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The Best Camping Lantern in 2021

Camping is one of the best recreational activities you can do if you are tired of crowds, noise, and all the distractions of modern life. Getting some fresh air and taking the time to reconnect with nature has a wonderful and rejuvenating effect that can be an excellent recharge. However, it is incredibly important that you have the right equipment to go along with your trip.

In this article, we have laid out some of the best camping lanterns available on the market. Keeping your campsite illuminated and comfortable can help you and your family feel safe while getting in tune with the great outdoors. Having a lantern you can rely on will give you the peace of mind you need to enjoy yourself.

Backyard Boss Best Camping Lanterns of 2021

Alpswolf Camping Flashlight - The Best Camping Lantern in 2021Alpswolf Camping Flashlight
  • Power: Electric
  • Color: Green
  • Multiple Light Modes: Yes
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Energizer LED Camping Lantern - The Best Camping Lantern in 2021Energizer LED Camping Lantern
  • Power: Electric
  • Color: Black
  • Multiple Light Modes: No
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FLY2SKY Tent Lamp Portable LED Tent Light - The Best Camping Lantern in 2021FLY2SKY Tent Lamp Portable LED Tent Light
  • Power: Electric
  • Color: Multiple
  • Multiple Light Modes: No
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Coleman Gas Lantern - The Best Camping Lantern in 2021Coleman Gas Lantern
  • Power: Gas
  • Color: Black
  • Multiple Light Modes: No
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LuminAID PackLite Max 2-in-1 Camping Lantern and Phone Charger - The Best Camping Lantern in 2021LuminAID PackLite Max 2-in-1 Camping Lantern and Phone Charger
  • Power: Solar
  • Color: White
  • Multiple Light Modes: Yes
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Why You Can Trust Us

I love camping. As a kid, I was always going with my family out to the woods of Northern California and spending time hiking, fishing, or just sitting and listening to the silence. I understood the importance of getting away from all the hustle and bustle of the daily grind, even when I was too young to have to deal with it. Naturally, I have carried this practice over to my adult life as well.

Because I spend so much time camping, I also have a passion for all things camping equipment. I have favorite sleeping bags, favorite camping stoves, and, yes, even a favorite camping lantern. Through trial and error, I have narrowed down some of the best equipment available, and I am excited to share this information with you.

Best Rechargeable Lantern

Alpswolf Camping Flashlight
    This rechargeable camping lantern has multiple modes and configurations for versatility when camping



Why We Like It: The Alpswolf Camping Flashlight is one of the most versatile and convenient camping lanterns available. Its 6-in-1 design makes it a great choice for all kinds of camping and outdoor adventures. With two red light modes and a strobe, it can save you a lot of room in your pack or car when you head out to the woods for some relaxation.

Not only does this lantern have a rechargeable battery, but it also can be used as a power bank to charge your phone or other electronics when you are out in nature. You can use the grip in either vertical or horizontal mode, which allows you to use it as a standard lantern or a handheld, powerful flashlight.

Who Should Buy It: People who want a lantern that is powerful and versatile with more than one simple use will benefit from having it.

Best Water-Resistant Camping Lantern

Energizer LED Camping Lantern
    This simple LED camping lantern has a powerful diffused light that can illuminate any campsite



Why We Like It: The Energizer LED Camping Lantern is a simple, water-resistant camping lantern that has many useful applications at your campsite. With 4 D batteries, it can put out 1,000 lumens of light for up to 8 hours of bright light, so you’re never without light, no matter where you are. It makes it a great choice for people who don’t want to bring along many extra batteries for their light source.

The 360-degree lighting area makes this lantern perfect for use at the site when you need a little extra ambient light instead of something more focused. Plus, it has a waterproof rating of up to one meter, so you can bring it fishing or out to the lake for a late-night or early-morning swim.

Who Should Buy It: If you want a lantern that you can use near a body of water without having to worry about it getting splashed or wet and breaking, consider buying it.

Best Mini Camping Lantern

FLY2SKY Tent Lamp Portable LED Tent Light
    This 4-pack of portable, pocket sized camping lanterns can be used for almost any application at the campsite



Why We Like It: For those who want a portable option for their lighting, the FLY2SKY Tent Lamp Portable LED Tent Light is a great choice. The pack comes with four individual lights that hook onto lines or cords for a string light effect no matter where you are camping. Plus, it has enough to give one to every member of the family, so no one is left in the dark.

Each mini lantern offers 150 lumens worth of light from three LED lamp beads, so they are all-powerful enough to offer plenty of light on a dark campsite. Plus, they are water-resistant and incredibly durable, so you never have to worry about dropping them or tossing them around as you pack or unpack.

Who Should Buy It: For people who want a small, portable option or would like to give their campsite a little more ambiance than a traditional lantern would, this product will be a great fit.

