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Toss That Old Box: The Best Christmas Tree Storage Bags Available

You bought an artificial Christmas tree, lovingly decorated it, and enjoyed it through the holiday season. Now what? Are you going to shove the tree that brought you so much holiday joy into a trash bag? Are you going to just leave it in the same damp, broken box it came in?

Protect your tree, put it in the storage bag it deserves. This guide features in-depth reviews of the best Christmas tree storage bags available online, along with pro-tips on features to look for when shopping.

TreeKeeper 9 Foot Christmas Tree Storage Bag - Toss That Old Box: The Best Christmas Tree Storage Bags AvailableTreeKeeper 9 Foot Christmas Tree Storage Bag
  • 3-Year Limited Warranty
  • Green Canvas and Polyester Fabric
  • For Trees Up to 9 Feet Tall
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Zober 7.5 Foot Christmas Tree Storage Bag - Toss That Old Box: The Best Christmas Tree Storage Bags AvailableZober 7.5 Foot Christmas Tree Storage Bag
  • 3-Year Limited Warranty
  • Polyethylene Plastic
  • For Trees Up to 7.5 Feet Tall
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Covermates Keepsakes Christmas Tree Storage Duffel Bag - Toss That Old Box: The Best Christmas Tree Storage Bags AvailableCovermates Keepsakes Christmas Tree Storage Duffel Bag
  • 3-Year Warranty
  • Heavy Duty Polyester
  • For Trees Up to 7.5 Feet Tall
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ProPik Holiday Rolling Tree Storage Bag - Toss That Old Box: The Best Christmas Tree Storage Bags AvailableProPik Holiday Rolling Tree Storage Bag
  • No warranty information
  • Heavy duty polyester
  • For Trees Up to 9 Feet Tall
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Tiny Tim Totes Premium 7.5 Foot Upright Christmas Tree Storage Bag - Toss That Old Box: The Best Christmas Tree Storage Bags AvailableTiny Tim Totes Premium 7.5 Foot Upright Christmas Tree Storage Bag
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • Heavy-Duty Canvas
  • For Trees Up to 7.5 Feet Tall
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Why You Should Trust Us

When it comes to Christmas, Backyard Boss has all the answers, with articles on Christmas lights, Christmas crafts, Christmas decorations, and of course, Christmas trees. The list of Christmas topics we have covered is as long as Santa’s Nice List. One of my favorite Christmas traditions is decorating and admiring my tree each year. Of course, it’s all fun and games until you have to take the ornaments down.

As someone who has stored one tree not so carefully, and since then switched to official storage bags, I know exactly what you are looking for and need to know on your Christmas tree storage bag buying journey.

Important Christmas Tree Storage Bag Features

Storage organizing Christmas holiday tree lightsWhen shopping for a Christmas tree storage bag there are certain features you should look out for and consider. Below are some of those features with detailed descriptions.


If you plan on moving your Christmas tree storage bag, it’s going to need to have quality handles. Keep in mind when picking your storage bag out that artificial Christmas trees can be quite heavy so you are going to need to use a bag with good handles made of durable material so it doesn’t break.


Even better than handles is a bag with wheels. Wheels are typically on more expensive bags but they are totally worth it. They make the arduous process of dragging your tree to whichever spot it will lurk in for the rest of the year a thousand times easier.

Upright Storage

For people who thought, “I like things to be as easy as possible, of course I want wheels!” I’ll do you one better with upright storage bags. These bags are great because you can store your tree without having to disassemble it. You can even leave your tree partially decorated. The only downside of upright storage is that the bags tend to have more gaps and although cleaning up the tree is easier, moving it to a storage spot in the bag, is much more difficult.

Flat Storage

Flat storage bags are the more popular variety of Christmas tree storage bags. They are basically shaped like duffle bags and you have to disassemble your tree to fit it in them. These bags typically have either handles or wheels so they are better for moving it to a storage spot, and they tend to protect your tree more.


Of course, you have to consider size when picking out a storage bag. It’s not one bag fits all. Most bags normally fit either 7.5 foot tall or 9 foot tall trees. If you have a tree that’s bigger, there are specialized bags you can order.

