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How to Find the Best Barbeque Smokers

Barbecue Pro Smokers are usually used by professional caterers and chefs to make the best-tasting barbecues. But anyone can make their own barbecue by using a residential grade type of barbecue pro smoker for family picnics, celebrations, and events.

Tailgate smokers and backyard pits are used by bistros, restaurants with patios, and cafe’s to make the best barbecues. There are handmade custom smokers and industrial-strength smokers of many different brands that are made to cook chicken, turkey, fish, beef, and pork in wonderfully tasting slow-cooked smoked foods.

Commercial grade types of pro smokers are used for large barbecue events that will cook for many people. There are also electric, gas, and charcoal smokers. Electric pro smoker grills are easy to use. Most people just have to plug them in, add wood and food, set temperature, and cook. They are usually versatile and mobile grills that can be moved around on wheels. Gas grills are mostly used by residents for outdoor barbecuing of hamburgers and hot dogs. Charcoal smokers will use charcoal and fuel to light up. There are professional types of charcoal grills that are used for outdoor picnics for large events.

Barbecue Smoker Brands

Pitt’s and Spitts Smokers

Firebox is mounted underneath the cooking chamber for better heating. They have great characteristics for smoking many types of meat at the most precise temperatures.

Big Green Egg

Big Green Egg grill cooking in a backyard with steam coming out top.

Japanese design type of Charcoal grill that is better than most smokers because it has capabilities to cook at low temperatures for a very long time without people having to pay too much attention to it. The slow cooking temperatures help to cook the meat slowly for greater taste. The grill looks like a vertical water smoker.

Big Drum Smoker

Combination of jumbo smokers and barbecue grills that uses charcoal. The fireboxes have extra grilling grates where the meat can be grilled while it is smoking, and an extra charcoal grate for the smoking chamber.

Weber Smokey Mountain

    Weber Smokey Mountain

Weber Smokey Mountain charcoal smoker
    Weber's 22-inch smoker comes with two cooking grates, which gives you enough space to smoke two large items.

Super-sized 726 square inch smoker that is great for competition cookouts that can cook up to sixty pounds of meat at one time. Has unassisted long cooking times.


Elite electric pro smoker that is mostly used as a commercial barbecue grill for restaurants. Burns wood chunks and has a meat probe that allows a person to monitor the meat without needing to open the door.

Lang Model

This is a patio style barbecue smoker grill that are built to look like tanks. Most heaviest and solid type of smoker. Can cook for one hundred people.

Super Cajun Grill

Cajun grill that can smoke and grill at the same time. Adjustable coal tray, optional firebox side mount, and real fire smoker.


David Klose is a Texan who designed many barbecue handmade smokers that are the best on the market. They are 20 inch by 30 inch size large smokers that are mostly used for large cook offs.

The Good One

This is a heavy and solid charcoal competition smoker. There are also smaller open range charcoal smokers sold from the brands of The Good One. It is a classic smoke box that can smoke and grill at the same time and has very precise temperature controls.

J.R. Enterprise

Largest and most expensive double barrel barbecue smoker with a big reservoir for water that cooks meat to be moist. Can smoke up to 30 pounds of meat.

Kingfisher Kooker

Gas powered grill that can smoke and grill at the same time. Oldest grill out of all the other grills.