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Advanced Platinum LED P-Series Grow Light Reviews

I am a huge fan in exploring ways to effectively harvest produce through the seasons, and one way to ensure a healthy plant crop is to pay particular attention to your light sources. Whether you are a serious grower, or a hobby enthusiast, choosing an effective grow light can have you enjoying your choice of fruit, vegetable, or flowering blooms in no time. The Platinum LED company has created a series of quality lights available to the general public. Considered some of the most powerful in the current market, these LED panels are considered not only efficient in their use, but also lightweight and economical. Below, you’ll find our Advanced Platinum LED Grow Light Reviews, and a brief overview of their features for you to better decide which might be best for you.

Advanced Platinum LED P-Series Grow Light Comparison Chart

Advanced Platinum Series P150

LED Quantity: 50
Average Watts: 86w
Max Veg. Coverage: 4.5’ x 3.5’
Hardcore Bloom Coverage: 3’ x 1.5’
Panel Dimensions: 19” x 5”
Advanced Platinum Series P300

LED Quantity: 100
Average Watts: 180w
Max Veg. Coverage: 4.5’ x 3.8’
Hardcore Bloom Coverage: 3’ x 2’
Panel Dimensions: 19” x 8.25”
Advanced Platinum Series P450

LED Quantity: 150
Average Watts: 255w
Max Veg. Coverage: 4.5’ x 4’’
Hardcore Bloom Coverage: 3’ x 2.5’
Panel Dimensions: 19” x 11”
Advanced Platinum Series P600

LED Quantity: 200
Average Watts: 368w
Max Veg. Coverage: 6’ x 3.75’
Hardcore Bloom Coverage: 5’ x 2’
Panel Dimensions: 36” x 8”
Advanced Platinum Series P900

LED Quantity: 300
Average Watts: 557w
Max Veg. Coverage: 6’ x 4’
Hardcore Bloom Coverage: 5’ x 3’
Panel Dimensions: 36” x 11”
Advanced Platinum Series P1200

LED Quantity: 400
Average Watts: 690w
Max Veg. Coverage: 6’ x 5.5’
Hardcore Bloom Coverage: 5’ x 4’
Panel Dimensions: 36” x 19”

How Does a Grow Light Work?

A grow light is an artificial light that uses a specific light spectrum to support healthy plant growth and production through spectral light wavelengths. Plants require light in order to survive, and this is especially true for indoor plants as windows may not emit enough light for your plant to be healthy. Grow lights can mimic the light spectrum found within sunlight that helps plants produce photosynthesis, a chemical process in which light energy is converted into food the plant can use to grow and produce. Different colored wavelengths found within the light spectrum provide differing temperatures utilized by the plant for this process.
Plants utilize both the warmer blue, and cooler red wavelengths during different stages of plant growth. Seedlings and early growth usually prefer the warmer blue to put out healthy shoots and height, whereas late growth and production best utilize the cooler reds and oranges.

What is Advanced Platinum LED P-Series ?

The Platinum LED P-series is an advanced light system that incorporates 6 different choices of lights for your personal grow needs. Toted by the company as the most powerful grow lights available, all while saving you in energy output- making them more efficient than comparable products. These lights provide a optimal blend of 12 different bands of light found within the light spectrum to give a more complete coverage for plant to utilize during all stages of growth. Each panel is also equipped with secondary focusing lenses to penetrate deep within the plant canopy to ensure you entire plant is receiving the light it needs for maximum production. They all come with complete 5 year warranty that covers all manufacturers defects as well; this also includes free shipping both ways. A 90 day money back guarantee also provides peace of mind surrounding your investment.

Why LED?

LED lights are short for light emitting diode, and have become a popular bulb due to their small space, long life, and very low heat emittance. Since they are used within light panels, this means that each small individualized bulb can be customized to emit the light spectrum needed. When combined, a panel of LED bulbs can create everything that is needed for all stages of plant growth all in one place. This saves growers the hassle of having to purchase separate bulbs for various plants and their respective growth.

How to Choose the Best Advanced Platinum Series for Your Grow

Although all of the products found within the P-Series provide high quality performance, there are differing specifications each have to better provide coverage for your needs. The details of each light are specific to its uses and coverage area, and may be wanted for varying reasons depending on your individual grow space.

What stages of plant development do you need to support?

As mentioned, various stages of plant growth require variable light spectrum needs. Are you looking for a light to help develop seedlings only, or do you need better coverage for later stages of growth and production. You also need to take into account whether you are providing light to vegetative states of plants, or bloom. Plants that are not producing do not need a high light intensity and the light you provide will be different than the light used for production.

How much space do you need to cover?

