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The Best Bat Guano Fertilizer for Your Garden

Bat guano is one of the most potent components of several high-quality fertilizer mixes. Some folks, with a bit of experience, even use bat manure in its raw form with success as well.

In this guide, we discuss what it is that makes the best bat guano fertilizer so great for your plants. We also review our picks for five of the smartest products to invest in this year.

Backyard Boss Top 5 Bat Guano Fertilizers for 2021

Dr. Earth 726 Premium Organic and Natural Bat Guano with Trubiotic - The Best Bat Guano Fertilizer for Your GardenDr. Earth 726 Premium Organic and Natural Bat Guano with Trubiotic
  • Size: 1.5 pounds
  • Formulation: 7-3-1
  • Misc: Includes trubiotic
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The Guano Company Budswel - The Best Bat Guano Fertilizer for Your GardenThe Guano Company Budswel
  • Size: 1 gal (approximately 8 pounds)
  • Formation: 1-10-1 (or) 5-5-5
  • Misc: Includes earthworm castings and seabird guano
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GuanFerty Bat Guano - The Best Bat Guano Fertilizer for Your GardenGuanFerty Bat Guano
  • Size: 2 pounds
  • Formation: 2-3-2
  • Misc: All-natural and odorless
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Earth Juice Rainbox Mix Pro - The Best Bat Guano Fertilizer for Your GardenEarth Juice Rainbox Mix Pro
  • Size: 5 pounds
  • Formation: 2-14-1
  • Misc: Contains over a dozen potent microbes
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Down to Earth All Natural Seabird Guano Fertilizer Mix - The Best Bat Guano Fertilizer for Your GardenDown to Earth All Natural Seabird Guano Fertilizer Mix
  • Size: 5 pounds
  • Formation: 0-11-0
  • All-natural ingredients
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Why You Can Trust Us

I first crossed paths with bat guano roughly twenty years ago. I was in the planning stages of a project for growing orchids indoors with artificial lighting. I had purchased a High-Pressure Sodium drop light, a handful of fluorescent tube lights, and the container for growing them in. I was researching about the sort of soil mix that would be best, and whatever else I might need for getting these difficult to grow but gorgeous flowers to do their thing when a friend of the family clued me in about bat guano fertilizer.

After an interesting conversation on the subject, he offered to bring me some of this particular sort of manure before I started my flowers. I was floored after trying the stuff as it exceeded all my expectations. Not only was I able to grow the orchids with little to no difficulties, but when I applied it to other plants I had grown before, they all seemed to grow much better than before.

It is with this knowledge that I went into researching, outlining, and writing this guide. And it is my utmost pleasure to share about this strange but amazing manure with those who haven’t yet tried it for themselves. Each of the following products has the BYB stamp of approval and is well worthy of yours!

Best for Flowers and Fruits

Dr. Earth 726 Premium Organic and Natural Bat Guano With Trubiotic
    The Dr. Earth 726 Premium blend is a powerful bat guano fertilizer mix with all the right ingredients to make even the most raggedy plants spring to life.



The Dr. Earth 726 Premium Organic and Natural bat guano fertilizer mix is hand-crafted and includes five helpful strains of microbes. It also includes Trubiotic and Dr. Earth Superactive soil and seed inoculant. This beneficial mix makes it an extra-fast acting source of nitrogen.

For gardeners, especially those who enjoy growing the best-looking flowers and fruits in the neighborhood, this product works great and promotes serious plant growth. You can use it as a stand-alone fertilizer or as an ingredient in fertilizer tea. You can also use it on all types of plants.

What We Like: The fact that this product is dual-purpose, as a solid fertilizer and/or as a tea, is one of our favorite benefits. That it is infused with Trubiotics is another perk we enjoy. It has landed “Best for Flowers and Fruits,” on our list, but works just fine on a much wider variety of plants including the small trees, herbs, and more.

Who Should Buy This: If you grow flowers indoors, Dr. Earth 726 Premium is a great fertilizer choice to feed your babies. Likewise, if you have an herb garden or flower beds outside, this product could be well worth your consideration.

Best for Liquid Application

The Guano Company Budswel
    For those who are interested in indoor growing, including hydroponically, few bat guano products offer such an easy and effective boost to your plants than this gallon of Budswel Liquid solution from The Guano Company.



