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10 of the Best Christmas Decorating Themes to Consider in 2021

Choosing a Christmas theme for your next holidays can be challenging because there are so many different options out there. Do you want a monochromatic or a polychromatic approach? Are you interested in a modern or a more traditional setup? Are you looking for a movie theme or are you more into gaming? Whatever you preferences are, we’ve got some suggestions that are bound to inspire you.

Christmas Decorating Themes to Try in 2020

Winter Wonderland Theme

Winter wonderland Christmas decorating theme
Credit: house-of-five.com

Winter wonderland is probably one of the most popular Christmas decorating themes ever, and if you ever forgot about it, know that it’s making a comeback in 2020. Rooms that are decorated in the winter wonderland theme use white as the predominant color. They are looking to give you the feeling on being in the middle of a beautiful forest, with everything covered in snow. Winter wonderland themes are considered to be a magical choice, and just by looking at this and some other examples, you can easily understand why.

Rustic Christmas

rustic christmas decoration idea themes
Credit: Canadian Log Homes

If you’re into more traditional décor and you have the room setup to back it up, why not consider opting for a rustic Christmas theme? With plenty of wooden decorations and some natural fir wreaths, you will already have the major elements needed to pull it off. You can opt for a vintage-looking tree skirt, pinecone decoration that can either be hung from the tree or placed in a bowl and used as centerpieces, and even red berry branches that will add a touch of color to the room.

Whimsical DIY Christmas Decorations

Easy And Elegant DIY XMas Decoration Ideas
Credit: Design Cafe

If you are still unsure of what theme to go with this Christmas and you also happen to be passionate about DIY holiday projects, why not create a bunch of custom-made decoration items and use them all across the room? This is probably one of the less expensive Christmas room decoration ideas, and it’s one that can get the whole family to contribute. There is something about being surround about the things that you made with your own two hands that offers tremendous satisfaction. Isn’t that something you’d like to feel this Christmas?

Beach Themed Christmas Decor

christmas decorating ideas beach
Credit: Sand & Sisal

Everyone dreams of a white Christmas, until you’re snowed in and the cold outside reminds you of how nice warm summer days are. If you’re more of a summer and sandy beach person rather than a snowy winter fan, how about bringing some of those coastal vibes into your home even in the middle of December? There is so much room for creativity here, and what better chance to put all those beach memorabilia and souvenirs to good use? IF you’ve been saving up shells gathered from sandy shores, you can make your own table centerpiece and decorations, making you feel like it’s Christmas in July (or summer vacation in December).

Vibrant Nontraditional Color Ideas

christmas decorating ideas bold nontraditional color
Credit: DigsDigs

Go big or go home! This is the advice that some people give when it comes to decorating their homes for the winter holidays. The best part about Christmas is that you can make just about anything work with a little cohesion and if you know how to combine certain elements. For instance, if you are in love with colorful rooms, who’s to stop you from spreading a rich color schematic around the house? Opt for decorations and décor items in your favorite vibrant colors, wrap empty boxes in colorful paper and scatter them under the tree, choose colorful rugs, make your own multicolor garlands, etc. There are so many options for you to get playful with this theme.

Christmas at the Movies

christmas decorating ideas movie night
Credit: chloebarryhang, Family Honeybee

One of the best parts about Christmas is staying at home in the comfiest pajamas, with a bowl of popcorn or a cup of hot cocoa with marshmallows on top, and enjoy a good old Christmas movie. If you have or are willing to invest in a projector, you can easily recreate the theme in this picture. Just choose a wall, but some string lights along the edges of the projection screen and, before you know it, the living room will turn into the place where all your friends and family will want to come and hang out so your guys can enjoy watching movies together.

Santa’s Workshop

christmas decorating ideas santa's workshop
Credit: Home Depot, Party City, Nicole

If this year’s Christmas goal is to impress the kids, there’s no way you can go wrong with a Santa workshop theme. It doesn’t even have to be super-fancy: you can work with some wooden decorations, some thrift-shop wooden toys for more authenticity, some DIY boards and panels (and maybe even make a cardboard letter box where the kids that can put in their letters to Santa), a few stuffed animals and other plush toys, and even wrap some empty boxes in colorful wrapping paper to stack up gifts as part of the décor.

Elf-Inspired Decor

christmas decorating ideas elf movie
Credit: Oriental Trading

Will Ferrell’s elf is a Christmas icon, there is no denying that. So if you want to give your children (or even your adult friends) a part of the Christmas magic that movie has brought throughout the years, it’s not that complicated to recreate the elements in your own home.  You can get Elf themed plates, snowball fight sacks with artificial snow, decorate the tree with plenty of candy canes, and even get a real-size Elf cutout so that you can take some memorable pictures for this year’s Christmas card.

Dark & Moody Christmas Decoration

christmas decorating ideas goth moody
Credit: Home My Design, Home All Quotes

Christmas is about wanting to spend more time at home and feeling as comfortable as possible during the holiday of peace and introspection. If your Goth side wants to surface in December, why would you repress it? There are so many ideas when it comes to a Goth Christmas decoration theme, you can go as crazy or as basic as you want. Black is the predominant color of this theme, but it pairs beautifully with silver, gold, violet or red. You can get creative with red string lights, velvet red and black throw pillows, and even pull out some of the Halloween decorations.

Neutral Modern Farmhouse Christmas

christmas decorating ideas neutral modern farmhouse
Credit: Grace in My Space

With clean finishes, a neutral palette, plenty of wood and foliage, and simple handpainted details like signs and weathered wooden furniture, any space can easily be transformed into a wintry modern homestead. To replicate, place mason jar candles and plenty of eucalyptus and spruce branches around, decorate your tree in warm white lights with natural decorations, and keep the soft furnishings in natural materials like cotton and wool. With a muted palette of gray, white, taupe and black, it’s easy to pull in elements for all kinds of styles to make an eclectic mix.

Bottom Line

Never let any trends dictate how your home should be decorated on Christmas. If you’re the kind of person that enjoys the soothing ambiance of lights, place as many string lights in the room as you want and make them as colorful or as monochromatic as you want to. If you like stuffed animals, fill the living room with stuffed animals. Do you like summer? Then go with a beach-themed approach. Christmas is all about turning your house into a home, so make the best out of the space you’ve got and make it as personalized as you possibly can.