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70 of the Best Color Schemes for a Non-Traditional Christmas

There are many different images that come to mind when someone says ‘Christmas’. You may find yourself picturing Santa Claus, a sack of toys on his back, riding in a sleigh pulled by reindeer, beautiful trees decorated with lights and ornaments, or merry little elves in their workshop, building toys for all the good girls and boys. These images all have one thing in common, they all feature the two most recognizable and traditional Christmas colors – green and red.

You may be surprised to learn that the use of red and green for the holiday season dates back throughout history long before the holiday as we know it today.

While there’s nothing wrong with embracing tradition, it may be time to try something new. If you’re searching for inspiration, we have you covered! Here are 70 non-traditional Christmas color schemes that will bring some festive joy to your holiday decorating plans.

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Black and White

Black Christmas Gift Box and White Ribbon
Image credits: vimart via Canva

Who said that you have to have bright colors to celebrate the holiday season in style? This classic monochromatic look isn’t one that will come to mind for most holiday lovers, however, the beautiful white and black décor will complement any space. You can stick with just the extremes of black and white, or even incorporate shades of grey to give your decorating a little more dimension.

Purple and Silver

Purple and silver christmas decoration
Image credits: elenades via Canva

The color purple has long been associated with royalty and luxury. If you are looking for a beautiful color combination that will add a touch of elegance to your holiday decorations, this is a great option. In addition to purple and silver ornaments on your Christmas tree, you can also carry this color scheme over to your table centerpiece, your holiday mantle, or even into your outdoor decorating with bold purple lighting.

Purple, Royal Blue, and Teal

Teal blue, purple Christmas ornament, decorations on tree.
Image credits: fstop123 via Canva

One of the more common color palettes on this list, this color combination was inspired by the beautiful feathers of the peacock. While these colors are often used as inspiration for home décor and in the world of fashion, they aren’t usually considered for holiday decorations. In addition to incorporating these colors in both your indoor and outdoor décor, you can also add peacock feathers in your holiday wreath, your Christmas tree, or in a decorative vase on your table.

Royal Blue and White

Hanging royal blue and white twisted striped Christmas ball.
Image credits: gleitfrosch via Canva

If you are setting up a white tree this holiday season and looking for an easy way to decorate while also limiting your color options, here’s some inspiration. Your tree is like a blank canvas, so why not keep it simple? By adding royal blue ornaments to your tree, you can put together a bold and beautiful display that is reminiscent of a winter storm. Consider adding additional shades of blue or silver if you feel that your tree needs the extra dimension.

Blue, Green, and Brown

Snowy triptych in brown, green and blue. Christmas trees
Image credits: stagnatilis via Canva

Adding browns to any decorating scheme instantly adds a layer of grounding and nature. The combination of blue, green, and shades of brown is a fun and festive way to incorporate an airy waterfront color scheme. This includes the blues of the water, green shades from the trees and greenery on the shore, and the various shades of brown seen in the sand, dirt, and bark of the trees. You can easily tie in burlap and other natural materials. If you’re looking for a fun and environmentally friendly decorating solution, this is one that you can definitely make work!

Lavender, Blue, and White

Lavender, Blue, and White Christmas decoration
Image credits: Изображения пользователя Ekaterina Khromushkina via Canva

Are you looking to create a winter wonderland in your home for the holiday season, but not interested in settling for a solid white design? Adding just a few subtle colors can make a significant difference in your holiday décor. By adding light blue and purple to your white decorations, you can stay true to your desire for a beautiful winter aesthetic while also adding a pop of color to your space. Just be sure to choose a lighter or more pale shade of these colors to achieve the right overall look.

Pink and Red

Pink and Red Christmas Balls
Image credits: pasiphae via Canva

You have likely been told at some point in your life that pink and red clash and the color combination should be avoided. However, every year in February these colors come together to signify Valentine’s Day. Why should we embrace it for one holiday and avoid it for the next? If you enjoy this romantic color scheme, you can easily tie it into your Christmas decorating plans! While it may not be a traditional choice for holiday colors, it’s one that will bring a lot of joy to your celebrations.

Yellow, Blue, and Green

Colorful yellow, green and blue Christmas balls pattern background.
Image credits: Zulfiska via Canva

Add a splash of color to your home with these fun, bold colors. While blue and green can be seen quite frequently in holiday decorations, you can take the fun to the next level by experimenting with brighter shades like lime green or cobalt blue. If you’re worried that the colors that you have chosen are a little too bold for your space, you can incorporate white lights or other complementary neutral colors in your decorations.

