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Best Fun Backyard Playsets for Kids of All Ages

If there was ever a time to spend with family, it is now. And if you’re lucky enough to be the owner of a yard, you can easily turn that place into Heaven for every family member, including the little ones. Parents that want to make that happen, but aren’t sure where to start: we’ve got some awesome ideas on how to turn your yard into a child-friendly space, and a bunch of products that can be put together to create a tremendous attraction for the little ones outside the comfort of your own home.

Trailblaze Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course for Kids - Best Fun Backyard Playsets for Kids of All AgesTrailblaze Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course for Kids
  • Age recommendations: 5 years and up
  • Materials used: PVC, wood, metal, polyethylene ropes
  • Included in package: all parts required for assembly in a durable carrying case
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ECR4Kids Gus Climb-N-Crawl Caterpillar - Best Fun Backyard Playsets for Kids of All AgesECR4Kids Gus Climb-N-Crawl Caterpillar
  • Age recommendations: 3-8 years
  • Materials used: heavy-duty plastic
  • Included in package: all parts required for assembly
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YEEGO DIRECT Climber Swing and Slide Set - Best Fun Backyard Playsets for Kids of All AgesYEEGO DIRECT Climber Swing and Slide Set
  • Age recommendations: 3 - 9 years
  • Materials used: plastic
  • Included in package: all parts required for assembly
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Backyard Discovery Liberty II All Cedar Wood Playset Swing Set - Best Fun Backyard Playsets for Kids of All AgesBackyard Discovery Liberty II All Cedar Wood Playset Swing Set
  • Age recommendations: 2 - 10 years
  • Materials used: cedar wood
  • Included in package: all parts required for assembly
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Big Backyard KidKraft Swing Set - Best Fun Backyard Playsets for Kids of All AgesBig Backyard KidKraft Swing Set
  • Age recommendations: 3 - 12 years
  • Materials used: cedar lumber
  • Included in package: wave slide, 2 x belt swings, vinyl chalkboard, sandbox, canopy, rock wall
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How Do I Make My Yard Safe for Outdoor Playsets?

Kids playing on a swing set in their backyardGetting kids to play outside these days can pose a true challenge, but what if you knew some of the tricks that could actually get the kids excited to spend some outdoor time? When you think about a child-friendly yard, there are two things that come to find: it has to be fun for them to want to stay outside more, but it also has to be safe. So, how do we make that happen? First thing’s first, let’s start with safety.

  • Children need to have some rules. You can create the safest backyard possible, but if you have at least two children playing in the yard, you need to make sure that they don’t shove or push each other while they’re playing, or either of them might get hurt if they’re not playing nice. You should also make sure that they follow some other ground rules, like staying away from areas that are off-limits (like the tool shed, for example) or making sure that whatever they’re playing within the backyard is used properly.
  • Make sure that there are no poisonous plants and flowers within the reach of children. It’s a common curiosity that leads children to touch and even try to eat things, so it’s important to make sure that no dangerous plants can be ingested.
  • If you have a swimming pool, you will need to pay close attention to children playing anywhere near it. Drowning is actually a very common cause for death for children under the age of four, so you need to make sure that your swimming pool is covered if your children are playing outside or make sure to supervise them at all times and keep them away from the pool. If possible, try to keep the access doors and windows to the pool area under supervision or locked, to make sure children don’t go near it.
  • If you set up different play structures in the yard, check them for signs of wear and tear before each playing session or at least once a week. This could be anything from swings to climbing walls. Anything from rotten wood to bolts coming loose needs to be spotted before any children can actually get hurt while playing.

How Do I Make Going Outdoors More Fun?

The second way in which an adult can make a backyard more child-friendly is by focusing on improvements that make the place more fun. Of course, keeping the yard some is important, but if there is nothing out there to stimulate curiosity, children are still going to stay inside and play video games or do some other things that don’t involve them getting vitamin D. That being said, what can you do to make the backyard more fun?

  • If your child is around the age of 1, a simple sandbox can provide more fun than you actually think. Since going to the beach isn’t an option for everyone (and in these times, it may not even be an option for those who live by the seaside), having a sandbox in the backyard is fun that all kids can join in.
  • Creating an obstacle course is an awesome idea if your child is at least 3 years old. If they have a playground, not only can they have fun, but it will also give them a chance to exercise. This is both good for their health and your peace of mind, knowing that they will eventually fall asleep faster if they get super tired playing throughout the day.
  • Observing the children, seeing what they like to do. and adapting that to outdoor activities is a really good idea. Does your child like to draw? Install an outdoor chalkboard. Are they climbing on furniture all the time? Maybe an obstacle course is more suited for them. You get the idea: observe, adapt, and improvise.
  • Give them the required space to get dirty. Don’t be afraid to make a sandbox or provide them with a special muddy corner where they can play with sticks and water and stones (as long as they don’t get hurt, of course). A simple sprinkler for kids can offer hours of fun and relief from the sun. Know that part of your children’s growth process is learning that they like to experiment.

Top 5 Kids Outdoor Games and Playgrounds

Moving on, we wanted to show you some really cool kids backyard playgrounds that can provide your children with hours of fun and give you an excuse to get them out of the house to play more and even exercise a bit.

