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Best 20” Chainsaw: Professional Power for Home Use

Chainsaws are a handy tool to have around. Their cutting power is superior to any other handheld tool, and they are very portable, making them invaluable for property maintenance and landscaping issues. A 20-inch saw is an excellent all-around option due to its powerful versatility for an amazing range of jobs you can get done with it, plus the gas-powered engine is easy to maintain with a little knowledge.

Our reviews of the best 20-inch chainsaws below highlight popular consumer choices for both home and professional use. These top picks include dependable brand names and options that include best for the money products to meet a wide range of needs.

Husqvarna 455 Rancher 20-Inch Gas-Powered Chain Saw - Best 20” Chainsaw: Professional Power for Home UseHusqvarna 455 Rancher 20-Inch Gas-Powered Chain Saw
  • Weight: 12.8 lbs
  • Bar Length: 13-20 inches
  • Warranty: 4 Years
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Echo CS-590 20 Timber Wolf Chainsaw - Best 20” Chainsaw: Professional Power for Home UseEcho CS-590 20 Timber Wolf Chainsaw
  • Weight: 17 lbs
  • Bar length: 13-20 inches
  • Warranty: 5 year consumer
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Makita 20 56 cc Chain Saw - Best 20” Chainsaw: Professional Power for Home UseMakita 20 56 cc Chain Saw
  • Weight: 12.8 lbs
  • Bar length: 20 inches
  • Warranty: 1 year
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Wemars 62cc Gas Chainsaw - Best 20” Chainsaw: Professional Power for Home UseWemars 62cc Gas Chainsaw
  • Weight: 18.91 lbs
  • Bar length: 20 inches
  • Warranty: N/A
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Poulan Pro 50cc Gas Powered Chain Saw - Best 20” Chainsaw: Professional Power for Home UsePoulan Pro 50cc Gas Powered Chain Saw
  • Weight: 17.8 lbs
  • Bar length: 13-20 inches
  • Warranty: 2 years
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Why You Can Trust Us

The other day my dad came round to help me clear some trees that fell over in a recent storm. They were pine trees, so soft wood. We figured with two chainsaws going, we’d be done before lunch.Unfortunately, the chainsaw he’d borrowed from the neighbour wasn’t up to the job. The chain then kept slipping off the bar, and, bizarrely, the choke wouldn’t stay in place so the engine kept starving and stalling.

If you don’t want this to happen to you, then you’re in the right place. We’re here to help you choose products that are capable of getting the job done. Have a read through our reviews of the best rated chainsaws available. And then, if you’ve discovered that a 20-inch chainsaw is the tool you need, we have this extensive list of reviews of the best 20-inch chainsaws on the market.

Top 5 20-inch Chainsaw Reviews

The following reviews are top brand picks and highlight everything from popular professional choices to homeowner value deals. These are dependable, powerful saws worth considering.

Best With Automatic Chain Oiler

Husqvarna 455 Rancher 20-Inch Gas-Powered Chain Saw
    This chainsaw designed for the logging industry will take any job you throw at it. Backed by the legendary Husqvarna name, you can't go wrong here.



Why We Like It: One of the leading brand names in the chainsaw industry, Husqvarna knows chainsaws and provides some of the best machinery for the price. The 455 Rancher has a large 55.5cc engine that can support a 20-inch bar and chain or lower for power and versatility in any job situation. Made for the logging industry, this is a powerhouse for all your cutting needs.

The X-Torq engine supports a 20% increase in fuel consumption for uninterrupted work and the low vibration technology keeps you comfortable in all work conditions. An air cleaning system also provides air flow for engine efficiency and gas usage. This also helps keep your filters free from debris to extend the life of your machine.

Who Should Buy It: At only 12.8 lbs this is a powerful, lightweight choice for all-day work no matter whether you are cutting professionally or completing your own landscape maintenance.

Best For Large Trees

Echo CS-590 20 Timber Wolf Chainsaw
    This large, commercial grade chainsaw can handle heavy work and long days. .



Why We Like It: Echo is a professionally trusted brand name that comes highly rated. This Timber Wolf, 20-inch saw is powered by a 59.8cc engine that can handle heavy work for long periods of time. This is one of the largest models offered by the company and is labeled for commercial, as well as home, use. The wrap around handle provides grip and reach for the well balanced 17 lbs body.

A decompression valve exists for easy starting, and a patented G-force engine pre-cleaner is built in to provide a free flow of clean air to the engine. This keeps you running smoothly without bogging down and boosts power. It also has a vibration dampener and tool-less access for easy maintenance.

Who Should Buy It: Durable and built for professional use, this is an excellent value saw that can last you a lifetime. The engine size is perfect for heavy, 40-inch cuts with excellent balance.

Best Light Chainsaw

Makita 20 56 cc Chain Saw
    Don't let the light weight of this chainsaw fool you, this thing is a beast. Made to be easy to use without compromising on power and performance.



Why We Like It: Makita is a trusted homeowner brand that builds dependable tools for home and business. The high power to weight ratio of this model boasts a durable 56cc engine and 20-inch chain for heavy duty use supported by quality running parts. Made to make your job easier, this saw weighs in at a mere 12.8 lbs, making it one of the lightest in its class. It also has other easy to use features such as a spring assisted starter and heavy-duty filter system for excellent air flow.

It also has an easy to clean chain compartment for efficient maintenance. Plus, an advanced vibration dampening system helps reduce the effort you need to put forth while working. It also has a touch and stops lever for even quicker power off. Perfect for heavy workloads, this is a great saw at a great value.

Who Should Buy It: Landscaping, home, ranch, and farm environments will be able to use this saw for just about any job it is needed for.

