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Grilled Pizza: The Best Accessories to Cook Pizza on the Grill

Everyone loves grilling and pizza, but did you know you can have a grilled pizza? That’s right, a pizza fresh off the grill is soon to be your new favorite meal.

Grilled pizza should definitely be added to your camping recipes. To get it right, and have delicious, hassle-free pizzas fresh off the grill, you’re going to need some equipment to help you out. Check out our list below for everything you need for grilled pizza.

    Heritage Pizza Stone

    Non-stick pizzas on the grill

    Although it’s such a simple accessory, the pizza stone has a big impact. The secret is that the stone heats up completely, so when you place a pizza to cook on the stone, the bottom of the pizza is cooked evenly throughout. What's more, it has a non-stick surface for effortless operation. Simply throw it on the grill, wait for it to get hot, and start cooking. To get grill marks on the bottom of your pizza, remove the pizza from the stone and place it directly on the grill for a minute or two before serving.
    Caveman Pizza Peel

    For moving hot pizza

    An essential tool for cooking pizza, a pizza peel allows you to move hot pizzas around with ease. It's like a giant spatula that allows you to scoop up the whole hot pizza from a hot surface and move it to where you need it to be. It's an essential tool for any pizza-making operation. No pizza party is complete without a pizza peel.
    KitchenAid Pizza Wheel

    Simple slicing

    Cut even slices with a few passes of this premium KitchenAid pizza cutter. Pizza’s are round, they come in a square box, and we eat them in triangles. To go from a round pizza to a triangular slice, you need a pizza cutter to make short work of the job. These pizza cutters will easily slice through your perfect pizza crust for clean slices.
    Cuisinart Grill Top Pizza Oven Kit

    Pizza oven on the grill

    No pizza oven? No problem! This grill top pizza oven attachment means you can turn your grill into a pizza oven. It is a step up from a conventional oven in your pizza-making journey. It’s powered your grill heat, mimics a pizza oven right there on top of your grill, and will produce gourmet, crispy crust pizzas in minutes.
    Heat resistant BBQ gloves

    Prevent burned hands while grilling

    If you’ve spent any time grilling, you’ll know that getting your hands too close to the action could result in burns at worst and a few singed finger hairs at best. The thing is, to cook food properly on the grill, you have to get close to the action! To avoid the smell of burnt finger hair, grab a pair of these heat-resistant gloves, and you’ll be able to sling pizzas for hours.
    KAMaster Ash Rake

    Essential for wood-fired pizza

    An ash rake is an essential accessory to have if you’re using a wood-fired grill to cook up some wood-fired pizzas. The thing about cooking over fire is that your fire might cook your food unevenly. An ash rake allows you to avoid this problem by redistributing the coals evenly throughout the cooking area. It’s also useful to clean the ash out of the grill when you're done.
    Metalcraft Pizza Popper

    Pop those bubbles

    No surprises here if you’ve never heard of this tool before. Bubbly pizza dough leads to uneven cooking of your pizza. To prevent burned areas mixed in with the uncooked dough, use this bubble popper to pop bubbles as they rise. You can also use this tool to spin the pizza around if you notice it cooking unevenly.
    Checkered Chef Pizza Cutting Board

    Perfect slices, every time

    Once you’ve scooped your perfectly cooked pizza off the grill, you’re going to have to put it somewhere. Why not put it on this pizza-sized cutting board, complete with slice size guides for accurate slice sizes across the entire pizza.
    Lunarable Pizza Apron

    Stay clean, cook pizza

    Why not get into the theme of things with this Italian flag apron. Keep yourself clean while you cook pizzas on the grill
    The Elements of Pizza

    Gourmet pizza recipes

    Pizza is hard to get wrong. What’s not to like about melted cheese and dough? Extraordinary pizza, however, takes a little bit of know-how. Delve into the science behind world-class pizzas and try some new recipes with this cookbook all about pizza.

To Wrap Up

With the above tools, you’ll be able to turn your grill nights into a pizza party. If you’re serious about pizza and ready to go all-in, the pizza oven attachment is the way to go. This way, you can churn out consistently amazing pizzas right off the grill.

For the more casual pizza griller, a pizza stone and pizza peel are about all you need. You’ll be able to cook pizzas right there on the grill next to your other grilled food. The peel will make handling a hot and ready pizza much easier. Of course, heat-resistant gloves are always a good thing to have around when you’re cooking over fire.

What do you think? Are you ready to take your grilling experience into the world of pizza? Comment below and let us know.