If you are unsure about your tree’s size, always go bigger. You do not want to have to squish your tree into a too-small bag because doing so could ruin it.

xmas tree storage with dog


Just like artificial Christmas trees, the price of Christmas tree storage bags wildly ranges. Prices may be low as $20 to as high as $150. You will get what you pay for. Quality bags that last a long time will cost more than weak ones that break a couple of years after you get them.


There is no singular superior fabric for Christmas tree storage bags although some materials are clearly better than others. Typically Christmas tree storage bags are made from canvas, plastic, or polyester.

Advantages of Christmas Tree Storage Bags

Christmas tree storage bags protect your tree, ensuring that it doesn’t get mangled, warped, or dirty while being stored for eleven months. They also protect you from your tree. Artificial trees can get dusty and covered in mold spores if they are stored incorrectly in an improper spot. Don’t ruin Christmas by triggering an allergy attack for one of your family members. Play it safe by using a storage bag.

christmas decorations stored away in the closet bins

How to Store Christmas Trees

Storing your Christmas tree is a fairly simple process as long as you keep a few key tips in mind.

Disassemble your tree with care.

Although next Christmas seems a long way away, consider how you 11 months from now will feel pulling a damaged tree out of storage with pine needles bent every which way. You’ll want to put yourself on the Naughty List!

Clean your tree before putting it away.

Do not store a dusty tree or you will regret it. Using the upholstery attachment on your vacuum, quickly suck any dust from the holiday season off your tree.

Location, location, location!

Do not store your tree in a humid or musty basement because that may encourage mold growth on the tree. On the other hand, don’t store your tree in a sunny location. Too much UV will cause the tree to become faded or discolored.

If you store your tree in a place with odors, place an open box of baking soda next to it. Otherwise, storing your tree is fairly straightforward. You just need to pick out the right bag!

Check out the video below for some extra Christmas tree storing tips!

Top 5 Christmas Tree Storage Bag Reviews

Best Upright Christmas Tree Storage Bag

TreeKeeper 9 Foot Christmas Tree Storage Bag
    This easy to use upright storage bag makes storing your Christmas tree simple, not even requiring you to disassemble it.



TreeKeeper makes some of the best quality Christmas tree storage bags on the market, and this bag is no exception.

This upright storage bag makes packing up your tree incredibly easy. Simply pull the bag over your tree, zip it up all the way, and you can store it upright in one piece. While moving this bag can be more difficult than moving a flat one, it does include handles to make the job easier. Plus, think of how thankful you will be next year when you don’t have to assemble your entire tree.

In fact, you don’t even have to take the bag off the tree for the holiday season. It attaches to your tree’s base so you can easily cover it up for storage. When you pull it out of storage, unzip the bag and compress it around the tree’s base. Flatten it out and cover it with your tree’s skirt. When it’s ready for storage again, take the tree’s skirt off of it, zip it up, and the cycle continues.

It fits trees up to 9 feet tall which covers most trees in average-sized homes. If you are looking for a quality bag that will genuinely protect your tree, this is the perfect bag for you.

Best Affordable Christmas Tree Storage Bag

Zober 7.5 Foot Christmas Tree Storage Bag
    This affordable Christmas tree storage bag is perfect for people looking for quality storage on a budget.



This extremely affordable Christmas tree storage bag may lack some luxury features, but you can’t argue with its price. It’s constructed from waterproof plastic, which does the job, protecting your artificial tree from mold and water damage. It even does a good job keeping out things like pests and dust.

You can fit trees that are up to 7.5 feet tall in it, which is as tall as most people need. The bag is actually quite roomy, so you probably will be able to store some decorations in there, if you want to, as well. However, the weak point of this bag is its seams, which are at risk of breaking if you overpack the bag.

The reinforced handles allow you to easily carry heavier trees. Because it’s horizontal, it requires you to disassemble your tree before storing it, but it does have the benefit of being compact in size so it’s easier to store than upright storage bags.

This Christmas tree storage bag is perfect for people who are looking for a quality bag on a budget.