If it is a liquid version of bat guano fertilizer that you are after, it doesn’t get much better than Hydrofarm Super Bat Budswel Soil Nutrient from The Guano Company. This product contains a highly effective mixture of bat guano, earthworm castings, and seabird guano. It is high in phosphorous and includes zero synthetic materials.

The formula is designed to benefit gardens of all shapes, sizes, and varieties. Whether you are growing tomatoes, potatoes, pansies, or perry winkle, this liquid can be your garden’s new secret sauce. This product’s clever NPK of one percent Nitrogen, ten percent Phosphorus, and one percent Potassium makes all the world of difference to your plants. It may be a bit on the expensive side, compared to typical garden fertilizers, but in most consumers’ opinions it seems to be well worth the money.

What We Like: Our favorite thing about this fertilizer is that it is all-purpose, including hydroponics. Also, this product is made by a company that specializes in one thing; bat poop. And, given the subject and nature of this guide, a strong understanding and working knowledge of bat goo is a strong plus for a product maker to have.

Who Should Buy This: Whether you’re gardening as a hobby, planning amazing flower beds, or growing hydroponic strawberries for your grandmother to turn into jam, this magical bat sauce could be the determining factor in your next successful grow project.

Best for Roses

GuanFerty Bat Guano
    If you have roses, or other outside plants that are not doing so great, this organic solution could be the pick-me-up they need to start thriving.



This product may well be the underdog of our list, which generally made us even more curious about it during our research phase. It turns out that GuanFerty may be lesser-known to many green thumbs and new would-be gardeners but probably not for long. This product, and its manufacturer, has only been around fora few years but has already been making waves in the gardening community. In addition to feeding or boosting your plants, it also makes plants more resistant to parasites and disease.

GuanFerty Bat Guanollon is an organic soil conditioner and/or fertilizer, like the rest of the items on our list, but it is a bit different than the others. It consists of a well-balanced NPK mixture of 2-3-2. Despite the product being 100-percent natural, it is odorless, which is a great feat for a bat guano based product to achieve. The mix works well as a diet for crops but is also designed for helping soil recover from nutrient-loss and arid conditions. To that end, the product activates mycorrhizal, i.e. helpful microorganisms to plants.

What We Like: We choose this one as our top pick for roses, but the truth is, it has an all-purpose design that works well with all plants. That said, it also works as a means for raising a plant’s immune system and helps make them resistant to many diseases and parasites. And, any genuine rose gardener knows how much of a benefit something like this can be.

Who Should Buy This: Again, anyone that grows roses can greatly benefit from this pick. Not only does it give your roses bigger and healthier plums, but it actively works to protect your roses from environmental issues. If you grow and sell roses, or simply want the most marvelous bushes on the street, you would do well to at least consider looking more closely into GuanFerty.

Best for General Purposes

Earth Juice Rainbox Mix Pro
    Big things come in small packages, or so they say. With this two-pound package of GuanFerty Bat Guano, the old saying couldn't be more true! This mix will make just about anything grow quicker, stronger, and better.



With a whopping 29 individual strains of beneficial microbes and mycorrhizae and other all-natural ingredients, the Rainbow Mix Pro Bloom Fertilizer lends your green thumb a powerful punch in the yard and garden. In fact, the product was specially designed for high-performance gardening. If you are into competitive gardening or are merely competing with yourself, from grow to grow, this product is one for your consideration. Even more, it works as a pre-mix, booster for soil, plant tea, or top/side fertilizer.

No matter what you are growing, this mix can definitely shake things up in the most positive manner. A few of the most notable and potent ingredients, besides the miraculous bat goo, to this most awesome product includes fungi like pisolithus tinctorius, sclerodermas, rhizopogons, and microbes such as bacilli, azospirillums, pseudomonas fluorescent, and more. All you need is a tablespoon or two per gallon of water, or between a quart and a full cup of mix for every cubic foot of soil that it is applied to. This stuff can even be used for your lawn if it is in bad shape and in need of a serious revitalization.

What We Like: The number of beneficial microbes and mycorrhizae fungi found in this product is phenomenal. It goes well beyond the much smaller range of such components that exist in most similar products. The fact that it can be used to help propagate plants, regenerate soil, and even bring back plants from the brink of death in some cases, is another impressive aspect we like a lot.