Where you are growing your crop, and how much space you have available for it, helps determine the area you need to provide with light. Vegetative growth, or for plants that are not productive can often be provided a wider coverage of light, whereas those plants that are producing need a smaller, more concentrated area.

What crops do you plan on growing?

What crops you plan on growing also influence your decision concerning your light choices. Some prefer ‘hotter’ spectrums in varying stages, whereas others may be more tolerant of the cooler colors. Knowing your plant, and its very specific needs, will help you get the best yield possible- and help you choose the products that better support it.

The Advanced Platinum LED P-Series Explained

All of the Platinum LED P-Series lights currently have the highest PAR per watt of any leading competitive product. PAR stands for Photosynthetic Active Radiation is the measurement of how strong the light intensity is emitted by each individual LED bulb.

Advanced Platinum Series P150

Quick Info

  • LED Quantity: 50
  • Average Watts: 86w
  • Max Veg. Coverage: 4.5’ x 3.5’
  • Hardcore Bloom Coverage: 3’ x 1.5’
  • Panel Dimensions: 19” x 5”
Made to replace a 250w High Pressure Sodium (HPS) grow light, the Platinum P150 only consumes, on average, 86w of power. At only 19 inches long, and 5 inches wide, this is the smallest of the P-Series grow lights and is made to pack an effective punch. Specific for smaller grows, you can provide up to approximately 16 square feet of coverage depending on your stages of growth, and what you are growing. The 3 watt bulbs are also exceptionally powerful and are equipped with a toggle switch that you can use to control both vegetative, and bloom spectral lights, to provide the best amount of light possible for all plant growth stages. The system is also set up with whisper quiet fans in order to keep air circulating and to avoid heat retention which could damage the unit. This is a light made specifically for compact spaces, and fits perfectly in areas designed for closet grows and clone chambers. The fans keep unit from overheating in small spaces, and the intense bloom coverage for producing plants is only 4.5 square feet.


  • Strong sunlight alternative
  • Excellent customer support\
  • Creates very little heat


  • Cord not very long
  • Coverage may be slightly less

Advanced Platinum Series P300

Quick Info

  • LED Quantity: 100
  • Average Watts: 180w
  • Max Veg. Coverage: 4.5’ x 3.8’
  • Hardcore Bloom Coverage: 3’ x 2’
  • Panel Dimensions: 19” x 8.25”
The Platinum P300 was made to replace a 400w HPS grow light and run on an average of 180w to save you on your energy bill. 19 inches long, and 8.25 inches wide, this is the most popular light in the series sold due to how versatile it is for differing grow sizes. With a total of 17 square feet of coverage for vegetative grows, this is a good choice to use alone, or with a series of other lights for even more coverage. The toggle switch allows you to choose between veg or bloom grows, and also allows you to use both at the same time for various stages of plant growth. The 3 watt LED bulbs are powerful to reach into the whole of your plant canopy to provide light to all parts of your plants. Made specifically for both small sized grows, as well as to use within larger spaces, the Platinum L300 is the perfect choice for closet and tent grows, as well as larger scale needs. It is also an excellent choice for both herb and vegetable production.


  • Increased performance with both veg and bloom
  • Great for flowering plants
  • Noticeable plant growth


  • May not cover as much space as advertised
  • Fans slightly loud
  • Must experiment with distance

Advanced Platinum Series P450

Quick Info

  • LED Quantity: 150
  • Average Watts: 255w
  • Max Veg. Coverage: 4.5’ x 4’’
  • Hardcore Bloom Coverage: 3’ x 2.5’
  • Panel Dimensions: 19” x 11”
The P-Series 450 easily replaced a 600w HPS bulb, to provide a more efficient, lower energy product your plants will love. Measuring 19 inches by 11 inches, this LED panel may be all you need for compact grow spaces where you want to maximize your available light in both vegetative and bloom stages. Totaling up to 18 square feet of light coverage during vegetative growth and maintenance, it also packs a punch during your hardcore bloom needs for a total 7.5 square footage when you have it placed 18 inches above your canopy. Weighing only 32.5 pounds for such a decent sized unit, it is easily mounted and movable if needed. It is also equipped with aluminum heat sink trays, and whisper quiet fans to keep air in circulation and keep heat retention from settling around your plants, and within your grow space. Perfect for smaller spaces, but also an excellent choice for when more than one light is needed (but you are staying within a budget) the Platinum Series P450 is equipt to get light deep into your canopy. This helps provide maximum coverage to your entire plant which increases both plant growth and production yields.


