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The 20 Best Christmas Ornaments for Your Tree in 2021

Most people have fond memories of decorating their Christmas trees. The smell of pine needles and the shine of ornaments often inspires happy memories. So, if you’re like the majority of people who celebrate Christmas, you probably take great care decorating your Christmas tree. Picking ornaments is not something you should take lightly. To make your ornament selection process easier, we’ve compiled a list of the best Christmas tree ornaments. Find out which ornaments will make your holiday season brighter.

This Year’s Best Christmas Tree Ornaments

Best Traditional Delft Christmas Ornaments

These blue and white ornaments are made from porcelain. Each ornament is a different shape, and is decorated in a country style. Measuring three inches in size, these ornaments add a noticeable pop of blue to your tree.

    Kurt Adler Blue Ornaments

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    With blue and white, these ornaments have intricate details. They're made of porcelain and have a country feel.

Best Oversized Outdoor Christmas Tree Ornament

You don’t need to worry about the family or pets destroying this one of the best Christmas tree ornaments. If you have concerns about holiday safety, consider this giant red ornament. It measures 12 inches, but the size isn’t the only thing people will notice about the ornament. Available in sonic red, the boldness of the color is immediately obvious.

    Christmas by Krebs Ornament

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    One of the largest and brightest ornaments available, this red holiday decoration is bold.

Best Rustic Christmas Tree Ornaments

This is one of the best Christmas tree ornaments for natural decors. In this set, there are 12 ornaments made of natural jute. They are each about three inches in diameter. With interesting patterns, the ornaments are not your run-of-the-mill Christmas ornaments. Their red colors and unique patterns are highly appealing.

    Jute Christmas Ornaments

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    The Brubaker Christmas ornaments are made with jute and have fun patterns on them. They're perfect for homes with country decor.

Best Natural Christmas Tree Ornaments

Although they aren’t common, wooden ornaments are beautiful. This set includes 50 unfinished round wood slices. You can decorate them however you like, or leave them as is. In any case, they’ll look great hanging from your tree.

    Hanging Wood Slices

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    If you want to make your own ornaments, these wood slices are the perfect way to get creative. Your purchase comes with 50 ornaments.

Best Remembrance Christmas Tree Ornament

A hand-carved angel, this ornament will take center-stage on your Christmas tree. The ornament was carved by Susan Lordi, an artist who has a studio in Kansas City. If you want artwork hanging from your tree, this angel is an ideal option.

    Willow Tree Hand-Painted Figure

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    This ornament is a wooden sculpture depicting an angel. Made by hand, it's hard not to love this ornament.

Best Mid-Century Modern Christmas Tree Ornaments

These cool mod finch ornaments are cut from poplar wood. This set of Charley Harper-inspired birds in 12 bold colors includes 21 ornaments. If you’re going for a Mid-Century inspired or nature-centric Christmas style with a bold modern flair, then these are the birds for you.

    Design Ideas Poplar Ornaments

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    Made from poplar wood, this ornament set shows finches in several colors.

Best Punny Christmas Tree Ornament

While this may be a little cheesy, it deserves a place on the list of best Christmas tree ornaments. The ceramic ornament boldly states, “Olive Ewe,” which sounds a lot like “I love you.” It depicts a cartoon olive and an ewe, and would be an ideal gift for a loved one with a lighthearted sense of humor.

    Olive Ewe Christmas Ornament

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    As far as cuteness goes, this ornament is hard to beat. It features a cute cartoon on a ceramic ornament.

Best Contemporary Farmhouse Christmas Tree Ornaments

The farmhouse style is all the rage, and it becomes even more popular around the holidays. This Christmas, decorate your tree with these adorable farmhouse ornaments. They are matte white and feature plaid bows. To prevent accidents, they’re shatterproof.

    Farm House Ornament

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    Get holly and jolly with this farm house-inspired Christmas ornament. It features plaid bows and has a matte white finish.

Best LGBT Pride Christmas Ornament Set

Available in a set of 15, this rainbow collection of prismatic suncatchers with holes ready to string for hanging on the tree is a beautiful addition to any Christmas decor, and would be especially at home in a Pride-themed tree or rainbow-centric Christmas celebration.

    MerryNine Mixed Colorful Crystal Ball Prism

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    The colorful 30mm crystal pendants are suitable for Christmas trees, curtains, windows, plants,and more!

Best Classic Christmas Movie Ornament

One of the beloved classic Christmas movies, a Christmas Story deserves a place on your tree. This resin ornament captures one of the funniest scenes in the film, when the young Ralphie comes outside wearing his bunny suit. It’s a great Christmas decoration idea.

    Christmas Story Ornament

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    This ornament is a Christmas classic, showing Ralphie in a bunny suit. It's part of the Hallmark collection.

