Best Ariens Snow Blowers Review 2019
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Best Ariens Snow Blowers: Powerful Models for Any Job in 2021

You don’t want to be stuck wishing you hadn’t put off researching the best snowblowers once the first storm of winter hits. I spent exactly one season cursing myself as I shoveled out my drive each morning that I hadn’t planned better through the fall for the winter gales of the Northern state I lived in. Luckily even if you have been procrastinating, we live in a day and age where research for your best product is literally at the tips of your fingers- and you can get a product to help you get through the winter with ease.

Ariens snowblowers have been making tracks since the 1960s and have built up a pretty reputable name through the years. They have a wide range of model choices to meet the needs of everything from small yard clearance to commercial business support. Plus, their integrated traction systems found on some models make short work of steep, hilly grades to keep ice and snow from causing issues with access to your property.

Backyard Boss Top 3 Ariens Snow Blowers for Winter 2021

ARIENS PATH-PRO 21 IN. SINGLE-STAGE SNOW BLOWER-208CC - Best Ariens Snow Blowers: Powerful Models for Any Job in 2021ARIENS PATH-PRO 21 IN. SINGLE-STAGE SNOW BLOWER-208CC
  • Clearance width/height: ~ 21inch x 8 inch
  • Drive System: Auger driven
  • Warranty: 3 years +2 year extension
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ARIENS COMPACT (24) 223CC TWO-STAGE SNOW BLOWER - Best Ariens Snow Blowers: Powerful Models for Any Job in 2021ARIENS COMPACT (24) 223CC TWO-STAGE SNOW BLOWER
  • Clearance width/height: 20/24 inches x 20 inch housing
  • Drive System: 8 gear
  • Warranty: 3 years +2 year extension
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ARIENS ST24LE DELUXE 24 TWO-STAGE 254CC SNOW BLOWER - Best Ariens Snow Blowers: Powerful Models for Any Job in 2021ARIENS ST24LE DELUXE 24 TWO-STAGE 254CC SNOW BLOWER
  • Clearance width/height: 24/30 inch x 21 inch housing
  • Drive System: 8 gear
  • Warranty: 3 years +2 year extension
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Best Ariens Single-Stage Snowblower

Ariens Path-Pro 21 in. Single-Stage Snow Blower-208cc
    A snowblower perfect for most light-to-medium snowfalls and infrequent annual use.



WHY WE LIKE IT: If you’re looking for a quality Ariens snowblower, you can pick any of the three available models that are part of the Path Pro series. The first option is the SS21 208, which has a 21-inch clearing width and can remove up to 57 tons of snow per hour. Your second option is the Path Pro 208 with an electric start, which is very similar in terms of power and design to the SS21 but offers fast ignition thanks to the electric start system.

Alternatively, you can choose the Path PRO 208 Electric Start with remote chute, which gathers all the previous two models’ best features but adds a remote chute to the equation. The Ariens engine on these models ranges between 136cc to 208cc, and they include features such as large semi-pneumatic wheels, folding handlebars, and an easy-access maintenance hatch.

WHO SHOULD BUY IT: The Path Pro series of Ariens snowblowers is the perfect choice for looking for an affordable single-stage snowblower that can match household needs.

Best Ariens Two-Stage Snow Blower

Ariens ST24LE Deluxe 24 Two-Stage 254cc Snow Blower
    A more powerful model perfect for areas with heavier and more frequent snowfalls.



WHY WE LIKE IT: The Deluxe series of snow blowers features five different models that provide different clearing width options with different snow removal capacities. For instance, you can opt for the Deluxe 24, which has a 24-inch clearing width and can remove up to 62 tons of snow per hour. The most powerful model in the series is the Deluxe 30 EFI, which has a 30-inch clearing width and removes up to 71 tons of snow per hour.

All Deluxe models are excellent two-stage snow blowers with features such as dual belt drives, auto-turn steering, and 16-inch tires to provide excellent traction.

WHO SHOULD BUY IT: The Deluxe series of snowblowers is the perfect addition to a household where heavy snow tends to be a problem, as it can handle snowy blizzard residue with minimal effort on your behalf.

Best Ariens Compact Snow Blower

Ariens Compact (24) 223cc Two-Stage Snow Blower
    A lightweight, easy-maneuver snowblower that's a great option for most light to moderate snow clearing jobs.