Who Should Buy This: When it comes to repairing/rebuilding worn-out soil, or restoring plants suffering from nutrient deficiency, there are few better bat guano products on the market. Not only should you give this product a second thought if you have plants that just don’t seem to do so well no matter what you do, but you should also consider it as the main ingredient for watering your dying or dead lawn.

Best Alternative to Bat Guano

Down to Earth All Natural Seabird Guano Fertilizer Mix
    Not so sure about bat guano? No worries! This fertilizer from Down to Earth escapes the bat manure and still yields impressive results for your plants.



Regardless of how spectacular bat guano fertilizer mixes are, and they really are, no blowing smoke here, they are just not the type of aid some folks are looking for. After performing adequate research, if you’ve arrived at the conclusion that you don’t want to use bat guano, but want something safer yet similar, behold, Down to Earth All Natural Seabird Guano Fertilizer Mix may be the final destination in your quest to unearth the best choice for your plants. This one works well on everything from vegetables and flowers to melons, blackberries, and grapes.

Though not quite the same as bat guano, it has just as beneficial a fertilizer mix. It is even listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute as safe to use in organic production. The NPK is less than one percent nitrogen, eleven percent phosphorus, and less than one percent potassium, so the main difference between it and the rest of our list is that it is not the same fast-acting agent of nitrogen as the others. The good thing is that it can also be used directly in soil or as a liquid/tea and has the same sort of positive effect on the size and amount of blooms on flowering and fruiting plants.

What We Like: The potency of this diverse fertilizer mix speaks for itself. Nevermind its lack of bat guano, it is infused with bird guano and other ingredients shared in many of the other products on our list. We love that it is such a natural and strong aid to root development and healthy blooms.

Who Should Buy This: If you are uncomfortable with the idea of bat guano, due to fear of the rare but potential side-effects associated with it, or otherwise, this organic fertilizer from Down to Earth could be “the one” that turns things around for you and your plants, whatever variety they may be.

Benefits of Bat Guano Fertilizer Compared to Other Fertilizers

For hundreds of years, bat guano has been a valuable ingredient in high-grade manure-based fertilizers. According to research, bat goo has proven to consistently improve plant growth. Further, in comparison to typical fertilizers, bat guano shows greater rates of growth as well. Even when compared to chemical fertilizer treatments, bat guano showed superior growth.

But, to really understand the differences between bat guano and other fertilizers, you first need to understand what a fertilizer grade is and how important it is. It is the classification given to each product based on its ingredients, and the amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. On the label, the fertilizer grade, also known as NPK, is shown as three numbers.

Most fertilizers purchased on the market are “mixed,” meaning they have more than one active ingredient as well as filler. The recommended NPK for yards and gardens range from 5-10-5, 5-10-10, and 10-10-10 to odder grades like 8-0-24 and 6-6-18. These generic blends offer basic nutrients to your soil, and therefore improve plant health.

Now let’s take a closer look at a few of the most significant differences between bat guano and other fertilizers:

Fertilizer Grade

In comparison to the typical NPK, bat guano fertilizer is generally 10-3-1. That means it contains ten percent nitrogen, three percent phosphorus, and one percent potassium. That said, the NPK can change drastically from product to product. For example, the NPKs from our list are 1-10-1, 5-5-5, 2-14-1, 2-3-2, and 7-3-1.

Most bat guano fertilizers are higher in phosphorus than nitrogen and potassium, but again, this is not always the case. At any rate, the nitrogen in these mixes increases growth in nearly all plants, including grass. The potassium strengthens stalks, stems, and branches. And, finally, phosphorus adds a major boost in flowering, blooming, and root development stages of growth.

Soil Conditioning

Aside from aiding your plants in their various stages of growth and development, bat guano fertilizer also may be beneficial to the texture of the soil itself. If your soil is loose and worn out, the fertilizer helps tighten it up and holds it together. If, on the other hand, your soil is too dense, the fertilizer can make it lighter. Further, bat guano is hard to leach from the soil. That means that plants benefit from its effects for a much longer period of time than other fertilizers.

Beneficial Microbes

Microbes found in the guano also benefit your plants and soil in various ways. One such way is that they allow more water and air into the soil. At the same time, one of the biggest benefits of the microbes specific to bat guano is that they aid in the cleaning of toxic materials in the soil, for example aluminum. Additionally, these microbes help speed up the time of decomposition of other components in the soil as well as repelling disease and pests including nematodes.

