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Best Above-Ground Pool Covers

There are many reasons to cover your pool. First of all, it adds the convenience of keeping leaves and other yard detritus out of your pool. Secondly, it keeps out young children or pets out of the water. Finally, it also keeps your pool warm for longer.

If you have one of the best above-ground pools, a good cover makes it last longer. In this article, we’re going to look at the best above-ground pool covers for your consideration. Keep reading to find the perfect one for yourself. 


Swimline CO924 Pool Cover - Best Above-Ground Pool CoversSwimline CO924 Pool Cover
  • Material: Unclear
  • Shape: Round
  • Warranty: 1 year
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Burxoe Pool Cover - Best Above-Ground Pool CoversBurxoe Pool Cover
  • Material: High quality PVC
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Warranty: N/A
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Intex Solar Cover - Best Above-Ground Pool CoversIntex Solar Cover
  • Material: Durable 160 micron material
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Warranty: 30 days
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Blue Wave BWC922 Pool Cover - Best Above-Ground Pool CoversBlue Wave BWC922 Pool Cover
  • Material: Polyethylene
  • Shape: Oval
  • Warranty: Limited 15 years (3 years fully rated)
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Winter Block Aboveground Pool Winter Cover - Best Above-Ground Pool CoversWinter Block Aboveground Pool Winter Cover
  • Material: Laminated polyethylene
  • Shape: Round
  • Warranty: 1 month
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Why You Can Trust Us

I used to work on luxury yachts that had built-in hot tubs on the top deck. If the hot tub didn’t have a solid cover, it would easily get empty. Thanks to this job, I learned about which covers to use, the importance of cleaning them properly, and that the simplest ones are sometimes the best.

I combined some of the knowledge and experience I gained from my years at sea with countless online reviews about pool covers on the market. The result is this post, which will give you a range of choices for the best above-ground pool covers available today.

Best For Water Permeability

Swimline CO924 Pool Cover
    The tight netting of this pool cover will keep vegetation out and let rain through, for peace of mind all winter long



Why We Like It: Leaves and other droppings won’t get to the pool with this cover. Made from a woven space-age material, the holes in this netting are small enough to block anything that lands on top of it.

Another advantage of the netting is that rain will pass right through. It means you don’t have to worry about the weight of water damaging the product after a downpour. The ratchet and reinforced anchor holes mean you can tension this cover as much as it’s necessary.

Who Should Buy It: This product is great for those that want to cover their pool with zero maintenance. 

Best For Insulation

Burxoe Pool Cover
    This insulative cover will keep all the days warmth in your pool overnight. What's more, it will also prevent excessive vegetation from entering your pool.



Why We Like It: It’s perfect for storing all warmth provided by the sun during the day. 

The goal of this cover is to insulate your pool after the water has been warmed on a sunny day. Before the sun sets, cover your pool and keep all that warm water for another day. In addition, the cover keeps leaves and dirt. 

Who Should Buy It: This cover is a good option if you want a layer of insulation to keep your pool warm at night.

Best For Heating Your Pool

Intex Solar Cover
    Here's a cover that uses the sun to warm your pool water, and keep it warm at the same time



Why We Like It: This cover insulates and warms your pool up in the sun. 

The air bubbles in the cover absorb the heat and transfer it to the water below. This means you can warm your pool, and keep it hot. It also prevents evaporation by up to 95% during the day. So you’re heating and saving water at the same time.

Who Should Buy It: Try this cover out if you want to harness the heat of the sun to warm your pool.

Best For Harsh Winters

Blue Wave BWC922 Pool Cover
    Designed to completely seal your pool off from the outside world, this cover is the product you need for overwintering your pool in harsh climates.



Why We Like It: A cover that stands up to wind, snow, or ice and keeps everything out. 

This cover is designed to completely block off your pool from the outside once it’s on. The ratcheting system with the reinforced metal grommets means you can keep it nice and tight and sealed around the edges. If used correctly, you can peel the cover off at the beginning of next spring to find crystal clear water below.

