The Best Biophilic Wall Art for 2022
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The Best Biophilic Wall Art for 2022

Let’s be honest. It doesn’t matter if you’re an avid workaholic or a dedicated yogi, the stresses of day-to-day living have an immense impact on our health and wellness. We tend to get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of urbanized living, that we forget we are also a part of this beautiful thing called Nature.

Over the past few years, research has proved that an intimate relationship with plants and animals can lower our daily stress levels, and help us get back to a healthy mind, body, and soul connection. So don’t worry if you can’t venture out into nature as much as you’d like to, we’ve got you covered! With the help of biophilic architecture and wall art, you can bring the great outdoors, indoors!

Backyard Boss Top 15 Best Biophilic Wall Art for 2022

    Mkono Wall Hanging Planter

    Where Science and Nature Meet

    Having the ability to combine two of the world’s most important spectrums of life is always a good idea! The art of glass and wood will forever be an eclectic way to bring happiness into your home. With the MKono Hanging Terrarium not only can you place your beloved plants into stylish beakers, but the aesthetic of this hanging plant stand is simple, stylish, and affordable. If you find yourself stuck at home for varying hours throughout the day, at least it’d be nice to experience natural decor at its finest.
    Besuerte Store's Wall Decor

    Rustic to the Rescue

    Versatility is the hallmark of modern-day innovation. No longer are jars simply made for cold drinks or delicious spices, in fact, they make a darn-good planter as well! You can now officially say goodbye to boring wall art by brightening your life (and impressing your friends) with this rustic farmhouse decor. If adding a faux plant or two isn't your thing, we recommend adding white roses for charm and Eucalyptus for their healing and medicinal properties.
    wall26 Canvas Print Wall Art

    Where Earth and Water Meet

    Why stare at the bare walls of your humble abode, when you can gaze into the infinite wonders of mountains and rivers? The most beautiful part about this biophilic design from Wall26 is that it captures a scene that we rarely get to experience in real life- even if we do go outdoors quite a bit. This would be a perfect addition to your house and home, especially if you’re looking to add a nice touch of adventure to it.
    Mandala Natural Wood Home Decor

    Sacred Shapes for Sacred Plants

    This Mandala Natural Wood design trend carries a significant level of grandeur to it. The geometrical shapes that represent the natural world invoke positivity and clarity to anyone who experiences it. This biophilic design is a handmade piece of natural divinity and has the ability to bring joy and relaxation to your home. The subtleness of its appearance will capture your heart, but its intricate design will capture your mind.
    Old River Outdoors Tree of Life

    Tree of Life

    Here's another biophilic design to blow your mind. The “Tree of Life” has been renowned throughout history as a foundational part of inner peace and prosperity. Along with bonsai trees and organic bamboo, having this popular piece of history within your home is said to have positive effects on your mind and psyche. If there was ever a single road to tranquility and solace, the “Tree of Life” would most definitely be standing strong at the end of it.
    Ecosides Succulent Planter

    The Relevant Elements

    Creating metals, pressurizing stones, and crushing rocks into sand, is just another day at the office for Mother Earth. So for all of the scatterbrained homebodies out there… this green design is for you. While you were taking on a number of difficult tasks at your workplace all week, the Earth definitely understands your struggle. Ecosides has done a great job with putting this mixed material Terrarium together for your viewing pleasure. So relax, take a deep breath, and bask in the Earth’s ever-giving potential just for a second.
    LVZHIHUAN Moss Wall

    Moss Be Nice!

    Want to set a trend and re-establish your connection with nature? We can learn a thing or two about a little organism called Moss. The greatest thing about mosses is that they attach and grow where water and nutrients are most dense. This means that mosses thrive in conditions that include the essential building blocks of life and deviate from conditions that serve it no purpose. If we are truly trying to get to the inner peace within us, then moss is one of the greatest teachers we can learn from. These green walls by LVZHIHUAN are both wondrous and stylish all in the same breath.
    Forest Canvas Wall Art Decor

    Three-Piece Art Display

    For anyone that lives in the city, you need this 3-piece art display from Lovely Home Essentials. To portray the morning forest with the sun beaming brightly through the roughage has always been a soothing experience for the onlooker. While it may be time to get out of your chair and stretch a bit, never forget that connecting with images like this one will add a little touch of positivity to your most stressful days.
    Arfbear Forest Tapestry

    I Scry with My Little Eye

    Have you ever just plopped onto your couch after a super long day at your workplace, and just stared at the art around your home? No? Well, let’s get you started then! This amazing biophilic design by Arfbear is meant for you to get lost in the wilderness, right from the sanctity of your home. Art gazing (called scrying) is an ancient tradition that focuses your mind by unfocusing your eyes. Sounds strange? Well. So is not trying something new, so, get to it! And thank us later.
    Large Faux Deer Head Wall Art

    I Deer you to Relax!

