats to name a few. Peace lilies remove mold spores from the air and convert them to food for themselves!

If you can reduce the chances of getting those symptoms and have a pretty plant to enjoy, it’s a no-brainer!


Peace Lily Spathiphyllum Houseplant in White Pot on Plant Stand
Image credit: Max Williams via Unsplash

Aside from all the health benefits provided by the peace lily, the aesthetic appeal is also important to note. This plant provides beautiful glossy deep green leaves with a white bloom, that has a light fragrance. Peace lilies can grow anywhere from one to six feet, depending on the environment.

With around 4o different species of peace lilies, there is sure to be a variation you will enjoy in your own home!

A Perfect Companion

Peace lilies are one of those plants that are not only beautiful to look at. As a well-known air purifying plant, there is an abundance of health benefits to cleaner indoor air! Better sleep, and removal of allergens and mold spores to name a few. They’re easy to grow attitude makes these lilies perfect for even the newest plant parent.

Do you enjoy peace lilies within your home? Share and comment below on why you love your peace lily!