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10 Best Christmas Tree Themes to Try in 2021

Believe it or not, 2020 is quickly coming to its end, and what a ride it has been! We’re approaching that time of the year when we can actually enjoy being inside, looking out the window as the wind blows and we’re snuggled and enjoying a cup of hot cocoa. The time of family and friends gathered around the table is upon us, and it’s time to start thinking about this season’s Christmas tree. If you haven’t been able to think about Christmas yet, don’t worry: we have some Christmas tree theme suggestion that might inspire you.

Unique Christmas Tree Themes

Bottom’s Up! Bottle Tree

xmas tree themes wine bottle
Credit: All That’s Interesting, Wine Wankers, Hello Giggles

Who says you actually need a Christmas tree to have a Christmas tree? I know, that doesn’t seem to make any sense but once you examine this photo, it all becomes really clear. Some of the funniest and most original Christmas tree themes are those that you unexpected objects to either decorate or replace the tree altogether. Granted, you’re going to have to stack up a lot of bottles of wine to make this happen, not to mention the fact that you’re going to need a support to hold them all together (something like a circular wine rack should do the trick).

Upside-Down Christmas Tree

upside down xmas tree theme
Credit: Martha Stewart

Setting up and upside down Christmas tree is going to be a challenge, but who doesn’t like a good old challenge every once in a while. Martha Stewart’s website teaches us how we can use items such as wooden bits and floral bind wires to create one of the most unique and stunning visual effects for this upcoming holiday: those of a tree being flipped over.

Game, TV & Movie Christmas Tree Themes

Gamer’s Paradise Themed Tree

game geeks tree xmas theme christmas
Credit: Reddit

Gamers feel the passing of time differently, and one would argue that gaming itself helps the soul stay young and playful. If you are a gamer yourself or your family members can’t seem to get enough hours in front of the PC or their consoles, maybe it’s time to consider videogames as a viable Christmas tree theme. Here is an example of physical copies of some of the most famous PS4 games can decorate the tree with their colorful (and sometimes overly-graphic) covers.

Minions Trees

xmas tree themes minion
Credit: Montgomery, Yukiko, House to Decor

There are so many things that are both funny and unique about this tree theme, where do I even begin? If you’re a minions fan, can you honestly think of anything cuter? A yellow tree makes for a perfect minion body, but a mini tree strung with papercraft bananas and handcrafted garland is a quick and fun way to bring Minions flair to a traditional green tree. For an all-out Despicable Me tree, trim your large tree with tinsel or silver garland, cutouts of all the characters, polka dot fabric ribbon and a giant eye to top the look off.

Winter is Coming Trees

three game of thrones christmas trees
Credit: Bleeding Cool, Lee Parker,

The TV series that rocked an entire planet may be over, but it seems only fit to choose it as a theme for your Christmas tree when we’ve been told for years on end that “winter is coming.” Regardless of whether you pledged your allegiance to House Stark or feel Targaryen blood running through your veins, a Game of Thrones-themed Christmas tree is a very unique approach to this year’s winter holidays. Banners, miniature swords, shields, and everything with a dragons and dire wolves will serve as ornaments.

Grinch Themed Christmas Tree Ideas

xmas tree themes grinch
Credit: Crafty Morning, Decoration Love, ObSEUSSed

One of the most famous Christmas movies is The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, so having a Grinch-themed Christmas tree is kind of humorous considering this characters drive to destroy all things related to this holiday. However, the Grinch became a beloved movie character, and with the right props and plenty of green and red tree ornaments, you can bring the spirit of the Grinch right into your own home. Yet another happy ending to a classic tale!

Mickey Mouse Tree

xmas tree themes mickey mouse
Credit: Country & Victorian Times, Cara Ladron, Pinterest

When thinking about Disney, probably the first character to come to mind is the world’s most beloved animated mouse: Mickey. Decorating a Christmas tree is honor of Mickey is easy. The image depicts a white artificial tree (because the black ornaments are easier to spot on a white background compared to a green one) adorned with the colors that we all know Mickey to wear: red and black. Top that off with a plush of Mickey’s head and a Santa hat and there you have it!

Frozen Tree

xmas tree themes frozen
Credit: Pretty My Party, Jessa Abby CoutureShannon Rodriguez

Are there any Frozen fans in your family? If so, this is the theme you want to go for this Christmas. It is the dream of every Elsa and Olaf, as the tree is adorned with plush and toy versions of these beloved Disney characters. As expected, the tree is predominantly blue, but you can stylize it in any way you want. The giant stuffed Olaf is clearly used at the centerpiece of the tree and is meant to draw attention, but it can easily be replaced with another Frozen character that you or your children may like even more.

Beachy Christmas Trees

xmas tree themes coastal
Credit: ChrisTrees, Crazy Shenanigans, Crafts By Courtney

For some people, as pleasant as the Christmas holidays are, dreaming about the summer is a permanent thing, and when the temperatures outside are ruthless, thinking about hot days on the beach is almost natural. For those of you that want to bring a little summer into their homes in December, there’s always the beach theme to consider. Take a look at this gem, adorned with sand dollars and small shells, with a few LED tree lights scattered in between.

It almost seems irrational to bring the spark of hot summer days into your home during the winter, but the truth is that beach-themed winter setups are a thing, and a dreamy one at that. As you can notice from this example, it is really easy to incorporate summer’s themed colors into the green and fresh vibe of the Christmas tree. You can opt for sea star-shaped ornaments or even make your own from collectibles gathered from the last beach vacation you took.


Candy Christmas Tree Themes

xmas tree themes candy
Credit: Picky Palate, Raz Christmas

When it comes to candy Christmas tree themes, you can really let your imagination run wild because we’re talking not only about rich and vibrant colors that offer endless possibilities, but just think of all the candy varieties that you get to play around with when decorating the tree. This particular example focuses on the playful colors of lollipops and gumdrops. If you add a couple of colorful gingerbread houses at the base of the tree, you’ve got a wonderland setup right there.

If you know you’re going to have a hard time keeping the little ones away from the sweets in the tree or if the temperatures inside your house are way too high for any actual candy to make it until New Year, that doesn’t mean that you have to give up on the idea of making a candy-themed Christmas tree setup. You can find plenty candy cane ornaments and a variety of decorations that look like candy. You can even create your own ornaments by reusing colorful candy and sweets wrappers and packages. One of the best things about Christmas is that you can get really creative with your DIY projects.

Bottom Line

Regardless of the theme you’ll choose for these upcoming Christmas holidays, remember that this is the time to let your imagination shine and go for that bold theme that you’ve wanted to try for so long but thought nobody would like it. Whether you opt for a funny approach or are looking to cover your Christmas tree is sweet gingerbread treats from top to bottom, there are endless ways in which you can get creative and turn the winter festivities into your canvas.