Best Christmas Tree Storage Bag for People with Multiple Trees

Covermates Keepsakes Christmas Tree Storage Duffel Bag
    This convenient storage bag has a clear window so you can see exactly what it contains.



I love the clear window on this Christmas tree storage bag! There’s nothing quite as annoying as having to rifle through numerous bags and boxes to find the Christmas decoration you are looking for. Having a window that allows you to see what you are storing makes the decorating process way easier.

If the window wasn’t enough, this bag also has a nametag slot so you can write down what you are storing in it. This large duffle bag can fit trees up to 7.5 feet tall. However, if you have a bigger tree, there are several more sizes that are also available! They have 5 foot, 7.5 foot, 9 foot, and 11 foot tall tree sizes.

It’s made from a moisture-resistant polyester that keeps out water, mold, pests, and dirt, protecting your tree. The thick material is super sturdy so no need to worry about the bag breaking under a heavy tree. Also, this bag’s reinforced strap makes it easy to carry to and from storage.

On the off chance that part of your bag ever did break, it would probably be covered by its 3-year warranty. This bag is best for people who will really appreciate the convenience of the clear window and nametag slot feature, which set it apart from other storage bags.

Best Wheeled Christmas Tree Storage Bag

ProPik Holiday Rolling Tree Storage Bag
    This large storage bag with wheels makes transporting your tree hassle-free. This versatile bag can also be used to store a variety of Christmas ornaments, garland, lights, decorations, and toys. Store this bag in your closet, garage, or attic with confidence.



This heavy-duty Christmas storage bag perfectly pairs durability with convenience. To use this bag simply place your tree sections into it, fold the bag’s flaps over them, secure the bag’s clasps, and pull the compression straps to tighten your tree into place.

The bag can store trees that are up to 9 feet tall, which means it fits the majority of Christmas trees. Keep in mind though, if you have a smaller tree this storage bag may be too big, or if your tree is fuller or generally on the large side for 9-foot trees, it may be a tight (or impossible) squeeze.

It’s extremely easy to move with handles and wheels. The rollerblade-style wheels are attached on one end and a handle is on the other side so you can roll it like a suitcase. This convenient bag also has a smaller pocket to hold bits and baubles like power cords.

This bag is perfect for bigger trees and people who want a genuinely quality case to store their tree in.

Best Fully-Assembled Christmas Tree Storage Bag

Tiny Tim Totes Premium 7.5 Foot Upright Christmas Tree Storage Bag
    If you are looking for upright Christmas tree storage that is also affordable, this is the perfect storage bag for you!



If you love the idea of upright Christmas tree storage but don’t want to pay big bucks for it, try this premium storage bag. It’s a super simple design but it works. The canvas cover keeps your tree protected from mold, dust, and other allergens along with water damage.

To use this bag simply unzip it nearly all the way and place it over the top of your assembled Christmas tree. Zip it down over it, and pull the bag closed with drawstrings placed at its base. If you want to compress your tree there are 3 cinching belts that you can then tighten to reduce the width of your tree.

The drawstring system is secure but not quite as secure as the zip-up, sealed-tight system on horizontal bags. There are several size options including 6 foot for smaller trees, 7.5 foot for average-sized trees, and 9 foot for larger trees. This bag is best for people who hate disassembling and assembling their artificial tree each Christmas and want an affordable, upright storage bag option.

attic storage christmas ornaments and decorations

How We Picked

When choosing these storage bags as the best available you can buy online we evaluated numerous key factors. In particular, we looked for bags that were easy to move, convenient to store, adequately protective, long-lasting, and not too costly.

We also wanted to include a variety of bags, so we chose some that were upright storage bags, some that were horizontal, some that were cheap, some that were more expensive, and some that included wheels.

Because of this, the list of bags we ended up including are the best on the market in their individual categories. Depending on what you are looking for, certain bags on this list will be perfect for you while others may be a bad fit.


The clear winner of the roundup was the ProPik Holiday Rolling Tree Storage Bag. It beat out the other bags because it effortlessly combined convenience, durability, and versatility and affordability.

I hope you found this guide helpful! If you did, be sure to share it and comment below with which bag you decided on!