WHY WE LIKE IT: When you’re looking for a high-quality compact snowblower, few options can beat the magnificence of the Compact series. Staying true to the features that have propelled Ariens to become the brand it is today. The Compact series is designed to provide mobility and power in a condensed package available in two different models.

The remote chute and cap rotation features work together to propel snow in the right direction. The 15-inch tires are responsible for the mobility and great traction of the Compact series, while the auto-turn steering is here to make sure that you can turn your slow blower with no turning radius, offering a smooth user experience every time.

WHO SHOULD BUY IT: The Compact series is for those who want a budget-friendly, compact machine with as much power as possible.

About the Ariens Company

The Ariens Company was born in 1933 in Brillion, Wisconsin, when the founder built his first rototiller in his garage. By 1945 the company had been recognized for its helpful products and their support of World War II through their innovative mobile mortar cases. When they entered into the lawn and garden market shortly after a riding lawn mower, the company truly took off as a Midwestern household name. In 1960 they introduced their first snowblower, and where better to perfect a snow-throwing machine than in an area that can measure their average snowfall in feet rather than inches? The company takes pride in its family name, with a local museum dedicated to showing how machinery helped shape the American landscape, partnering with current education STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mechanics) programs to help expose students to the science of the working world.

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Credit: Ariens

Why Choose an Ariens Snow Blower?

With over 3 billion gas-powered snowblowers sold since 1960, the Ariens name has become a lasting product in many households. Through the years, the company has applied new and innovative technologies and worked with consumers to meet property owners’ needs all over North America. Ariens also offers an interactive snow blower selector to help you sift through their many models to ensure you get the best product for your specifications surrounding snowfall and personal preferences. They also offer what is considered excellent customer support and a very comprehensive warranty.


Snowblowers all come with a 2 to 3-year warranty depending on the model you choose (commercial use has specific limitations). This protects against defects in material and workmanship. Authorized dealers repair or replace the parts in question free of charge within the time limits given. Extensions to certain parts are also offered for extra cost and peace of mind.

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Types of Ariens Snow Blowers

The versatile product offers brought to you by Ariens are nothing to sneeze at. The ten different product lines gathered under the same powerful brand name offer various snowblower options suitable for multiple needs and target different consumer markets.

Track Series Snow Blowers

The RapidTrak series is exclusive to the Ariens brand, and it’s one of the most versatile and adaptable lines of products that this company has to offer. You can select from multiple modes that are most suitable for a particular situation. You can select a model that’s designed for regular snow cleaning, one that makes the snowblower easier to maneuver, or a mode that provides better traction in deep snow.

Some of the other features that make the Track snowblower stand out from the crowd:

  • A hydrostatic drive with infinite speed control that gives you more power;
  • auto-turn, a combination of the zero-turn radius of a wheeled Sno-Thro® and a track machine power; and
  • a powerful engine capable of digging its way through thick and thin snow.

The Track series includes four different models: Compact Track 24, Professional 28 Hydro RapidTrak, Platinum 28 RapidTrack Sho, and Professional 32 Hydro RapidTrak.

Professional Series Snow Blowers

The Professional series might steer you on the wrong track and have you thinking that, as a homeowner, you don’t need that much torque. While it’s true that this might be a line of products too powerful for certain home-related scenarios, there are still multiple situations where you might find yourself in need of such a machine.

The design specifics blend perfectly with the power provided by the six rugged machines that are part of this line (Professional 28, Professional 28 Hydro EFI, Professional 28 Hydro RapidTrak, Professional 32, Professional 32 Hydro RapidTrak, and Professional 36 Hydro EFI).

The reinforced steel handlebars are sturdy and very easy to work with, providing sufficient grip regardless of the outdoor weather conditions. The 14-inch impeller is a powerful component that can throw away up to 102 tons of snow per hour. The motor is amongst the most powerful ones you’ll ever see in a snowblower, providing ignition with a simple turn of the key and a single pull.

Other features that are worth mentioning:

  • An auto-turn steering feature for precise turns with zero pressure;
  • a dual belt drive to extract more engine torque for more efficiency and less belt wear; and
  • an all-steel frame and dash, another sign of durability that makes these blowers worth every penny.

Platinum Series Snow Blowers

The Platinum series is a top-end line of residential snow blowers that provide the perfect balance between power and ease of maneuvering to give you everything you’d hoped for in a premium product of this category.