Best Offbeat Christmas Tree Ornament

Who doesn’t love a unicorn in lederhosen? This ornament is one of the strangest you might find. At first glance, you might notice the pink sparkly lederhosen. Upon closer inspection, you probably will be drawn to the silver unicorn head. It might not make sense, but it certainly is a conversation-starter.

    Accoutrements Lederhosen Unicorn Ornament

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    To say the least, this ornament is attention-grabbing. It's bright, fun, and unlike anything else.

Best Customizable Christmas Tree Ornament

Do turtles have anything to do with Christmas? Not really, but they are cute. This personalized ornament displays three turtles in Santa hats. For the personal touch, add names to the turtle shells and include the year at the base of the ornament.

    Christmas Turtle Ornament

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    Customize this ornament and have it represent your whole family. The turtles in Santa hats may not be traditional, but they are adorable.

Best Pet Christmas Tree Ornament

Even if you don’t love cats, you probably know someone who does. This ornament is perfect for them, as it shows a furry black kitten wearing a scarf. It’s cute, unique, and fun. At only three inches tall, this ornament is the perfect size for your tree.

    Furry Cat Ornament

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    This ornament is furry and cute, just like a cat. The black kitten has a scarf and is perfect for people with feline friends.

Best Alpine-Themed Baby Ornament

This ornament is a furry baby bootie that warms even the chilliest of hearts. A perfect choice to commemorate the birth of a new baby, while typing in neatly with increasingly popular natural, woodland, rustic or alpine themes, this adorable bootie has two small pom poms and comes with a hanging cord.

    Christmas Bootie Ornament

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    This furry bootie ornament is available in either white or gray. It's soft and very different from traditional ornaments.

Best Old-World Traditional Christmas Tree Ornament

For those who love animals as much as they love Santa, this ornament is the perfect choice. This blown glass ornament features Santa holding two dogs. There’s also a dog and cat waiting at his feet. Because it’s hand-painted, this ornament is truly beautiful. Embellished with glitter, this Old World ornament belongs in your collection.

    Santa and Furry Friends

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    Made in Old World style, this Santa ornament is unique. It shows Santa with his furry friends.

Best Licensed Character Christmas Tree Ornament

It’s almost impossible for Christmas to pass without hearing the story of Rudolph. At the very least, you’ve probably heard the song enough times for it to be ringing in your ears. Commemorate the classic take with this Rudolph ornament. The white reindeer has gold hooves and a gold bell. With a rabbit in its back and a raccoon at its feet, Rudolph is sure to bring a smile to your face.

    Rudolph's Furry Friends Ornament

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    Show off Rudolph and some of his animal friends with this ornament. It's white and has gold accents throughout the piece.

Best Beach Bum Christmas Tree Ornament

Whether you live on the beach or just wish you did, this ornament will help you escape from the cold. The ornament shows a sign left by Santa, informing you that he’s away at the beach. If you look at the clothesline below the sign, you’ll notice Santa’s coat and pants hanging. This ornament is whimsical and fun.

    Cape Shore Santa Gone to the Beach

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    For a coastal look, get this beach Santa. Although you can't see Santa, you can see his note telling everyone that he's at the beach.

Best Lighted Christmas Tree Ornament

This snowman ornament does more than just look good. The snowman is nestled inside a bell, and has star lights on his body. He has a bird perched on his shoulder and is standing next to a tree. When you order this ornament, you also get the batteries to power it.

    Wonderbell Snowman Ornament

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    In addition to looking great, this snowman also attracts attention by lighting up. The ornament comes with batteries to power the lights.

Best High-End Collectible Christmas Ornament

If elegance is your goal this holiday season, this ornament will certainly accomplish it. This Swarovski multi-colored shimmer star is a 507-facet crystal housed in a crystal bell jar engraved with the year and “1895 – 2020 / 125 Years of Sparkle.” Whether you choose to hang it on your tree or not, there’s little arguing that this beautiful piece of crystal is a very special work of art.

    SWAROVSKI 125th Anniversary Engraved Annual Edition 2020 Crystal Star Ornament

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    This elegant Swarovski set was especially designed to celebrate 125 years of Swarovski sparkle, offering a modern reinterpretation of the very first Annual Edition Ornament from 1991.

Best Icicle Christmas Tree Ornaments

This set of 24 icicle ornaments is a great addition to any tree. Because these ornaments are made with clear glass, they work with any color scheme. Whether you want a rustic Christmas or an elegant one, these ornaments can complete your tree.

    Glass Icicle Ornament

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    Completely glass, these ornaments are fragile. However, they're also quite stunning.


No matter how you like to celebrate Christmas, there’s an ornament for you. Whether you want something modern or you prefer a rustic holiday, you can check out our top picks for the best Christmas tree ornaments. Pick out one or pick out several, and start adding to your holiday collection. Before you know it, the time will come to decorate your tree.