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Best Backyard Bar

I grew up in a small town. While it was a lovely place to live, we didn’t have many attractions. My father and most of his friends were carpenters, so we all had amazing, hand-crafted bars in our backyards. Ours was my father’s masterpiece. For the time and effort he put into building it, our bar was our go-to entertainment spot. When I got older, I  spent a lot of time there with my friends, too. However, later moved to a bigger city.

From that day until today, I’ve lived in small places without the required area to set up a bar. It’s very frustrating because I made so many wonderful memories with my family and friends at our backyard bar. With a small space available, I thought it was impossible to have a private bar, so I sought out to find a solution.

I found out that there are smaller patio bars that can easily fit most areas. That’s why today I want to share our list of the best backyard bars that we small backyard enthusiasts love.


SUNCROWN Outdoor Bar Set  - Best Backyard BarSUNCROWN Outdoor Bar Set
  • Material: Wicker + glass
  • Set Includes: table, 2 chairs
  • Weight: 140 pounds
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Rolling Wicker Bar Cart - Best Backyard BarRolling Wicker Bar Cart
  • Material: Wicker + glass
  • Set Includes: Cart
  • Weight: 49 pounds
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Mr IRONSTONE Outdoor Bar Table - Best Backyard BarMr IRONSTONE Outdoor Bar Table
  • Material: hammer finish + plastic
  • Set Includes: Table
  • Weight: 12.5 pounds
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Aura Outdoor Patio Bar Set - Best Backyard BarAura Outdoor Patio Bar Set
  • Material: Rattan + Metal
  • Set Includes: table, 2 chairs
  • Weigh: 40 pounds
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Outdoor Wicker Bar Table Set  - Best Backyard BarOutdoor Wicker Bar Table Set
  • Material: Wicker + Metal
  • Set Includes: table, 4 chairs
  • Weight: 76 pounds
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Here at Backyard Boss, we enjoy spending time outside. For this reason, having a practical yet good-looking yard is very important to us. That’s why we’ve already created numerous articles about it, such as 128 backyard garden ideas, outdoor decorating ideas on a budget, or 33 DIY pallet garden and furniture ideas.

When it comes to backyard bars, they differ from each other. They have different sizes, styles, or prices. They’re also made of various materials. To know which bar is the most suitable, you will have to determine your needs first.

Before I found the perfect bar, I had gone through many product descriptions and customer reviews. I also shopped local retailers to get a better feel for comfort and size. Thanks to the knowledge and experience that I had gathered while doing this research, I created this list of the best backyard bars.


SUNCROWN Outdoor Bar Set
    This set comes with a high quality and durability and looks more expensive than really is.



Why We Like It: This durable and UV-resistant rattan wicker set comes with one table and two chairs.

With a solid tempered glass top and two comfortable chairs, you will feel like you’re at a real bar. The table has two shelves that you can use to store beverages, dishes, or anything you want. The glass cover is very strong and has enough space to put numerous things on it. The chairs are designed at the right height, so you can put your legs in a natural position to feel comfortable. They also come with cushions to increase the comfort even more.

Who Should Buy It: It’s going to be a perfect product for anyone who wants to have a durable set that allows them to feel like in a real bar.


Rolling Wicker Bar Cart
    This rolling cart is perfect for moving your mini bar from one place to another with ease.



Why We Like It: This weather-resistant wicker cart will allow you to transport up to 80 pounds from one place to another with ease.

Despite its lightweight and small size, it comes with many features. It has an ice bucket storage, so you can always have a cold beverage anywhere you put it. On the top of the table, there is a tempered glass cover. It allows you to make your favorite drinks. It’s also very durable, so you won’t have to be afraid of breaking it. Additionally, its pretty design provides a good style to any place you decide to locate it.

Who Should Buy It: If you’re looking for a portable bar that won’t take too much space and that can be moved around, consider buying it.


Mr IRONSTONE Outdoor Bar Table
    This bar table allows you to create an amazing area for dining or drinking cocktails anywhere you want.



Why We Like It: This bar table is made of a waterproof hammer finish, waterproof plastic board, waterproof screws and nuts, and waterproof spray paint.

It’s the lightest option on that list, yet it comes with high quality. It weighs only 12.5 pounds and is relatively small which means that you can put it anywhere you want with ease. It’s going to be a perfect product to fit even the smallest areas, such as balconies. You can leave it outside and don’t worry that something will happen to it, because it’s waterproof.

Who Should Buy It: If you don’t have too much space for a bar, or you want to change its location frequently, this product will be a perfect fit.


Aura Outdoor Patio Bar Set
    Durable and portable set that will allow you to enjoy your favorite beverage in a comfortable position.



Why We Like It: This highly durable set comes with two rattan stools and a high-top bistro table. 

It’s made of handwoven wicker and has a premium steel frameset. Those two features ensure that it will last long. The biggest advantage of this product is the comfort it provides. It’s thanks to extra cushions, a curved armrest, and a built-in footrest. Even though it contains three items, the whole set is very light. It means that you can easily move it around. Many clients were also satisfied with the customer service that the company provides.