Editor’s choice

What could better get your kids to play outside and get a decent amount of exercise if not an obstacle course? This one is made by Dripex and it is the perfect choice for parents who want a ready-made set for their children to mess around with and get some movement in.

The manufacturer takes pride in having made a set that’s super safe for children to use, as it comes with extra strong rope joints (that are made with double sewn casing), highest quality ratchet (with a rubberized grip), and really strong monkey bars (made from thick wood).

The set includes a bunch of items for you to create the perfect customized obstacle course, with monkey bars, fist holds, safety strap buckles, and gymnastic rings. In the package, you will also find a carrying bag for all these items, plus grip tape, two slacklines, and an instruction manual that will teach you how to set everything up.

Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course for Kids
    This obstacle course is a great purchase for parents who want their children to get more exercise and spend more time outdoors, provided that their children are at least 5 years old.



Best for small children

If your child is between the ages of 2 to 6, they will love this fun-looking caterpillar tunnel that brings all the playground fun into the comfort of your own yard. It is made with heavy-duty plastic parts and can be .

As long as your child is small enough to fit through the opening, this thing will find purpose in your backyard because it looks amazing. It comes with vivid colors and the cutest facial expression, plus the fact that we all know how much children love to hide and crawl through spaces.

The holes located on each side of the tunnel will make sure that sunlight goes in enough for the kids to find their way around and always see what they’re doing. The set is relatively easy to put together and because it’s made of plastic, it’s also really easy to hose it down whenever you want to clean it.

ECR4Kids Gus Climb-N-Crawl Caterpillar
    If you have a child between the ages of 3 and 8, and you know they’re fans of crawling and hiding, this structure will surely be fitting to their tastes.



Cutest design

Yes, we added this set to the list because we absolutely love it. It looks and feels different from every other playground that you can find on the market and there are plenty of fun things for children to do with it. This is a set that provides you with a slide for your children to gown down on, a basketball hoop that’s suitable for a child-size ball, and a swing.

Because of its all-plastic construction, the set is really easy to clean by wiping it with a cloth. The entire system can be set up with ease thanks to the hook-and-loop attachment. There are convenient steps that will help your child reach the top of the slide. The rounded edges of the set make it safe for children to use.

The guide rail of the swing is combined with a seat belt that easy to customize, making sure that even your youngest child can swing around without the risk of them falling off. In other words, you’ve got a great little setup great for indoor and outdoor use, ideal for any toddler.

YEEGO DIRECT Climber Swing and Slide Set
    If you’re looking for a playground that doesn’t occupy too much space and is perfect for a toddler of any age, then the Yeego set is an option worth considering.



Most durable construction

We move on to a playground setup that we really liked because it is made entirely out of high-quality cedar wood and durable plastic, and it is sturdy to the bone! This combo playhouse, slide and swingset is great for kids of all ages and interests, and the high-quality craftsmanship means it will be in your backyard for the grandkids.

The all-cedar playset includes a wooden playhouse includes two playdecks, a huge fort with slide, belt swings, a glider, sandbox, and features a wood roof and bay windows, sun porch with 5-ft high deck, safety railings on the lower playdeck with two pedestal seats for kids. The slide is 10 feet long and wavy for complete safety and super speed. The challenging solid rock climbing wall is great for kids and teens, too.

But let’s move onto the most important part and the one that parents want to know more about: construction. Made from cedar, this playhouse is equipped with Safe-T-Fuse locking nuts that will keep the construction together. The heavy-duty brackets that come in the package are designed to keep all the components together for years to come.

Backyard Discovery Liberty II All Cedar Wood Playset Swing Set
    Built to last and suitable for kids of all ages, the Liberty II Playset provides fun for the entire family for years to come.



Best overall

We are truly madly deeply in love with this playground set that provides children with so many fun activities to do, all while giving parents peace of mind knowing that they have invested in a quality product that’s built to last. While there are many things to love about this set, we wanted to go over some of the ones that we liked the most.

The entire set is designed to hold up to seven children playing at once, provided that they don’t exceed the weight of 110 pounds for each kid. The set comes with a high rail wave slide that kids are going to love. The two double belt swings are great for toddlers that enjoy the thrill that only a swing seems to be able to provide.

The upper deck is covered by a canopy that shields children from harmful UV rays. The chalk wall is a feature that will also because children love to draw and having a surface they can draw upon, erase whenever needed, and draw time and time again is just a wonderful thing to have.

Big Backyard KidKraft Swing Set
    If you want the ultimate playground for kids to have fun outdoors, but are also interested in factors like durability and the set’s capacity to hold as many children at once as possible, the Big Backyard playground is a gem worthwhile.



Bottom Line

Turning your backyard into a child-friendly zone becomes pretty much a priority when you have your own kids. You need to provide them with a safe space that has enough fun activities for them to want to spend more time outside in times when all kids seem to want is to be inside and play on their computers/tablets/phones/consoles.

With the playgrounds we’ve just shown you, hopefully we’ve proven that there’s an entire market ready to cater to the needs of parents who want to get their kids to spend more time outside.