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The Best Circular Saw for DIY and Woodworking

Whether you are doing intricate woodworking or simple DIY around the house, the final product will only be as good as your tools. When working with wood especially, you will always have to set yourself up for success by getting the best possible tool that you can afford. Nowhere is this more apparent than in a circular saw.

A circular saw is one of the most useful tools you can have as a woodworker or general DIY enthusiast. From breaking down large boards to making small and intricate cuts, you can also use it for almost any kind of application. Knowing the difference between types of circular saws can help you find the one that will be right for the jobs you need to do.

Backyard Boss Top 5 Best Circular Saws for DIY and Woodworking

Makita 5007Mg Magnesium 7-1:4-Inch Circular Saw - The Best Circular Saw for DIY and WoodworkingMakita 5007Mg Magnesium 7-1:4-Inch Circular Saw
  • Color: Blue
  • Power: Corded
  • Weight: 10.5 pounds
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DEWALT ATOMIC 20V MAX Circular Saw - The Best Circular Saw for DIY and WoodworkingDEWALT ATOMIC 20V MAX Circular Saw
  • Color: Yellow
  • Power: Battery
  • Weight: 6.6 pounds
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POPOMAN Cordless Circular Saw - The Best Circular Saw for DIY and WoodworkingPOPOMAN Cordless Circular Saw
  • Color: Green
  • Power: Battery
  • Weight: 6 pounds
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DEWALT 7-1:4-Inch Circular Saw - The Best Circular Saw for DIY and WoodworkingDEWALT 7-1:4-Inch Circular Saw
  • Color: Yellow
  • Power: Corded
  • Weight: 5.6 pounds
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WEN CT1065 10-Amp 6.5-Inch Plunge Cut Sidewinder Circular Track Saw - The Best Circular Saw for DIY and WoodworkingWEN CT1065 10-Amp 6.5-Inch Plunge Cut Sidewinder Circular Track Saw
  • Color: Black
  • Power: Corded
  • Weight: 13.5 pounds
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Why You Can Trust Us

As a woodworker, I have always depended on my tools to keep me safe and do the necessary jobs. It especially goes for cutting tools like saws, drills, and shears. For many years I have worked as a general contractor. I used my circular saw more than any other tool in my toolbox, and during this time, I learned what to look for in this all-important instrument.

I have bought a dozen circular saws over the years, whether to have one for the job site and one for home or just to replace saws that have worn out. Because of that, I have a solid knowledge of what to look for in a new saw and what to avoid. I am excited to pass that knowledge onto you, so you can find the tool that will last for years and will get your job done.

Best Professional Circular Saw

Makita 5007Mg Magnesium 7-1:4-Inch Circular Saw
    This professional circular saw contains magnesium components for durability and longevity



Why We Like It: The Makita 5007Mg Magnesium 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw is a great addition to any toolbox and can do some of the most heavy-duty cuts that you might come across. 

The components are all made from magnesium, which is meant to hold up under some of the most brutal circumstances. If you are looking to use your circular saw every day and have a reliable tool at hand, this could be a great choice.

The motor delivers 15 amps for maximum power even under stress. It also features 2 LED lights that are positioned to illuminate all your cuts, so you don’t have to use any guesswork. It also has a large cutting capacity of up to 2 ½ inches for deeper cuts.

Who Should Buy It: People who will use their circular saw every day and want a tool they can rely on will benefit from having it.

Best Mini Circular Saw

    This small circular saw is lightweight and maneuverable for intricate cuts



Why We Like It: People who want a more portable option might be able to find it in the DEWALT ATOMIC 20V MAX Circular Saw.

This mini circular saw is a smaller version of some of the more powerful saws available on the market. The brushless motor is powerful enough to cut through up to 369 feet of OSB on just one battery charge and is completely cordless. This portability makes it ideal for those who don’t need some of the more heavy-duty features of a pro-grade saw.

The blade brake is electronically engaged for the most safety-minded users and will help protect not only your fingers but also any surrounding materials. It also features an onboard blade key storage, so you don’t have to go looking for the key when you need to change blades quickly in the middle of a job.

Who Should Buy It: If you don’t need the deep cutting ability of a larger saw but still want some of the same power and features, this product is great for you.

Best Cordless Circular Saw

POPOMAN Cordless Circular Saw
    This cordless version of a professional circular saw is a great option for pros and DIY enthusiasts alike



Why We Like It: The POPOMAN Cordless Circular Saw is a cordless option that still delivers some of the same features of a corded model. 

The battery is a 20-volt 5 amp-hour unit that can be charged in as little as one hour. If you are concerned about running out of power at a crucial point in a project, you can also buy extra batteries to keep charged 24 hours a day.

The motor runs at 4,300 RPM for quick and accurate cuts that won’t get stuck in knotted or grainy wood. It also features overheat protection that can help keep the motor in good working order no matter how difficult the job is.