Best Budget-Friendly

Wemars 62cc Gas Chainsaw
    If you're on a budget, but still need easy cuts and a powerful saw, here it is. The 20 inch bar and 62cc engine make this a standard working chainsaw without the hefty price tag.



Why We Like It: This saw comes with a larger than standard engine with a lower than standard price tag. The Wemars Chainsaw can handle a long day in the field and it’s light weight means you’ll be able to as well. The automatic chain lubricator will keep things running smoothly so you won’t have to stop your work for chainsaw maintenance. The low kickback safety function means you’re more likely to keep all your limbs and digits while the electronic ignition system means easy starts whether the engine is warm or cold.

Who Should Buy It: If you still need the power and reliability of a professional chainsaw but your budget is a little tight, the Wemars Chainsaw will fit your needs.

Best With Inertia-Activated Chain Break

Poulan Pro 50cc Gas Powered Chain Saw
    For regular maintenance around the backyard or homestead, you need something light and reliable, just like this 50cc chainsaw. Find out why it's a favorite among homeowners.



Why We Like It: Poulin Pro is a popular brand name for DIY projects and is readily available at your favorite home maintenance store. The 50cc chainsaw is more than capable of logging, bucking, and milling, yet is compact and lightweight enough for quick jobs around the house. Although fully capable of supporting the 20-inch chain it comes with, it easily swaps out for smaller sizes when needed.

The OxyPower engine allows for a clean running tool and is efficient in its work. It also includes safety features like a low kickback bar and chain brake, as well as easy-grip features for excellent maneuverability. Plus, it has easy access to the fuel filter and a combi-tool located in the handle.

Who Should Buy It: A homeowner favorite, this is an excellent value and strong tool for moderate to heavy jobs.

20” Chainsaw Use and Power

20-inch chainsaws, in particular, are incredibly useful tools to have. These are highly versatile due to engine power and can be used for a wide variety of jobs to save you time and money both with landscape maintenance, as well as property care. The power provided from the engine support not only a 20-inch bar and chain, which is considered a commercial size for professional sized jobs but also many smaller bar lengths as well to make them work in more compact cutting situations.

Because of the power required for a chain of this length, these saws are powered by a gas engine, generally of a 46cc engine displacement or higher. These 2 stroke engines are easy to maintain and clean, as discussed further in more detail below. Perfect for large log cutting, tree removal, firewood cutting, construction work, and log milling. The 20-inch option provides all the power you need without becoming too heavy or cumbersome to handle for long periods of time.

How Chainsaw Sizes Differ

Different sizes of chainsaw

If you are wondering about the differences in chainsaw size and what sort of jobs they can handle, it’s important to understand the large variations found in chainsaw models to see where a 20-inch saw belongs. Bar and chain lengths of a saw can vary anywhere from 10 to 59 inches and may be powered with either an electric or gas engine. Smaller options are generally used for small cutting jobs and carving and are more likely to be more widely available in both electric and gas version. Take a look at the best small chainsaws if you’re going this route.

If 20 inches is just a little too big for what you need, take a look at the best 18-inch chainsaws available. 20-inch saws fall on the side of a more professional length and are usually the smallest size used commercially. But as mentioned above, they are also highly versatile, especially for homeowner use. These saws are still a bit more compact overall and easy to handle, but still, have the power to rip through some seriously heavy job loads.

Choosing A 20” Model

Consider a few things prior to purchasing a 20” chainsaw. This is a powerful tool and sometimes bigger is not always better, but the versatility of this size is often a selling point. Ask yourself the following:

What am I using my chainsaw for?

Remington RM4620 Outlaw 46cc 20-inch Chainsaw 2

A 20-inch saw is a hefty bit of machinery power-wise, and if you aren’t planning on doing much more than cut firewood and other simple tasks, it may be too large for what you need it for. Using a saw that is too big for your job can be a safety hazard. But if you have a wide range of jobs you would like to tackle, including heavy cutting, then the ability to change out bar lengths and take advantage of its versatility may be worth considering.

Do I have experience with chainsaws?

As mentioned, this is a power saw. If you have never used a chainsaw before, or are not very adept at their use, you may want to take a quick safety course and handle larger saws so you know what to expect.

Do I know how to maintain my saw?

A carpenter is shapen a chainsaw on tailgate. There is oil tank in tailgate for reduse stiffness of chainsaw.

Just like above, if you are unable to break down and put your saw back together, you probably won’t be running it for very long since regular maintenance is a must. Knowing how to tighten your chain and adjust the carburettor if needed is also handy knowledge for keeping your saw at its best.

How We Picked

  • Size. This is a post abut 20-inch chainsaws, so they obviously all need to fall into this category.
  • Power. When you’re looking at chainsaws in this size range, you’re looking at some pretty powerful equipment. The standard is a 46cc engine, with variations either way. We’ve included a bit of a range.
  • Safety. Chainsaws are dangerous. And ones of this size are heavy equipment. We’ve made sure all these models have the standard safety features as an absolute minimum.
  • Budget. We like to offer a range of prices so that readers with any budget can find something that suits them.

Once The Sawdust Has Settled…

The Husqvarna 455 Rancher 20-Inch Gas-Powered Chain Saw is our top pick. Husqvarna is a highly regarded name for a reason; they make good equipment. This powerful machine is made for the logging industry but will be right at home in your backyard. All this at an affordable price point makes this our top pick for 20-inch chainsaws.

If you need a powerful saw then a versatile 20-inch choice is a perfect consideration. The provided reviews are some of the best options provided by consumers for comfortable, dependable use and long lasting power. Whether you are looking for a value saw, or a more professional model, these are the choices you can count on to get the job done.

If you have a favorite make and model, let us know below. And, as always, please share.