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Best Christmas Inflatables for Holiday Decorating in 2021

There’s nothing to get you in the holiday spirit like decorating your home. While there are many types of outdoor decorations, holiday inflatables tend to be the most noticeable. They spread joy to everyone who drives by your home, and makes smiles on the faces of those who approach your door. But inflatables are a big investment, so picking the best Christmas inflatables takes some time. Find out which inflatables are the best for your home, and get in the holiday spirit.

Best Christmas Inflatable Comparison Chart

  • Height: 8 feet
  • Includes blower and stakes
  • Bright, fun lights
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  • Height: 8 feet
  • Includes blower and stakes
  • Very well lighted and sturdy
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  • Length:12 feet
  • Includes blower and stakes
  • Well lighted with easy-to-change bulbs
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SHINYDEC XMAS TREE WITH 3-COLOR LIGHTS - Best Christmas Inflatables for Holiday Decorating in 2021SHINYDEC XMAS TREE WITH 3-COLOR LIGHTS
  • Height: 9 feet
  • Includes blower and stakes
  • Bright, durable 3-color lights
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  • Height: 12 feet
  • Includes blower and stakes
  • Huge and bright
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Why You Can Trust Us

I love Christmas. Out of all the holidays, it’s the one I enjoy most. And it has nothing to do with the presents or the parties. For years, I’ve been working on making my home the most noticeable on the block. Over time, my collection of lights, inflatables, and ornaments has gotten out of hand. And every time the holiday season comes around, I look for new decorations.

I’ve learned that it’s not just about finding an inflatable that looks great. There’s so much more to finding the best Christmas inflatables. So, I’ve done all the hard work for you. After examining all of the top inflatables online, I’ve picked a few that make the cut.

christmas inflatables all in santa bears spongebob penguins tree

What You Need to Know About the Best Christmas Inflatables

When people start shopping around for holiday inflatables, they usually only consider the appearance. After all, decorating is all about making your home look good. But, as with most purchases, looks aren’t all that matter. Your holiday decorations aren’t cheap, which makes it important to choose them with care. There are a few things you should consider when looking for the best Christmas inflatables:

Difference Between Indoor and Outdoor Inflatables

First, you should consider the difference between indoor and outdoor inflatables. While indoor inflatables are cute, they won’t stand up to the weather outside. If you live in a cold climate, the harsh weather will quickly destroy the inflatable. In a warm climate, the strong sun will make the colors fade. No matter where you live, the inflatable power cord won’t be rated for outdoor use. It needs to be made for outdoor use to be safe in the rain.

When you’re shopping for an inflatable, it’s crucial to look for one that’s rated for outdoor use. If you don’t, your inflatable won’t last and you even put your home in danger of an electrical fire.

The Quality of the Product

Because holiday inflatables are only used a few months each year, some people don’t care about their quality or durability. But these days, inflatables aren’t budget-friendly. You deserve an inflatable that will last for years.

Winter is rough on everyone and everything. While you have the ability to bundle up, your inflatables don’t have that luxury. They are exposed to the brutal wind, low temperature, and relentless rain or snow. If you buy a low-quality inflatable, it may not last one winter.

On the other hand, an inflatable that’s made well will endure the harsh conditions. Before you make a purchase, consider the material and durability of the product.

christmas inflatables lit vs unlit


What do you want from your inflatable? Sure, you could just go for a simple inflatable that doesn’t do anything else. But what if you want something that really stands out?

Instead of going for something simple, consider an inflatable that has multiple lights, motion, and other surprises. As you shop around, pay attention to the animation of each inflatable. You might be able to find one that brings holiday cheer and awe to the whole neighborhood.


Another important detail is the size. Although you may think that bigger is always better, this isn’t the case. You need to think about where the inflatable will go and what size product will fit there.

christmas inflatables including stormtrooper c3po penguins snowmen To determine the right size inflatable, measure your space. How tall and wide can your inflatable be? While you shop around, keep those measurements in mind. Consider both the height and the width of the product. Keep in mind that photos can be deceiving. Although an inflatable might look huge in a picture, it could be much smaller than expected.

How it Tethers

Most inflatables tether in similar ways. They often come with  stakes and ropes that keep the product in the ground. However, not all inflatables come with durable stakes or ropes. Done may not even come with any tethers included.

If the product has rope that’s too thin or cheaply made stakes, you’ll have a problem. The inflatable may not hold up to bad weather, and could fly away in a windstorm.

The Design

And finally, there’s the actual design of the inflatable. Do you want a traditional Santa or snowman? Would you prefer a television character? You can find inflatables in all designs, from funny scenes to classic holiday movie characters.

Whether you want a traditional display or a modern one, you’ll find an inflatable with the right design. If you have a certain theme for holiday decorations, you can be sure that there’s an inflatable that will match your theme.

Other Considerations

If you’re on the lookout for a new inflatable, there are a few other details to consider. One is the storage of the product. How easy will it be to store? Some products come with storage bags, while others come with none.

You should also research the manufacturer of the inflatable. If they make other products, look into product reviews or testimonials. For a long-lasting inflatable, buy from a reputable company.

There’s also the issue of a warranty. Although not all inflatable retailers offer warranties, some of them do. If a product comes with a warranty, you don’t need to worry about replacing your inflatable every year. The warranty also shows that the company stands behind its products. Just be sure to read all the fine print of the warranty.