    It’s always a good day when you see animal art that isn’t the actual animal! This geometric deer head is both articulate in its disposition and ravishing in its construction as well. The golden birds on the antlers were a nice touch of realism for the overall display, and the monochromatic color palette used on the deer definitely brought about a very calming sense of self just at the right time. And you guessed it, absolutely no hunting required.
    Abstract Canvas Wall Art

    Birds of a Feather, Chill Out Together

    We live in an abstract world, so it’s only right we experience abstract art from time to time. This biophilic design by MHartK66 is a majestic compilation of bird feathers that resemble the traditional symbolisms of indigenous tribes. What is truly impressive about this art piece is that it is gentle on the eyes and enlightening for the soul. We really can’t see how anyone could not immediately feel relieved with artwork like this hanging around the house.
    Tushelia Forest Tapestry

    Enchanted Forest

    Step into the realm of unlimited possibilities, while we take you through the enchanted forests of serenity! What a great time to be alive when you can bring an entire cave of trees into your bedroom or living space. This enormous masterpiece is an excellent way to either start your day or bring a close to the night. There is such an entrancing quality to this artwork created by Tushelia, that we’re not sure whether to hang it on our wall, or the ceiling above our bed! Definitely an amazing piece of biophilic art.
    Metal Leaf Wall Art

    Leaves of Steel

    It is in your best interest to understand how delicate life can be, and how much time we spend treading through life with our heads in the sand. Once we regain our vision, it is imperative that we embrace the growth that is meant for us, and make sure to visit our happy places time and time again. This Black and Metal contribution to the world comes from Deco 79, and truly embodies a minimalist view of nature. Nothing too crazy or out of the ordinary, but still captures the essence of perpetual elevation from the seeds we plant in our minds. Truly inspiring.
    Macrame Wall Hanging Shelf

    The Begotten Love of Cotton

    Handcrafted pieces created through the art of weaving will forever be an immaculate form of expression. It reminds us that we don’t need to be complex beings in order to enjoy the gifts that the Earth offers us. This Macrame hanging shelf is made of 100% cotton and reminds us that even the softer moments in life can become hard lessons if we underestimate the power of their abilities.
    Pauwer Succulent Wedding Wreath

    Succulent Wreaths

    The power of a well-constructed wreath can bring an immense amount of purpose into your life and home. Typically, wreaths are meant for commemorating an idea or an event, and by merely adopting a tradition for a wreath to represent, is only half the battle. The other half is remembering every day why your wreath is so important and necessary to your life, in order to keep your energy sharp and focused. The fact that this particular wreath by Pauwer is made from the ever-gracious succulent plant is simply icing on the relaxation cake.

Which One’s Our Top Pick?

When we push our minds and bodies to the limit and then push them some more, we are bound to be faced with destructive results. It is important for our health to find time to get back to our natural elements within nature and seize the opportunity to connect deeply with our organic brothers and sisters.

Sometimes, having too many choices can be stressful as well, so we have gone the extra mile to give you our top three choices from the list of the best biophilic design ideas and wall art, in regards to the trifecta of Mind, Body, and Soul.


To bring calmness into your body, we recommend honing into the beautiful lifestyle of LVZHIHUAN’s Moss Wall. Moss has literally outlived millions of species throughout millions of years, simply because it only commits to the elements that give it unlimited life. If we can bring something into our homes that remind us to only attach to the activities that foster growth within us, then we too can learn how to be as resilient as the mighty moss plant.


When it comes to inviting calmness into our mind, we recommend diving deep into the enchantment of ARFBEAR’s Forest Tapestry. The healthiest thing we can do for our mind is let go of our forced responsibilities and empty out a space for our brains to regenerate. The Arfbear Natural Tree Tapestry represents getting “lost” in our minds in order to find the true revelations within our heads. When we peel back the layers of solid rock from our mental, we will find the nourishing forests of intellect within our subconscious.


And lastly, when it comes to inviting calmness into our soul, we have to tip our hats to Mandala Natural Wood Home Decor. The sacred geometry that has been implemented into the Mandala Natural Wood Decor will allow you to tap in with the generational wisdom you never knew you had inside of you. There are very profound reasons why geometrical shapes have played a huge role throughout history, and just because we are modern-day people doesn’t mean we should not relinquish our strengths to the tried-and-true relics of ancient history.

When all is said and done, we hope that you have found a safe space for you to decompress. And within that safe space, make sure you fill it with artistry that not only brings peace to your daily cycle but also connects you with the fine-tuned artistry drawn by the hands of nature itself. Also, make sure to check our incredible biophilic design ideas for your home!