  • Great quality
  • Excellent customer service
  • Noticeable plant growth and production


  • May need to move the light closer
  • Smaller light footprint then claimed

Advanced Platinum Series P600

Quick Info

  • LED Quantity: 200
  • Average Watts: 368w
  • Max Veg. Coverage: 6’ x 3.75’
  • Hardcore Bloom Coverage: 5’ x 2’
  • Panel Dimensions: 36” x 8”
Able to replace an 800w HPS grow light, the Platinum Series P600 is a powerful light strip created to be more versatile than the lower watt versions. The 36 by 8 inch panel can be utilized within smaller spaces, as well as for larger area coverage due to the long, yet narrow design. Maximum vegetative growth cover is 22.5 feet, with a bloom coverage of 10 square feet. The unique shape to allow you the opportunity to adjust your light to where you best feel it can be utilized. Plus, the entire unit only weighs 23 pounds and is easily adjustable for your desired coverage and light strength. This high output, cooler running product includes 200 bulbs at 3 watts each set into a panel that includes a heat sink tray to help keep any heat that is generate clear from your vegetation. A quiet fan system also allow for increased air flow to help maintain an idea grow space temperature. This is a neat design as the long shape makes it a versatile light that provides quite a bit of coverage for larger hobby grows, as well as for more serious production- especially when used with multiple products. The integrated secondary focusing lens penetrates into the canopy as well for excellent coverage through both growing, and production stages.


  • Great for vegetable production
  • Very durable housing
  • Great for all stages of growth


  • May not cover advertised footprint
  • Good customer service but sometimes hard to reach

Advanced Platinum Series P900

Quick Info

  • LED Quantity: 300
  • Average Watts: 557w
  • Max Veg. Coverage: 6’ x 4’
  • Hardcore Bloom Coverage: 5’ x 3’
  • Panel Dimensions: 36” x 11”
This is very effective light built to replace a 1000w HPS grow light. The large size at 36 x 11 inches dictates a very large spectral footprint created for good sized, serious grows where you have the proper space available. With a total coverage for vegetative state at 24 square feet, you can pretty much provide full spectrum light to an entire room if needed for non-productive plants. If you are looking for strong light for a good bloom, you can get up to a 15 square foot coverage when the light is placed at 18 inches above the plant canopy. You can easily adjust this height as needed, as well as adjust the intensity of the light spectrum to make it more effective for Veg and Bloom needs with just a flip of a switch. A cooling fan system, combined with an aluminum heat sink tray, gives you peace of mind concerning heat as it is well ventilated and circulated to keep from overheating the system. This product is very much built for the large scale grows where plant health and production is at a premium. The range of spectrum and 100% usable light is exactly what provides a maximum performance efficiency for excellent harvests.


  • Excellent veg cycle results
  • Very powerful, intense light
  • Stays cool, even when on high


  • Fans create a low hum
  • Very specific light footprint (does not spread)

Advanced Platinum Series P1200

Quick Info

  • LED Quantity: 400
  • Average Watts: 690w
  • Max Veg. Coverage: 6’ x 5.5’
  • Hardcore Bloom Coverage: 5’ x 4’
  • Panel Dimensions: 36” x 19”
The biggest in the series, the Platinum P1200 is capable of replacing a 1400w HPS grow light while consuming an average of 690 watts depending on your choice of usage. This is a powerful light specific to large scale, professional grows. Created for commercial use, this light is one of the most powerful lights available in the current market. The versatility of this makes is easy for serious medium to large home grows take advantage of the 33 square foot vegetative coverage, and 20 square foot bloom coverage. The panel itself measures 36 x 19 inches, and weighs approximately 42 pounds, making it light enough to move around if needed for the size, and also easy enough to make height adjustments to without too much of a hassle. Great for serious use, the Platinum Series P1200 is a durable, quality item that is created specifically for high yield and production needs which are 100% controllable through an easy toggle switch. Complete with heat sink tray and powerful fans to keep your light from overheating and running as it should, it’s hard to go wrong with such a large, powerful light source.


  • Noticeable increase to plant growth in both veg and bloom stages
  • Very powerful
  • Very energy efficient


  • Noisy fans
  • A bit heavy


Whether you are an enthusiastic hobbyist grower looking for year round produce, or a serious crop cultivator, the Advanced Platinum P-Series has a light to fit your needs. From a lightweight 150w small tent grow coverage, to a large scale, 1200w high yield crop cultivator, the P-Series is among the strongest, and most efficient LED panels currently available. The 12 light spectrum LED panels are a nice touch as well to ensure full coverage of all wavelengths needed for optimal plant growth and performance, as well as a control switch to focus your energy to differing stages of growth. We’d love to answer any questions you have or hear any comments pertaining to this particular product below. And, as always, please share!


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