The Best Christmas Inflatables

Best Inflatable Snowman Christmas Decoration

    UNIFEEL 8ft Airblown Snowman with Kaleidoscope Lightshow

christmas inflatable snowman at amazon
    If you're looking for an inflatable that really attracts attention, this snowman inflatable is the right choice.

If you’re looking for an inflatable that really attracts attention, this snowman inflatable is the right choice. It’s an adorable snowman that measures 8 feet tall. With moving, colorful lights and an imposing height, this snowman is hard to miss.

What makes this product unique is its rotating light display. It has extremely bright LED lights that rotate inside the snowman’s body. With the impressive kaleidoscope display, this inflatable is like two products in one. It’s made of a high-quality polyester material and has a waterproof fan.

When you buy this inflatable, you get sandbags and rope. Setting up the snowman is simple, and the sandbags keep it firmly in place. It’s a durable inflatable that can handle the elements.

This product is very unique, so you’re unlikely to see all of your neighbors with it. With a light display and decent size, the UNIFEEL snowman has earned a spot among the best Christmas inflatables.

Best Inflatable Polar Animals Christmas Decoration

    BZB Goods 8 Foot Inflatable Polar Bear with Penguins

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    Lights up for better nighttime viewing Deflates for easy storage, Tethers and ground stakes included for additional support Good for indoor and outdoor, party, stage prop and more

Measuring eight feet tall, this polar bear carrying three tiny penguins bearing gifts is both adorable and impossible to miss. The well-lighted bear and penguins hold up well through inclement weather, when placed on the ground. On rooftops, this inflatable might be too large unless you live in a place with little to no wind.

While some inflatables take time to inflate, this one blows up in a few seconds. It has a powerful air blower that keeps the bear and his passengers upright as long as it’s plugged in.

There are LED lights that keep this inflatable noticeable at night. In addition to getting the inflatable, you also get three ropes and six nails to tether the inflatable to the ground. After the holiday season is over, the bear folds down compactly. At under 5 pounds, the inflatable doesn’t weigh much, so storage is easy.

Best Inflatable Santa and Reindeer Christmas Decoration

    12ft Lighted Inflatable Santa Claus on Sleigh with 3 Reindeer

christmas inflatable santa and reindeer in sleigh
    This inflatable is Santa riding on his sleigh, with three reindeer pulling him and his bag of toys.

One of the largest holiday inflatables, this inflatable isn’t just Santa Claus. It’s Santa riding on his sleigh, with three reindeer pulling him and his bag of toys. Although this product isn’t very tall, it measures a whopping 12 feet long. Its total height is approximately four feet.

This product is made from polyester and self-inflates, thanks to a built-in fan. It has LED lights that illuminate the display at night.  To connect the inflatable to the ground, you can attach the inflatable with the included stakes and ropes.

Due to the length of this product, it’s ideal for going on top of a roof. As long as you can safely get into your roof, you should be able to anchor the inflatable in place. The loops along the inflatable make it easy to tie down. This Santa and sleigh makes for a great addition to your holiday decorations. For what you get, this product has a great value.

Best Inflatable Christmas Tree Decoration

    ShinyDec 9 Foot Xmas Tree with 3-Color Lights

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    A giant 9ft inflatable tree with one big star and colorful decorations presented in front of your family or loved ones, with 3 changing colorful LED lights, it will bring your kids a sweet Christmas dream

At nine feet tall, this inflatable might not be the largest Christmas tree on the block, but it’s sure to stand out thanks to its bright, color-changing interior lights.

This product inflates and deflates with ease. It comes with stakes and tethers, making it simple to set up. Typically, it takes this product about one minute to fully inflate. Weighing about 3 pounds, this inflatable is light enough to move and store without trouble. If you want a traditional but non-character inflatable for the holidays, this tree is an excellent and durable choice.

Best Inflatable Grinch Christmas Decoration

    Gemmy Grinch and Max in Sleigh Christmas Inflatable

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    Air blown Grinch and Max in Sleigh Colossal scene inflatable with small Christmas tree and bag of mini presents.

When fully inflated, this holiday inflatable measures 12 feet tall and around 6 feet long. Inside the Grinch, sleigh and Max, there are bright LED bulbs. The white lights attract attention on dark nights. With eight serrated stakes and four ropes, this product stays securely in the ground. The scene is quickly self-inflating, but being that it is larger than most, it does take a bit longer than the others on this list.

Because of its size, this is the inflatable that is most susceptible to damage from wind or other weather damage. That said, the material is heavy-duty and according to most reviews, very durable. Also because of its size this inflatable is also the most attention-grabbing, and least likely to fit into most outdoor spaces.

How We Picked

There were several considerations we made when picking the best inflatables. For instance, we wanted to make sure the inflatables were sturdy enough to work in inclement weather. While they may not withstand high winds, all the inflatables we chose can handle rain and some wind.

We also made sure to choose inflatables that had lights. This ensures that the product is noticeable when it matters the most – at night. Finally, we researched inflatables that were impressive in size. Why bother with a small inflatable that no one will notice? Your Christmas decorations should be the talk of the town. So, we only reviewed products that would stand out.

christmas inflatables candid outdoor nighttime


Before the holiday season gets here, you should do your shopping for holiday decorations. Instead of struggling to find the perfect inflatable, choose one of our top picks. For us, the snowman with rotating lights really stood out. The inflatable itself is cute and festive, but it doesn’t stop there. What really makes this product special is the rotating light display inside the body of the snowman. It’s impossible to miss this inflatable at night and is sure to make your friends and family smile. Relatively sturdy, this inflatable is also unlikely to blow away or deflate in the wind.