Best Gas Camping Lantern

Coleman Gas Lantern
    This classic gas lantern is time-tested as one of the most durable lanterns of all time



Why We Like It: For those who enjoy a more traditional take on camping equipment, the Coleman Gas Lantern is about as classic as it gets. With up to 1,000 lumens and a range of 23 meters, this bright lantern’s design has remained more or less unchanged for many years. The pressure control allows the lantern to work consistently, even in poor conditions like the wind and rain.

The exterior features a 2-tier ventilator that is completely resistant to rust and deterioration. And the glass globe is designed not to crack no matter what kind of temperatures it is subjected to. 

Who Should Buy It: If you want a gas-powered lantern that will turn on every single time, no matter what camping you are doing, this could be a good option.

Best Camping Lantern and Phone Charger

LuminAID PackLite Max 2-in-1 Camping Lantern and Phone Charger
    This collapsible, solar-powered camping lantern is a great option for multiple uses



Why We Like It: If you are looking for an option that is perfect for backpacking and other types of camping where space is at a premium, the LuminAID PackLite Max 2-in-1 Camping Solar Lantern and Phone Charger is what you are looking for.

This completely collapsible lantern provides 50 hours of light on a single charge and can be recharged in 12-14 hours of direct sunlight through its built-in solar panels. If properly used, you could use it indefinitely without ever running out of light.

 Who Should Buy It: It’s a great choice for people who don’t have much room in their pack for lanterns and want the best possible option for perpetual light with a solar lantern.

What to Look for in a Camping Lantern

Camping Lantern on a Table
Image credits:
Joshua Bartell via Unsplash

Knowing what to look for in a camping lantern can help you find one that is good for your purposes and will last you a long time. Not everyone does the same kind of camping, so you must know your needs and what you could potentially be facing as you venture out into the wilderness.

As with any camping equipment, your number one priority needs to be reliability. You don’t want to get all the way out to the woods and realize that you don’t have a working lantern or that it isn’t going to be bright enough. You should pick something that has good reviews from people who have had it a long time. It is why many people prefer a gas lantern over an electric one. They are known for being reliable and not breaking down. However, electric lanterns and battery technology are getting better and better by the day, so this is less of a worry than it used to be.

Also, look for a lantern that has a little bit more to offer than a simple light. Lanterns often will have extra features like phone chargers or solar panels. These things can be helpful if you are out and about in the woods and don’t have the resources to charge your devices right when you need them the most. Knowing that your lantern will be there to not only light the way but also to help you keep your equipment ready to go at all times is a real comfort when you’re out in the middle of nowhere.

Why Buy a Camping Lantern?

Camping Lantern Hanging
Image credits: Uriel Mont via Pexels

Camping lanterns are an essential tool for heading out to the wilderness, but they have uses that extend beyond the campsite. A camping lantern can be useful around the house as well. Many of them double as powerful flashlights and can be used in all home applications. If you need a high-powered light around the house or out in the garage, a good electric camping lantern could do the trick quite well.

Camping lanterns are also useful to have around if you live in an area that sees many instances of a power outage. Various people are relegated to using flashlights or candles when this happens, but a camping lantern can light up an entire space just like a standard lamp can. It makes them much more versatile and usable in an emergency.

You can bring a camping lantern to any nighttime outdoor gathering or hike, even if you aren’t going to stick out in the woods. Having a couple of electric lanterns available for the 4th of July or any gathering can be an incredibly convenient option. Knowing that you won’t have to rely on the light of the moon or another source that may or may not be there can be a great way to be prepared for these kinds of gatherings and events.

How We Picked

All of the camping lanterns that we picked out for our list are of incredibly high quality. We confirmed that none of the options above are cheaply made or designed to break after just a few uses. It is rarer to find products that are built to last these days. We also made sure that all of the camping lanterns we chose don’t have the same planned obsolescence as so many other products.

Furthermore, we chose lanterns that are designed to be used for long periods. It doesn’t do much good if you have a product that will run out of batteries in just a few hours, so we ensured that all of the lanterns we picked can last at least 20. This way, you can be certain that you will get at least two nights out of each charge or set of batteries.

Best Camping Lantern of 2021 – Our Verdict

While all of the lanterns we chose for this list are of high quality, the Alpswolf Camping Flashlight is by far our favorite. Its versatility and ability to be both recharged and used in different configurations and light modes make it a great choice no matter what kind of use you will get out of it. Plus, the fact that it has a safety strobe makes it a great tool in any emergency, even if you are just at home.

Having the right equipment for your camping trip can make the entire thing go smoothly and without hitches. Knowing that you can rely on your camping lantern to light the way when hiking or give you the comforting glow of a home lamp when you are sitting at the campsite’s picnic table can go a long way towards making a camping trip special.

Do you have a camping lantern that you love? Let us know about it in the comment section below!