Coral, Blue, Green, and Silver

Christmas at the Beach Tree Decorated with Sea Shells
Image credits: PeskyMonkey via Canva

A popular color in recent years, coral is a beautiful shade of orange/pink. Often associated with coastal décor, the color is a great way to tap into the relaxed vacation state of mind. Try complementing your coral decorations with other colors that you would see in a beach-style home. A faded blue or blue/grey tone combined with coral, a natural green, and silver will leave you feeling as though you’re relaxing, looking out over the ocean waves from your living room.

All Things Copper

Festive Copper Christmas Decoration With Cherub
Image credits: Anegada via Canva

The use of copper in home décor has been gaining popularity, with examples featured in home design shows and magazines across the country. You can tap into this trend and create a sophisticated space this holiday season by incorporating copper in your holiday decorating. Try decorating your tree with copper tree ornaments and garland, placing copper items along your mantle, or setting up an eye-catching centerpiece for your table with copper accents. You can incorporate other colors or really embrace the copper aesthetic by going all-in with this popular design style.

Coral and Aquamarine

Orange and blue Christmas balls on snow
Image credits: HaiGala via Canva

Another fun way to include coral in your holiday decorating plans is to pair it with another dreamy shade like aquamarine. The two colors compliment one another beautifully, creating an overall look that belongs in a home décor magazine. You can also pair this color palette with neutrals like white, grey, or light brown. The lighter color tones of this choice are a great choice for smaller spaces as they create an airy look that opens the area up beautifully.

White, Silver, and Baby Blue

Christmas Background with Silver and Blue Decorations
Image credits: Изображения пользователя Mouse Family via Canva

Doubling as both a beautiful Christmas decorating theme for your home and a gorgeous color palette for anyone considering hosting a winter wedding, the combination of white, silver, and baby blue will have you feeling as though you stepped into the castle of an ice princess. The use of baby blue is subtle, unlike some of the other options on the list, allowing you to have a splash of color between your white ornaments while still embracing the soft beauty of freshly fallen snow.

Hunter Green, Gold, and White

Gold christmas ball on a green branch with white marshmallow
Image credits: IngredientsPhoto via Canva

For those that are less interested in the ‘Christmas’ celebrations at this time of year and more focused on other holidays, you may want to incorporate these beliefs in your home décor. This could include the decoration of a ‘holiday’ tree in addition to other indoor and outdoor décor, after all, there is no written rule that the tree must be associated with Christmas! For those that celebrate the Winter Solstice, the celebrations revolve more around the arrival of winter, the change in sunlight, and the natural elements at this time of year. A color palette of hunter green, gold, and white is a great way to pay tribute to the beautiful evergreens during this season, covered in a fresh blanket of snow.

Green, Brown, and Orange

Christmas Fir Tree with Decoration
Image credits: jakubgojda via Canva

Focusing on a more earthy aesthetic with a pop of color by combining shades of green, brown, and orange in your holiday décor. If you enjoy decorating with more rustic options like grapevine wreaths, wicker baskets, exposed wood, and fresh greenery, this palette is a great choice. You can take the earthy tones a step further by creating some dried citrus decorations to hang on your tree or accent your mantle. Just be cautious in using dried fruit with pets or young children as they may see your careful decorating as a waiting snack.

Yellow and Green

Yellow Background with DIY Gift
Image credits: Senata via Canva

This is a color scheme that has many of us feeling some major retro vibes. If that’s the decorating style that you’re aiming for, these fun colors won’t disappoint. Try combining a bright, bold yellow with shades of green. You can do this with a traditional green tree or really change it up by purchasing a yellow artificial tree as the central point of your decorating efforts. If nothing else, your holiday décor definitely won’t be boring!

Teal, Red, and White

Traditional Christmas Decors Composition on Teal Wooden Background
Image credits: sofyabolotinaphotos via Canva

Making a shift to a non-traditional color palette doesn’t mean that you have to say goodbye to all the traditional colors, sometimes you just need to change up your classic color palettes with a fun, bold color to give them new life! This is the case with this beautiful combination of teal, red, and white. The red and white combination continues to give fun candy cane vibes while the vibrant teal provides the unique spin that you are searching for. You can make your overall decorating look more or less traditional by experimenting with the amount of teal that you incorporate.