Best Place to Use Bat Guano Fertilizer

a bed with pink gerbera

Bat guano fertilizer can be used inside or outside, in hobby gardens, commercial farms, in yards, and even in hydroponic grow systems. It works as a main component in potent soil mixes, as a top dressing, and as a liquid tea for plants.

A few of the best places to use it include:

  • On vegetable beds in gardens and greenhouses
  • On flower beds and herb gardens
  • In containers housing flowers and ornamentals
  • On the ground/topsoil around perennials
  • As a dressing around trees of the fruit and nut varieties
  • In the water supply of hydroponic grow systems
  • As an additive to mulch or compost piles
  • As a top dressing for your lawn
  • On the ground/topsoil around rose bushes

The above list is just to give a few examples. The best place for you to use bat guano is likely the place where your garden needs the most help.

Bat Guano FAQs

Picking the right product is crucial when you’re growing specific sorts of plants. These frequently asked questions about bat guano should help you determine whether or not it is right for you and your plants.

What exactly is bat guano?

Bat guano, simply put, is droppings that come from bats. The big deal about it, however, is that it is excellent for growing due to its high levels of nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium. It controls nematodes in the soil as it is a natural fungicide, and it also works well for a compost accelerator/activator. In the past, bat guano was sought after for use in the making of explosives and gunpowder as well.

How is bat guano dangerous?

Bat guano fertilizer is generally considered safe to use. There is a certain aspect of danger associated with it though, due to a fungus (Histoplasma Capsulatum) that is known to grow and thrive on raw bat guano. Histoplasmosis, a respiratory disease that can cause severe sickness, and even in very rare cases death, has been a side-effect of breathing in the spores from Histoplasma capsulatum. The same fungus grows on bird guano as well.

Is bat guano worth the money?

Yes, most gardeners find bat guano to be well worth the money. It is not only a high-grade manure/fertilizer that helps speed up decomposition as well as helping control soil health, but it also outlasts most types of manure/fertilizer on the market.

Where can I buy bat guano?

You can buy bat guano at large department stores such as HomeDepot and Walmart. But, for those who live in areas where these products are limited, which depends on how popular gardening is in your area, they can be purchased online through various retailers including Amazon and eBay.

Can I collect bat guano myself?

Technically speaking, yes, you can collect bat guano yourself. However, unless you are familiar with the protocols for collecting toxic materials, it is not recommended that you collect raw bat droppings. Bat guano fertilizers on the market are collected/cultivated by experts and used as the main ingredient in a fertilizer mix. It is much safer to purchase bat guano in a finished product rather than attempt to procuring it on your own.

Is bat guano fertilizer good for my lawn?

Yes, bat guano is an excellent lawn fertilizer. It not only strengthens grass on the top side, making it greener and thicker, it also stimulates root growth under the surface of the lawn. However, depending on the product you select, and the size and nature of your yard, it may be an expensive choice. If your primary reason for investing in fertilizer is for your lawn, perhaps one of these lawn fertilizers we reviewed may be a better choice.

Want to learn more about fertilizing your yard? If so, you may be interested in our lawn fertilizer guide.

How We Picked

As a long-time gardener, and being very much familiar with bat guano, I was excited to work on this project and help others reap the same wonderful benefits that I have from time to time over the past twenty years. That said, in the fertilizer industry, bat guano products are not as common as other, less exotic, types of fertilizers are.

After having a preliminary scouting session, we were able to narrow our scope down to less than ten products. From that point, we took a much closer look at each one. We checked for brand history/integrity, what types of other ingredients were in the mix, how natural the products were, price, and guarantees.  We then scratched off a few, dug through customer reviews, and scratched off another one. The first four items on our list are the only ones that made the final cut. The fifth product on our list is an alternative for those who want something similar but just don’t feel like bat manure is the best solution for them.

Picking the Best Guano Fertilizer for Your Needs

All things considered, any one of the bat guano fertilizers on our list, including the seabird guano alternative, would probably fit your needs as each one of them is genuinely a potent gardening aid. Hopefully, our guide and top picks help you refine your search for the best bat guano fertilizer and select the best one for you and your specific needs.

Our favorite is the Dr. Earth 726 Premium Organic and Natural Bat Guano With Trubiotic. It is our top pick for the best bat guano product due to its diverse nature, potent ingredients, aside from the bat goo itself, and the wide variety of uses it has. It can be used as a top dressing, soil mix, tea, and as an additive to hydroponic systems as well.