The heated handgrips make these snow blowers a delight to use under harsh winter conditions so that you won’t feel the nuisance of having to hold cold steel handles when outside temperatures are ruthless. The auto-turn steering is there to make sure you make precise and time-saving turns every time you’re working your way through piles of snow. The EFI engine is a regular powerhouse, using less fuel to deliver the same power you’re used to getting from Ariens snowblowers.

Other features that make these products stand out of the crowd:

  • The SHO (Super High Output) impeller that is capable of throwing snow fast and far away;
  • the capability to clear as much as 83 tons per hour; and
  • the cast-iron gear case that clears loads of snow thanks to the industry-leading auger ratio.

The Platinum series includes the following models: Platinum 24 SHO, Platinum 28 RapidTrak, Platinum 24 SHO EFI, and the Platinum 28 RapidTrak SHO.

Deluxe Series Snow Blowers

Designed with a 14-inch impeller that’s capable of clearing up to 72 tons of snow per hour and an EFI engine that works to deliver power efficiently without using too much fuel in the process, the Deluxe series is reflected in the five models that one can choose from: The Deluxe 24, Deluxe 28, Deluxe 28 SHO, Deluxe 30, and Deluxe 30 EFI.

The dual-best drive technology is present in the Deluxe series, too, with two belts that draw more engine torque to convert it into more snow-removal power with less wear-and-tear. The 16-inch tires deliver great mobility even when the surface tends to get a bit slippery. They work hand-in-hand with the auto-turn steering system that provides precise movements without making you feel like you’re putting in a huge amount of effort.

Compact Series Snow Blowers

The Compact series of Ariens snow blowers translated into plenty of power in a more delicate package. Despite the heavy-duty steel construction, you’ll be operating a machine that’s easy to handle and comes with specs worth looking forward to.

The all-steel construction is one of the many things that make these machines worth it. From housing to handlebars, everything is made from durable steel, despite the Compact series offering some of the most budget-friendly snow blowers that Ariens sells. The auto-turn steering is present on these models and makes sure that you can turn the machine with great precision.

The 15-inch tires are agile and mobile, the remote chute and cap rotation are capable of throwing snow in the direction of your choice, and the Ariens AX 23 Engine has a quick electric start and makes its way through difficult piles of snow.

Path Pro Series Snow Blowers

With a starting price lower than most quality snowblowers, the Path Pro series includes the following three models: the SS21 208, the Path PRO 208 Electric Start, and the Path PRO 208 Electric Start with remote chute. All of these models are equipped with the powerful Ariens engine ranging from 136cc to 208cc and capable of drifting its way through snow without any problems.

The scraper bar and the reinforced paddles are here to ensure snow is wiped away down to the ground, without any need for persistence. The semi-pneumatic wheels are very rugged and offer amazing traction. Thanks to the easy-access maintenance hatch offer easy access to internal parts that require your attention.

The electric start mechanism makes it easy to power up the machine without too much effort, while the folding handlebars turn this snowblower into a compact machine that allows you to store it even when you’re short on free space.

How to Choose the Best Ariens Snow Blower for You

As mentioned, the company provides a comprehensive snowblower selection service and the ability to compare up to three models at a time. Although each encompasses many more features and details than described above, each series has specific uses to help you narrow down your selection for specific snow clearing needs- and preferences, like traction for rough terrain (or heated handlebars!). When first reviewing snow blowers, first know what your climate tends to do through the winter months. If you receive regular light snowfall in your region, there’s no need to invest in an expensive, powerful machine. But areas that get daily snow or many heavy snowfalls per season require a more durable, larger piece of equipment. No matter what your needs, from homeowner to commercial professional, Ariens most likely has you covered!

Ariens Snow Blowers Wrapped Up

Ariens Path-Pro 21 in. Single-Stage Snow Blower-208cc
    A snowblower perfect for most light-to-medium snowfalls and infrequent annual use.



The Ariens Path Pro 21-inch Single Stage Snow Blower is our top pick for most regions because it offers a great balance of flexibility, usability, and price. It works on light snow to moderate wet snowfalls, can tackle banks while remaining relatively easy to handle, and is too much machine for most homeowners’ needs. And given that range, the price is just right.

If you have been exploring a new snowblower or reviewing the many companies that produce quality products, hopefully, this article has helped explain what the Ariens Company has to offer and what their product claims are. The long-standing tradition of building quality products that stands up to a family name is well worth considering when investing in this size.