Brown, Copper, Gold, and White

Collection of Christmas Decorations Isolated on White Background
Image credits: annakimphotos via Canva

If you are looking for a way to incorporate the beautiful copper metallic shine without relying solely on copper for your holiday decorations, this is a combination that may accomplish just that. While the gold and copper glam adds some drama to your tree, the addition of brown and white to the palette then brings everything back down to earth with the perfect festive balance. Pair your decorations with soft white lights for the full effect.

Black and Gold

Black christmas gift with gold ribbon bow
Image credits: Beton studio via Canva

Of all the color themes included in this list, this is a personal favorite and the color scheme that we use for our own holiday décor. The stark contrast between black and gold creates an elegant look while also adding a touch of drama to your space. In addition to bold black and gold ornaments and a custom angel tree topper with a gold-accented black dress and wings, we also decorate with black stockings accented by gold filigree, black holiday garland with soft white lights, and a holiday centerpiece punctuated by a glittery gold tree. It’s a color palette that we have received many compliments for over the years.

Burgundy, Gold, and Purple

Purple gold and burgundy christmas balls
Image credits: sleddogtwo via Canva

The beautiful bold color burgundy has been associated with wealth, power, and ambition. It’s a color that many are drawn to for the energy that it gives them every time they look at it. This holiday décor theme embraces that idea, pairing burgundy with purple, the color of royalty, and the classic sign of wealth – gold. These colors work complement one another beautifully, creating high-class, chic décor for any space. Consider experimenting with the shades of purple to adapt the look to your personal style from a bright, playful tone to a more serious deeper shade.


Christmas Rainbow
Image credits: Rinelle via Canva

Few color themes bring fun and entertainment the way that a rainbow theme does! Couple this with the fact that this image carries a deeper meaning for many people, and it should come as no surprise that we’re starting to see more brightly colored decorations flying off store shelves across the country. There are many ways that you can incorporate this theme, mixing the colors together or sticking with solid blocks of color to create a true rainbow feeling. This is a color combination that will look beautiful on a traditional green tree or using something non-traditional like a white or black tree to help the colors pop.

Grey and Baby Pink

Pink christmas balls and natural cone in the white tea set on grey
Image credits: Ekaterina Senyutina via Canva

A color palette that is often reserved for baby showers and nurseries, the combination of shades of grey and baby pink adds a soft, feminine touch to any space. If this is the overall feeling that you are trying to create in your home, this palette would be a great choice for some non-traditional holiday inspiration. You can also incorporate silver to give a little extra pop without ruining the overall aesthetic. Consider incorporating fresh flowers or silk flowers to tie the whole look together with that special final touch.

Gold, Copper, and Teal

Gold Christmas decoration
Image credits: Chelnok via Canva

Completely on the other end of the spectrum from the last idea, the combination of gold, copper, and teal is a bold statement. While the color scheme here may be too much for a smaller space or dark space, as it can be a little ‘too much’ for that limited area, it’s a great way to accent a larger room. This color scheme works beautifully for grand events like a high-end holiday party or festive gala, with the glitz and glam of the gold and copper attracting the attention of every visitor.

Teal, White, and Brown

Festively Decorated New Year's Room with a Cozy Interior
Image credits: olgayefimova via Canva

Incorporate a decoration in tones of teal without the bold statement of the metallic elements from the last color palette by switching out the gold and copper for a more subtle combination of white and shades of brown. In this color combination idea, your teal decorations will be the real showstopper, standing out beautifully against the perfect backdrop of neutrals for a well-balanced look for any space. Mix and match your ornaments incorporating many different shades of teal and brown to create more depth in the finished design.

Autumn-Inspired Red, Orange, Brown, and Green

Christmas Wreath on Brown Background
Image credits: andriiafanasiev via Canva

If you’re not ready to accept the chill of winter, you’re not alone! While the winter months are a dream for some people, others dread the longer nights and bitter cold. There is no magical way to pause the seasons or skip winter entirely, but that doesn’t mean that you have to embrace it inside your house too. This beautiful color palette is inspired by the deep colors of the autumn leaves. The weather outside may be frightful, as the popular carol states, but it can still be autumn inside!