Who Should Buy It: It’s going to be a perfect fit for anyone who values comfort and wants to set it up in smaller spaces.


Outdoor Wicker Bar Table Set
    This 5-piece set ensures a convenient outdoor dining experience for numerous people at once.



Why We Like It: This set contains one table and four chairs, making it great for spending time in a larger group.

The table comes with a bottle opener and a hideaway storage shelf inside the magnetic door. It’ll allow you to contain multiple items inside of it. The stools were made with comfortable footrests to enjoy your dining time even more. The whole set is not only practical but also eye-catching due to its pretty design. It can be used by four people, making it a perfect place to share meals with the whole family. 

Who Should Buy It: This product is perfect for anyone who wants to use it in a larger group and have enough space to place it.


Backyard bars, just like other outdoor furniture, are made of different materials. The three most common materials that you can find are wood, metal, and synthetics. Keep in mind that some of the bars are made of more than just one material, especially sets. I’ll explain to you now the differences between them, and highlight their benefits and downsides, so you know which material is going to fit your needs the most.


wooden backyard bar with three bottles on the table
Image Credits: Photo by Nathz Guardia on Unsplash

Wooden backyard furniture is always going to be a good choice. There is an enormous list of wood that you can choose from. The most popular are teak, acacia, eucalyptus, cedar, and pine. They come in various colors to match your backyard style. However, once you get bored with the original color, you can easily change it with paint.

If you like the appearance of the classic bar, wooden ones resemble them the most. Wood needs proper maintenance to last long. If you don’t mind taking care of it properly, you will have a bar for ages. Additionally, wood is a good insulator which means it won’t get hot during the summer or cold during the winter. 




Metal stools with an ocean view
Image Credits: JayMantri from Pixabay

Metal outdoor bars are becoming more and more popular. You can choose from different metals such as aluminum, wrought iron, stainless steel. or powder-coated steel. There are varying qualities of metal furniture that will determine the price, weight, and durability.

They’re well-known for their durability and long-lasting and usually don’t require too much maintenance. Unlike wood, metal isn’t a good insulator, so extra cushions on the stools are going to be a wise choice. When it comes to the tables, a tempered glass top is highly recommended.




Plastic bar with 6 fresh drinks on it
Image Credits: Kaizen Nguyễn via Unsplash

In this category of outdoor bars, the most popular ones are made of plastic, wicker, or rattan. They are the most affordable choice among the other materials and require minimum or zero maintenance. It’s easy to clean them. All you need to use is water with a bit of mild soap to make them look fresh.

The most common synthetic bars are made of wicker. This material is highly durable and doesn’t weigh much, so you can easily move it around whenever it’s needed. As well as wood, wicker comes in many colors to match any backyard or patio style. 




Image Credits: Valiant Made on Unsplash

The material that the bar is made of is one of the most important things to consider, before making a purchase. However, there are a few other significant factors that you have to keep in mind too. To help you choose the product that will be the most suitable, below we put the list of factors worth your consideration. 

  • Space and size. Before you buy a bar, make sure it’ll fit your available space. Try to think also about other areas that you could use to put it in the future. It’ll save you a lot of nerves and time.
  • Weather. Depending on the material that the furniture is made of, it’ll react differently to the weather conditions. Try to choose the bar that will be most suitable for the climate where you live. 
  • Storage space. If you want to use your bar only during some time, or if the climate where you live is rough, you’ll have to store your bar frequently. In that case, think in advance about the place where you’ll store it. 
  • Quality. You want your bar to serve you for years. If you aren’t willing to put a lot of effort into maintenance, do your research to know which bars don’t require it. 
  • Style. Having a stylish bar is very important. Since they come in many different styles, make sure the one you want to get will match your backyard or patio design.
  • Comfort. Your bar should look nice, but also should be comfortable. Depending on the material it’s made of, and its design, some models are more convenient than others. 
  • Accessories. Different bars come with various accessories, such as cushions, shelves, ice bucket storage, bottle openers, and more. Make sure that the bar you’re buying contains the necessary equipment.
  • Budget. Like any other furniture, bars also come at different prices. Depending on how much you’re willing to spend, put some time into finding the best products that will fit your budget.


Finding the perfect backyard bar can be challenging. They come in various materials, sizes, or colors. They provide different quality and comfort. You can get a whole set or complete your bar by buying separate pieces of furniture. That’s why we put on this list several products to meet different needs and requirements. Thanks to that everyone will be able to find something suitable.

This list consists of different backyard bars, however, all of them are the best products you can currently find on the market. To create it, I’ve gone through many product descriptions, read multiple customer reviews, and checked many of them in the local shops. That’s why I am confident that the bars that are here stand out from the competition.


Since we all have specific needs and requirements, we will benefit most from having different products. I live in an apartment with a small balcony, where I don’t have space for a big bar. However, I also value comfort a lot. Because of that, for me, the best choice was the Aurora Outdoor Patio Bar Set

My wife and I don’t receive too many people at our place, so it’s great for just the two of us. It provides us with the necessary comfort while it doesn’t take up too much space. It’s very light, so when the weather changes I can easily put it back in our apartment. 

Let us know in the comments section below which bar you like the most, and as always, please share!