Who Should Buy It: This product is for you if you want to cover your pool completely during the winter.

Best For Round Pools

Winter Block Aboveground Pool Winter Cover
    This round cover is the answer to overwintering your round pool. The extra thick material will stand the test of time, season after season



Why We Like It: This round cover will make winterizing your pool extremely easy. 

The extra-thick, laminated polyethylene cover will withstand the season after UV exposure. It comes with everything you need to install. The tensioning cable and winch will make sure of a tight fit. It means no leaves or unexpected vegetation when you take the cover off in spring.

Who Should Buy It: This cover is for you if you want to be sure of a tight fit that will keep debris out over the winter months.


Colorful Beach Ball In Blue Pool
Raphaël Biscaldi via

All covers are different, and each product comes with a manual giving you detailed instructions on how to cover your pool. However, to be sure that the use of your cover is simple enough, I would like to go through some basic instructions.

How To Put It On

Before you can put a cover on your pool, it has to be fastened. Most above-ground pools have anchors on the frame for this function. If yours is built-in, it should have some hardware around the edge that is capable of receiving the cover. 

It’s best to install the cover while all the cables are loose. It’ll allow you to do it effortlessly. Once this is done, you have to tighten it up. It’s best practice to tense each point gradually until everything is tight.

If you have one of the solar covers, they are designed to float on top of the water, and no extra hardware is necessary. Just lay the cover on top of the water. A roller on one end of the pool can make the whole process a lot smoother and neater.

How To Remove It

To remove the cover, you’ll have to do the reverse of the installation process. Firstly, release all the tension from the ratchet and cable or tensioning system. The cover will now be hanging loose, probably resting on the water.

Remove the cover from the anchor points, and slide the cover off in one clean movement. I recommend asking someone for help with that step. If you’re going to be storing the cover long-term during the swimming season, read the next section before you put it away.

How To Clean It

It’s easiest and most effective to clean the cover when it’s not above the pool. The best way is to open it up and spread it out over a flat area that you don’t mind getting wet, such as a lawn or outside deck.

Fill a bucket with your favorite all-purpose cleaner and clean water. Grab a soft-bristled brush, a telescoping pole, and get scrubbing. Make sure you do this to both sides and rinse well.

Make sure the cover is dry before you put it away. Whether you leave it out to dry or use a chamois, storing a dry cover means that mold won’t have a chance to grow over time.

How To Get Water Off It

To properly maintain your cover, consider buying a squeegee. It’s designed to scrape water off and away from surfaces. It’s very effective, and your cover will be puddle-free.

Another way is forcing your cover to maintain a convex shape over your pool. It’ll make the water runoff instead of pooling. You can do this by adding a bowed frame that stretches right across your pool with the cover sitting on top.

How We Picked

Pools and covers come in all shapes and sizes. There are many aspects of a pool cover that can make or break the product. Nobody wants the cover to tear as you’re ratcheting it down before the first winter storm. To help you make the best choice for your pool, we came up with a list of criteria that we think are the most important for a good pool cover.

  • Material: Pool covers are made from different materials. Some are designed to let water through, but not vegetation. Others keep everything out and warmth in the pool. Either way, we made sure these covers were made with durable materials that won’t tear easily.
  • Installation method: A loose pool cover is not a good thing. If the wind doesn’t blow it away, there will be all sorts of debris and vegetation that will sneak in underneath. Except for solar covers, the rest have a tensioning system to make them tight.
  • Shape: We included a range of shapes and sizes of the covers, so there’s something for most pools. 


Among many outstanding products available on the market right now, our top pick for above-ground pool covers is the Swimline CO924 24-Foot Round Above Ground Swimming Pool Cover. The fine holes in this net will keep everything out. 

You can put it on, and rest assured that you won’t have any debris or vegetation finding its way into your pool. It also means that when it rains, you won’t have to worry about it caving in from all that extra weight. It’ll also make sure that your pool is safe and clean during the winter.

Let us know which cover from our list you find the most suitable, and as always, please share!