Who Should Buy It: If you’re looking for all the power and features of a pro-grade saw but don’t want to deal with stepping over a cord during a project, consider buying it.

Best Lightweight Circular Saw

DEWALT 7-1:4-Inch Circular Saw
    This lightweight circular saw by DeWalt is a good option for roofers and people who go out to job sites



Why We Like It: The DEWALT 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw is a lightweight, easy-to-use version of some of the most powerful saws on the market. 

At just 8 pounds, this is a tool that can be brought just about anywhere. If you are doing a lot of work on rooftops or in areas that are a little more remote, this is a great option that won’t add a lot of weight to your toolbox.

With a bevel capacity of up to 53 degrees, you can make any type of cut you need. The whole housing is compact enough to be maneuverable and easy to use without losing power or the ability to make large cuts.

Who Should Buy It: Anyone who wants a lightweight option but doesn’t want to give up the ability to do heavy-duty cutting will be happy to have it.

Best Plunge Circular Saw

WEN CT1065 10-Amp 6.5-Inch Plunge Cut Sidewinder Circular Track Saw
    This plunge saw is perfect for making accurate cuts.



Why We Like It: The WEN CT1065 10-Amp 6.5-Inch Plunge Cut Sidewinder Circular Track Saw is a plunge saw designed to make the most accurate, intricate cuts available on a circular saw. 

With the ability to rip boards in a completely straight line, this saw could eliminate the need for a table saw and comes in a much more compact package.

You can also create a bevel of up to 45 degrees in long strokes, so the versatility is as helpful as a table saw. It features a 24-tooth blade with carbide tips, so you’ll be ready to make cuts right out of the box.

Who Should Buy It: This is a great product if you want to rip boards but don’t have the room for a complete table saw in your workshop or garage.

Uses for Circular Saws

Circular Saw at Rest
Image credits: James Kovin via Unsplash

Circular saws are one of the most versatile tools available to a DIY enthusiast or woodworker. With so many options for different kinds of cuts and maneuverability that aren’t available in different types of saws, circular saws can be used for just about everything. Knowing about the various cuts can help you decide if a circular saw is the right tool for you.

Rip Cuts

You can use a circular saw to make rip cuts in large boards and break down bigger pieces of wood into small planks. Rip cuts are when you cut along the grain of the wood in long strokes. Usually, these cuts are reserved for table saws but can be done with circular saws.

To do a rip cut, you can set up a rip fence along with the piece of wood and run the saw along the fence. It will help you keep the saw straight and cut in an even line. You can also set up a jig for smaller rip cuts that are perfectly straight.

Cross Cuts

Crosscuts are the most common type of cuts that you can do with a circular saw. They are done against the grain and on 2x4s and studs. It is usually done when cutting large pieces of wood down to size.

Circular saws are perfect for cross cuts since they can be brought almost anywhere. If you are doing large roofing or house building project, a circular saw is an essential tool for cutting down studs or beams.

Plunge Cuts

Plunge cuts are usually done when you can’t get a cut started on the edge of aboard. They can help rip boards and make precision cuts that you might not otherwise be able to make.

They are done by holding the blade above the surface of the piece you are cutting and slowly lowering it. You can also buy a plunge saw that is designed to lower the blade down onto the surface of the wood safely and accurately.

Circular Saw Safety

Circular Saw with Jig
Image credits: George Pastushok via Unsplash

While circular saws are very useful, they can also be dangerous if they are not properly used, with safety in mind. One of the most important safety considerations when using a circular saw is to always be aware of where the blade is and to never take your eye off where you are cutting. It will ensure that you are focused on the trajectory of the saw and that you won’t lose control of the spinning blade.

Also, never start the saw when the blade is in contact with something. Doing this could result in the saw spinning out of control and slipping out of your hands. Make sure that any blades you are using in your circular saw are sharp and in good condition. Using dull blades could result in dangerous kickback that could get the saw out of your control.

How We Picked

All of the circular saws on our list are heavy-duty enough to be used on almost any professional job site. We wanted to make sure that anyone could purchase any of these saws and find them to be useful and powerful enough no matter what type of work you are trying to do. All of the saws we picked can stand up to even the toughest jobs.

We picked saws that are made by reputable manufacturers. The world of power tools is full of cheap imitation models that won’t last for more than a year. We can guarantee that all of the models on our list are also built to last and won’t fall apart quickly.

The Best Circular Saw for DIY and Woodworking – Our Verdict

Out of all the circular saws we looked at, the one that struck us the most is the Makita 5007Mg Magnesium 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw. With its magnesium components and powerful motor, it is a tool that is made to last for a long time and can cut just about anything you need to break down on a job site. It is also backed by a well-known brand name, so you know that it has a high quality.

Finding the right tool for your job is an essential part of any project. By having a good circular saw in your tool kit, you can be sure that there is nothing you can’t cut to the size you need when the time comes.

Do you have a circular saw that you have had for years and that you love? Let us know in the comment section below!